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‘Big Bang Theory’ Canceled? Jim Parsons Schedule, Contracts In Question In 2017

Is The Big Bang Theory going to be canceled? New rumors suggest that the super popular CBS show might be coming to an end after Season 10. According to Tripped Media, the network has not confirmed that the show will continue after the current season, despite the cast signing sizeable contracts to move forward with the sitcom.

According to the report, actor Jim Parsons could be the reason why the show won’t go on after Season 10. The site claims that the actor may want to do other things with his career, perhaps choosing to leave Sheldon Cooper in the dust.

“Aside from playing theoretical physicist Sheldon in what should be Big Bang Theory Season 11 and being an Emmy Award-winning actor, Parsons is also an executive producer with an impressive resume. Speculations have been ripe that Parsons is prioritizing the production of other shows, and that’s why Season 11 may not be possible for Big Bang Theory.

Rumors that The Big Bang Theory is going to be canceled have crept onto the world wide web a few times over the past couple of years, but the show has always come back, and fans have always been relieved to know that the cast and the network have been determined to keep things going.

The report indicates that these new rumors surfaced after it was announced that there would be a Sheldon Cooper spinoff of The Big Bang Theory. Although Jim Parsons won’t be on the new show, he will reportedly be a consultant and an executive producer. Parsons is also producing Lance 2.0, The Monarchy is Going to Sh*t, Lakeside V.A., and The Terranauts, which are two additional projects that will take up a good amount of his time in 2017.

The Big Bang Theory
The cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for PCA]

If The Big Bang Theory is canceled, fans would be devastated. The show is ridiculously popular, and its millions of fans simply aren’t ready to say goodbye to their favorite nerds.

If The Big Bang Theory is not canceled, there is a chance that Season 11 will be delayed. The report indicates that the show might not return to CBS until late 2017, giving Jim Parsons enough time to get his other projects completed before he films with the rest of The Big Bang Theory cast. The actor has not addressed these rumors, and the network hasn’t either.

The Big Bang Theory depends on the entire cast to function properly, but Sheldon Cooper really is the pivotal role that makes the show what it is. Tripped Media suggests that losing Jim Parsons would be the ultimate disaster for the series and that it simply wouldn’t work without him.

“As the main protagonist in the show and the most beloved character, it is impossible for the show to be back on air if Parsons will not be a part of it. Instead of having to suffer low ratings because a main character is not there, it might be best for Big Bang Theory to cancel the show altogether.”

The Big Bang Theory cast
The Big Bang Theory cast [Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]

A few months ago, before these new Big Bang Theory cancellation rumors, Variety reported that the cast members had not finalized their contracts past Season 10.

Could this be another sign that The Big Bang Theory will be canceled after Season 10?

“Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, and Kaley Cuoco are already TV’s highest-paid comedy actors. The trio reached the $1 million-per-episode mark (at 24 episodes per season) in their last three-year pact with Warner Bros. TV. That deal came in 2014, after a brief public tussle that emerged as production began that summer.”

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