Not angry with Sienna Miller

No, Jennifer Garner Is Not Angry Or Disgusted With Ben Affleck And Sienna Miller

Ben Affleck has been busily promoting his latest directorial effort, Live By Night, which stars Sienna Miller and himself. The two were the subject of tabloid rumors after the announcement of Ben and Jennifer Garner’s split, back when Ben was in the early production stages of the film. Rumors flew that he and Sienna were engaging in a romance, yet this was stamped out as false. Now that the two stars have been seen at various events like the Golden Globes this past week, as well as the film’s premiere, rumors are once again flying that Garner is disgusted by Sienna’s flirtatious manner with her estranged husband.

As Gossip Cop notes, it has been Celebrity Dirty Laundry that has propelled this rumor.

“According to the repeatedly discredited Celeb Dirty Laundry, Garner is ‘disgusted’ that Miller was ‘all over’ Affleck at the film’s premiere on Wednesday. The webloid then alleges, ‘Many fans can’t help but wonder if there is something go[ing] on between the two co-stars.”‘The untrustworthy outlet further contends Garner was also ‘none too pleased’ that Miller talked about her ‘hot and steamy sex’ scenes with Affleck while promoting the movie.”

However, the tabloid does not have a quote from a source, rep, or from Garner herself to back up the claim. The false claim also is partnered by the allegation that fans believe that something is actually going on between Sienna and Ben due to their appearance on the Graham Norton Show, on which they joked about the number of sex scenes that Affleck wrote into the film.

“On Friday. When the host pointed out, for instance, how many sex scenes Affleck wrote into Live By Night, the actor cracked, ‘Why else get into directing?… That’s kind of the whole point!’ And Miller quipped, ‘How many times can one man climax?'”

The tabloid also claimed that it was Miller who was “all over” Ben while on the red carpet for the film premiere, yet as Gossip Cop relays, it was Ben who quickly put his arm around Sienna for a picture and was a harmless pose by two co-stars.

Ben spoke to US Weekly about how he selects his cast for films he directs as the publication relays.

“I don’t know that there’s a hallmark. I try to cast really good actors and give them a chance to do their very best work, give them as much time and space as they need. I feel like casting is the most important aspect of making movies. Hopefully a good story, good dialogue. It’s hard to say. That’s for other people to say, I suppose.”

Although Ben and Jennifer Garner have been separated for over a year now, there still seems little evidence that a finalized divorce is soon to result. The estranged couple continues to co-parent amicably and Ben has been sure to mention Jen while on his promotion tour for Live By Night. He recently gave a shout out to Garner for being an amazing mother while he spoke on The Ellen Show, and his latest words about the beauty revolved around her cooking skills, as US notes.

Jen [Garner] is a really great cook. She’s probably the best cook I know. We had roast chicken this year; it was really, really good. Other than that, we do pizza nights, where a guy comes and makes pizza and nobody has to cook.”

The star went on during the interview to share that despite his film career and the success he’s had, his family always is number one in his life. There is clearly no basis for the claims that Ben and Sienna are engaging in some romantic fling.

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