‘If Looks Could Kill’: Lifetime’s ‘Stillwater,’ Oklahoma, Movie Thriller Based On True Events

Look out for Lifetime Television’s brand new original movie this weekend. Originally titled, Stillwater, it is now airing under the title If Looks Could Kill. Lifetime’s new movie thriller is directed by James Cullen Bressack and written by Zack Ward. Producers claim that the story is based on true events. If Looks Could Kill centers around a rookie cop who suspects that her best friend and former love interest is involved with a woman with a criminal past. It stars Gary Sievers, Mark Adam Goff, Summer Spiro, and Stefanie Estes star.

If Looks Could Kill (Stillwater) Lifetime Movie Synopsis

The sultry Jessica Monroe is in town and has set her sights on Paul Wagner, a handsome police officer that she meets in a local dive. Upon seeing her in a smoking hot red dress with lips to match, Paul is absolutely mesmerized and is set on getting to know her. Jessica has struck gold because Paul seems like a real catch, and with Jessica’s Marilyn Monroe-like looks, it appears that this couple is a match made in Stillwater.

However, Paul’s good friend Faith, a rookie cop on the force, believes that Jessica Monroe is a woman with secrets. And her concerns are right on point. It looks like Jessica has a criminal past, and Faith is sure that her interest in Paul is about more than love. She seems like a woman who is out for revenge. Her suspicions are confirmed even further after she starts to turn Paul against all of his close friends. But there is more. Paul will soon face a life-threatening situation, which leads Faith to zero in on Jessica as the prime suspect.

Before long, Paul is intertwined in a deadly game of crime and deception with this man-eating seductress. Will Faith be able to bring Jessica to justice before she has a chance to completely destroy Paul?

Is It Based On A True Story?

According to Stillwater Living, If Looks Could Kill is based on true events. Although, they were not certain if the events actually took place in Stillwater. It does seem to be based on a case in Oklahoma, and according to Oklahoma Horizon TV, the director chose Stillwater because he believed that the location added to the story’s authenticity. In an on-camera interview, director James Cullen Bressack reflects on why they chose Stillwater and why he was drawn to this story.

“It was always gonna take place in Stillwater. You know as a filmmaker, I think you know, the most important thing is having authenticity in the stories that we tell, and so being able to tell that story in the town of Stillwater was important.They have really competent crews and people that are, you know, it’s becoming a really great place to film movies. And I think a lot of productions are gonna start moving over here. Stillwater is a story of a young woman who recently became a police officer and suspects her like best friend’s slash like love interest’s new girlfriend of being like a killer of sorts. I was really drawn to making this story because I’m always drawn to stories of people that are trying to hold themselves together while falling apart.”

If Looks Could Kill (Stillwater) is produced by Slightly Distorted Productions and was filmed in Stillwater, Oklahoma. David Rimawi is listed as the executive producer with Paul Bales co-producing.

The thriller originally aired on Lifetime’s sister channel, LMN, last month. Tomorrow night, it debuts on Lifetime. Check your local listings for times.

If Looks Could Kill should not be confused with the 1991 movie with the same title, which was also based on a true story.

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