Tiffany Hendra Gets Candid Her Nude Scenes, Season 2 Of 'RHOD,' And Who Is Her Least Favorite Housewife

Tiffany Hendra Talks Season 2 Of ‘RHOD,’ Gets Candid About The Nude Scene Controversy, And Shares Who Is Her Least Favorite Housewife

Tiffany Hendra recently called in for an interview on the Domenick Nati Show on iHeartRadio where she talked about Season 2 of Real Housewives of Dallas and her role in the Bravo hit. She also touched on important topics like whether she regrets shooting those controversial nude scenes, and how being date raped in high school affected her life. Tiffany also talks about which housewife is her least favorite of all time.

A lot of Bravo viewers have been wondering what is going on with Season 2 of Real Housewives of Dallas. While Tiffany had to be careful of what she said about the Season 2 return, she did confirm that the show had filmed and that she would still be seen on the newest city to get a Real Housewives franchise.

While trying to tip toe around Domenick’s question about whether she was going to be on Season 2 of RHOD, she told him that the show initially was going to be called Making It In Dallas. Tiffany explained that the reason the show had such an unusual concentration on charity events and social status was because she said it was supposed to have more of a Ladies of London feel to it, but that Bravo changed their minds and made them all housewives.

As for her appearance on Season 2 of Real Housewives of Dallas, she did verify that she’d be on the show but couldn’t confirm if she would be a full-time housewife this time around.

“You’ll see me from time to time,” Hendra said when asked if she was going to be back as a full-time cast member.

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You may recall that after Season 1 ended, there was some question about whether the series would even be back for a sophomore season. After a few months of speculation, it was confirmed that RHOD would come back for Season 2 but that there would be some big changes to help spice the Dallas franchise up.

“Season 2 is underway so I think everyone that is a true Housewives fan is going to be really happy…”

Tiffany Hendra also talked about who she liked least in the Real Housewives franchise. She was able to gracefully navigate what could have been a pretty dangerous question in the land where social media feuds reign supreme.

At first, the RHOD star mused that she really didn’t like Real Housewives of New Jersey at all. The reason being that she just can’t stand watching such beautiful women fighting the way the New Jersey housewives fight.

When pressed to pick just one, Hendra went for the obvious choice. Already taking the villain crown for the unforeseeable future, Vicki Gunvalson is the housewife that she (and pretty much everyone else) just doesn’t want to be around. Let that be a lesson for anyone who wants to lie about fighting cancer.

While Tiffany Hendra did touch on Vicki Gunvalson’s cancer drama, the reason she said she doesn’t really like her was because she had “me-itis” and everything is always about her.

On the premiere season of RHOD, Tiffany Hendra dealt with a huge scandal regarding some nude scenes she filmed while working for Cinemax. There were reports that she was a former adult film star, which sounds really scandalous until you learn that she just made a few of those extra-adult softcore movies for Cinemax. When asked about whether or not she regretted those nude scenes, Tiffany explained to Domenick that it was part of her story and that she would never regret the work that she did. She also pointed out that while it all looked real, like Halle Berry’s sex scene with Billy Bob Thornton in Monster’s Ball, it was all Hollywood magic. Of course, there’s always been a rumor that those love scenes weren’t quite so fake either.

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Tiffany also gave the details of a horrific date rape she experienced as a teenager. She told Nati that while she never pressed charges, let alone even speak about the event until she was in her 30s, her rapist had the audacity to send her a friend request on Facebook several years back. Tiffany said she didn’t even bother to respond to his friend request.

Tiffany Hendra dished a lot of dirt during her time on the Domenick Nati Show and it’s definitely worth a listen. Check out the video above to see what she had to say about her co-star, Maria Reyes, how she feels about Andrew Dice Clay, and why she voted for Donald Trump among the juicy topics they chatted about on air.

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