Toddler nearly choke to death on veggie chips

Video Captures Quick-Thinking Mother Saving Toddler Daughter From Choking To Death

A 1-year-old girl is alive and well thanks to her quick-thinking stay-at-home mother, Jennifer Hull, 34, who jumped into action to save her daughter from choking to the death.

According to the ABC News, earlier this week, Hull was at her Texas home, fidgeting with a television while her two daughters, Hollis and 3-year-old Hatilynn, were playing with their dollhouse and eating veggie chips in the play room.

Jennifer was interrupted by the sound of her daughter, Hollis, gasping for air as she ran towards her, turning blue.

It appeared that Hollis was choking on veggie chips.

“I immediately jumped into mommy mode when it happened,” said Hull but she added that she was extremely scared during the ordeal.

“I flipped her over and gave her some back blows and nothing happened, so I did the Heimlich, and right when I did, it popped out,” said Hull.

“She was eating, and then she choked.”

Initially, Jennifer stated that when she heard Hollis coughing, she told her oldest daughter to get some water until she realized the severity of the situation. In the video, she can be seen grabbing her daughter and immediately start to hit her daughter’s back, but nothing was happening.

That’s when Hull began the Heimlich maneuver, which is “a technique she learned in infant safety classes.” Not long after, Hollis’ food came flying out of her mouth and onto the floor.

The entire scene was captured on a nanny cam.

Jennifer stated that she later told her husband, Tyler, when he returned home from work that their youngest daughter almost choked to death.

“We were both so shocked at how scary it really was,” she said.

“It’s even scarier when we think of what the outcome could have been.”

Her husband – who is a real estate professional – reportedly spent the entire night crying after learning that his daughter could have choked to death on a veggie chip had his wife not been able to save her.

“He felt helpless as he watched the video,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer is not the only hero. It appears Hollis’ older sister jumped into action as well, stating that she tried to give her sister some water.

The story made headlines soon after Jennifer made a post about the horrific incident via Facebook, but “at first I was reluctant to share the actual footage of her choking because it’s so personal,” she said.

However, after a few encouragements from her friends, the Texas mom thought that it could help other parents become educated about child safety.

During her pregnancy, Jennifer stated that she and her husband “sat through every class that our hospital gave. It’s the least that you can do if you’re going to bring a baby into the world.”

Although Jennifer is a “former teacher and took child safety classes as a part of her professional training,” she stated that there is no amount of training that could prepare a parent, emotionally, for what she had to endure with her daughter.

“It’s different when it’s your child who’s helpless and gasping for air,” she said.

“Still, she urges parents to get as prepared as they can.”

After the Texas toddler almost choked to death, she is now safe at home with her family, but Jennifer continues to beat herself up over the things she wishes she would have done differently.

She said, “I just wished I could have noticed her when she first started to have trouble breathing. I wish I could have gotten to her sooner.”

However, Jennifer added that she “just remembered how scared I really was, like ‘What just happened?’ I’m just thankful that it went the way it went.”

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