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Bloomberg Keeping National Guard Out Of Post-Sandy Cleanup Because They Carry Guns [Report]

NYC Mayor Bloomberg

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been receiving some criticism from the right lately over his handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. A new report has emerged that Bloomberg has denied assistance from the National Guard due to the simple fact that they carry guns.

Fox Nation sparked the rumor that Mayor Bloomberg has denied Borough President Markowitz’s request for National Guard assistance in Brooklyn, with the former arguing that it would be a waste of federal manpower and fearing that it would turn New York City into a police state during the post-Sandy cleanup.

“We don’t need it,” Mayor Bloomberg said on Wednesday during a press update. “The NYPD is the only people we want on the street with guns.”

Markowitz’s request for National Guard assistance, which came mere hours before Bloomberg’s press update, claimed that the NYPD and FDNY are “brave — but overwhelmed.”

Whether intended or not, Conservative blogs have ripped Mayor Bloomberg apart over that last comment about the National Guard patrolling the street with guns.

HotAir points out that Bloomberg has long been a strict gun-control advocate and opponent to the NRA, all of which is true. But they take it a step too far by insisting that we’re “witnessing the complete implosion of somebody who was once considered a pretty influential politician on the rise,” and questioning whether or not Bloomberg has “completely lost his mind.”

Liberal blogs haven’t really touched the subject. Conservatives might be tempted to think this is due to some massive cover-up of the “silence is confirmation” school of thought, but it might just be that Bloomberg’s words are to be taken at face value. Perhaps he doesn’t want to “jump the gun” and call in the National Guard until he believes they are absolutely necessary.

What do you think? Is Mayor Bloomberg slapping the National Guard in the face because he doesn’t like guns, or is he just trying to keep the Hurricane Sandy cleanup in-house? Should he call in the National Guard? Let us know what you think of his comments below.

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12 Responses to “Bloomberg Keeping National Guard Out Of Post-Sandy Cleanup Because They Carry Guns [Report]”

  1. Logan Fegenbush

    "When the looters come for your property, offer them non-GMO, sugar free jasmine tea. This will help them to calm down and relax, possibly reducing the risk of violence and minimizing the amount of stuff they may walk off with."

  2. Rodney Schaar

    The National Guard should already be there helping with the cleanup, maintaining security or whatever. Those people are hurting and Bloomberg is going to hear about it.

  3. Brad Wilcox

    The national guard has ALWAYS handled national emergencies. I am somewhat shocked that he was given a choice…….it is the NATIONAL guard and actually a national guard commander has more authority than a mayor!

  4. Johannah Turner

    I have seen *many* photographs of National Guardsmen working on Staten Island in the storm-devastated area. A simple request to Google yielded many such photos, and they are date-stamped "3 days ago," "4 days ago", and "5 days ago" and more. So whatever Mayor Bloomberg has said about guns, the National Guard, the FACT is that the National Guard HAS been a presence in New York ever since Hurricane Sandy. Therefore I think a correction should be appended, prominently, to this article. Here are links to the Google image search results for Staten Island and Manhattan, respectively:…559.5382.0.5525.…0.0…1ac.1.Id5BJdr5iVs…1293.5524.0.5790.…0.0…1ac.1.a2akrmwnCSM

  5. Johannah Turner

    The National Guard *has* in fact been there for many days, on Staten Island and in Manhattan, helping with relief efforts, clean-up, traffic, and so forth.

  6. Johannah Turner

    The National Guard *has* been present in this emergency. See my comment above for links to dozens and dozens of photos to prove it.

  7. Johannah Turner

    NOT that there's been ANYWHERE NEAR enough relief provided anywhere in the New York area. Knickerbocker Village alone: 1600 apts still with no power, heat, or hot water. West side of the complex will be without power for 3 more weeks because there's still up to 25 feet of water in the mechanical and boiler rooms. 700 residents are age 60 or older. 25 home-bound seniors in need of attention. There's no city-run 24-hour shelter on the Lower East Side; residents being bused to a facility in Washington Heights. Two Bridges prez suggests that National Guard evacuate high-risk tenants to a Coast Guard cutter or some other facility.

  8. Walter Loyola

    lol… Bloomberg really is an idiot. It's as if he doesn't understand that National Guard units belong to the state not the federal government. Also, his comment that NYPD folks should be the only people with guns is an insult to the men and women who serve in the National Guard, and an affront to the rights of citizens to bear arms. It appears that Bloomberg believes in a socialist police state.

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