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UFO Hunter Wants ‘Scientific Inquiry’ Into Black Object Detected In U.K. Police Helicopter Video

A strange black UFO (unidentified flying object) picked up on a police video — but not on any radar systems — over the Bristol Channel, South Wales, in mid-September is the center of a Freedom of Information requests and a demand that the footage be subjected to a proper “scientific inquiry.”

The Daily Mail reported on January 16 that Gary Heseltine, the editor of UFO Truth magazine, is seeking more information about the seven-minute UFO video recorded by the South Wales Police aboard a National Police Air Service (NPAS) helicopter back on September 17. According to Heseltine, the NPAS has not been entirely forthcoming regarding the mysterious black object that was filmed in the dark of night, picked up only because it was detected via the police helicopter’s infra-red camera. He wants a “scientific inquiry” into the matter.

Heseltine told the Mirror that he’s already filed Freedom of Information requests and now believes the NPAS have been withholding information. He said it is his “opinion the police have not been as open and transparent as they could have been.”

But Heseltine thinks the case demands closer scrutiny.

“I believe this British case is a major UFO event and should be the subject of a scientific inquiry.”

The Sun reported that Heseltine has requested logs from the NPAS helicopter that captured the UFO footage. He hopes to get data that includes flight maps and audio from the cockpit while the event took place.

Back in September when the NPAS first tracked the object over the Bristol Channel, the service posted the UFO video footage on Twitter and asked for suggestions as to what the black object might be. Adding to the mystery was the fact that the object went undetected by local air traffic control radar systems.

The police of the St. Athan aviation unit disclosed that the infra-red video was the only footage of the black object because it was filmed at night over the Bristol Channel at 1,000 feet. It was not picked up on the regular camera.

At the time, NPAS St. Athan police shot down speculation that the black object might have been a balloon or lantern, according to the Inquisitr.

“Only slight problem is the amount of heat and it was travelling [sic] into wind?” the police said on Twitter, “We really don’t know but doubt it was a lantern as it was going into the wind.”

A spheroid ufo in green light
The Bristol Channel UFO was not detected by a regular camera, nor witnessed by direct eyesight. It’s characteristics, other than being spheroid and producing a heat signature, are not known. [Image by M. Cornelius/Shutterstock]

As the Bristol Post noted when the UFO video was posted(a week after it was actually recorded), police also noted that a balloon or lantern was unlikely due to the heat given off by the object (which was why it was detected by the infra-red camera). The object was also moving against the prevailing wind.

When other UFO enthusiasts asked about the object’s size, NPAS replied, “Really difficult to judge the size but we filmed it for just over 7 minutes as we were coming back into land.”

Spheroid UFO cityscape
Just what was the black spheroid UFO picked up on the NPAS helicopter’s infra-red camera? [Image by Evannovostro/Shutterstock]

Gary Heseltine, who also organizes UFO conferences, likens the Bristol Channel case to that of the recently released Chilean Navy UFO video, a public disclosure made after a two-year investigation which found that an object tracked by a Chilean military helicopter was a UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). Although it was suggested that the object (also undetected by ground radar) in the video (also infra-red) was likely a jet, the Inquisitr reported, the official government position was that it did not have the evidence to definitively close the case as an identified craft.

It should also be noted that those investigating the UFO in the Chilean Navy video had other details — like flaring heat signatures and two episodes of the tracked object releasing some type of material to stream behind it — with which to help in making a possible identification of the object. The Bristol Channel UFO video only shows a flying black sphere.

[Featured Image by Dragamce137/Shutterstock]