Amy Duggar King says therapy is expensive so she went on tv.

Amy Duggar King On Reality TV: ‘Therapy’s Expensive’ — Why She Took Her Marital Problems Public

Amy Duggar King has been criticized by fans for joining the cast of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, but in a brief interview this week, she explained some of the thought process that led her to return to reality — tv, that is.

Jim Bob Duggar’s niece Amy appeared on the reality show, 19 Kids & Counting, along with her aunt, uncle, and 19 cousins. When the show abruptly ended in scandal, Amy expressed shock and hurt, and posted on social media about distancing herself from people who bring negativity to her life. While she quickly moved on from any direct and explicit comments about the allegations Josh Duggar faced, she also made it clear she wasn’t rejoining the rest of the Duggar cousins on their new reality show, Counting On.

Instead, she moved on to a variety of enterprises: besides joining her husband in his business, she advertised products on her social media pages, and hinted at other upcoming projects.

I mean honey on everything is ok with us ???? #Chipotleporkchops #delish @hellofresh

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One of those projects was revealed when Dillon King and Amy Duggar King joined the show Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, a show focusing on relationship troubles between, as the title suggests, couples who have been on, or connected to, other reality television series.

Dillon and Amy’s relationship was never featured on the Duggar family reality shows, with Josh Duggar’s scandal knocking the show off the air shortly before the couple’s wedding date. Starcasm reported that Dillon attempted to get the wedding aired on TLC, but it didn’t happen.

Now, though, his relationship with the former Duggar is getting plenty of air time, and if he thought it would endear him to the fan base, he was mistaken. Instead, fans told Amy she should divorce King, and expressed fear that he might be abusing her.

Though Amy spoke out to assure Duggar fans that Dillon would never hurt her, she then revealed on the premiere episode of this season’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars that the couple had in fact fought over Dillon hurting a pet cat, leading her to worry about violent tendencies.

Marriage Boot Camp Season 7. Who's ready for Jan 6th? Its so beautiful in the hills of Beverly! ????⛼

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Fans have continued to ask Amy why she would join a reality show and air her relationship’s dirty laundry so publicly. This week, the Duggar cousin joined Tea TV to discuss her decision to go so public.

Amy Duggar King spoke to The Tea on Wetpaint about a number of issues: that she doesn’t consider herself the ‘rebel Duggar cousin’ she’s been labeled, “I consider that like, drugs in my system….I’ve never smoked anything in my entire life.” and about plans to have kids “…probably in the near future.”

In one clip, though, she answers the big question fans have been asking: why would you go on reality tv to handle your marital problems?

It is therapy. And therapy’s expensive. So we were like hey, we might as well go on the show…

Amy Duggar King has already addressed some of the negative repercussions of taking personal problems live on the air — specifically, that a preview clip left viewers thinking the Duggar cousin was being abused by her husband.

She later revealed to ET that the person who she describes grabbing her by the throat and lifting her toward the ceiling was a male family member, but not Dillon King. Leaving a little teaser, she promised that the name of the offender — which Duggar fans and viewers have been trying to guess since the preview — will be revealed on the show.

She also suggested that this didn’t exactly go over well with the unnamed person, hinting that the reveal itself has caused her problems within her family, not only with her audience.

Was the free therapy worth it for Dillon and Amy Duggar King? She says she learned a lot, and her social media posts since imply that the relationship has survived reality tv.

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