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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Handed Machetes And Told To Swing? [Opinion]

The Alaskan Bush People show is back for another season of living off the land in the unforgiving Alaskan wild. The Brown family members are still swinging their machetes while attempting to carve out a life in the overgrown Alaskan bush, but they are also excited over their new cow this season. The rather odd antics of the Brown brood still entice the viewers into coming back just to see what will happen next on the Alaskan Bush People.

The Alaskan Dispatch News recently took a look at the rather eccentric Brown family to offer up a different view of Alaskan Bush People. They did this from the perspective of a show needing to bring in the ratings to survive. While the debate over fake vs. reality will probably continue through the shelf life of this show, for the sake of entertainment, it does capture the viewer’s interest.

Following any family around minute-to-minute is going to offer up a lot of boring clips. Even the lavish and jaw-dropping Kardashian family would come off as rather bland without some editing. It appears that creating some visuals to hold the viewer’s interest is done out of necessity.

This is where the machetes come in for this Alaskan brood as a quick and easy way to whip up some action. ADN wonders if the producer just hands the Brown boys a machete and directs them to “go attack the land.” It is one way to get the “Browns looking ‘extreme’ without much effort,” they suggest.

Now that the Browns have a cow, which was no easy feat for Papa Billy to get to their island in the wilderness, life has changed for the better in different ways for each member of the Brown family. Bear is just itching to get himself a glass of milk, but Snowbird is all about loving animals, so she sees the cow as her new friend. It is not known just how much thought went into bringing this cow home before the Alaskan Bush People took on this new milk-providing pet.

Having a cow on a farm is one thing, but putting a cow out in the middle of the wilderness where hungry bears and wolves are constantly on the hunt for food offers up some problems. Thankfully, a few of the Brown boys fancy themselves modern-day inventors, so this cow has given them the job of conjuring up some type of system to offer up protection. Adding this cow into the mix of the Alaskan Bush People will get the creative juices flowing of the late-blooming Thomas Edison-like inventors in the Brown family.

This season, there seems to be more emphasis on what the Brown children don’t know as opposed to what they do know of the outside world. That is seen via a clip of Snowbird answering the question, “Do you know who won the World Series last year?” Her answer: “Is that football?” Keeping the illusion going that the Alaskan Bush People are seemingly untouched by the outside world has always been somewhat of a task since the show first aired.

According to Looper, it was back in 2008 when Gabe Brown posted a YouTube video of himself talking about coming out of the Alaskan bush for the very first time. They were on tour with his father, Billy Brown, who was promoting a book he penned. Gabe went on to say that this was the family’s first encounter with traffic jams and eating fast food. In the next breath, he promised to post videos on YouTube as the tour progresses, but this in itself is a contradiction to what he was just saying.

For someone who is so out of touch with today’s world, he not only knew a lot about YouTube, but he had access to some type of device to post those videos. In the clip, Gabe did some celebrity impersonations, apparently to keep the masses entertained. How did he know about these celebrities in the first place? After all, this was the first time he came out of the bush. They have no TV, and even if he did see the celebrities in a magazine, this would not give him enough information to imitate their voice.

Alaskan Bush People offers a great concept when it comes to entertaining with a reality show, but it also proves that it is extremely hard to live on this planet and not be influenced by modern times on way or another.

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