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Kailyn Lowry Divorce From Javi: ‘Teen Mom’ Loses Trust In MTV After Going Behind Her Back?

Kailyn Lowry isn’t too excited to watch Teen Mom 2 these days, as this particular season of the show documents her pending divorce from Javi Marroquin. While the two of them are legally divorced these days, Kailyn is still trying to figure out whether a divorce is the right thing for her and Javi on Teen Mom 2. Keep in mind that the footage MTV is currently airing is from this past summer, and Marroquin returned home to Delaware in August. On last night’s episode of the show, Lowry told the producers that she didn’t want to film her conversations with her estranged husband, so the producers decided to go to his friend to get his side of the story.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she has lost trust in her producers, as they went behind her back to get a story about her marriage to Marroquin. Of course, the MTV producers may have felt that they owed Marroquin some on-air time to explain his side of the story, as viewers were only hearing from him via his conversations with Kailyn Lowry. And when she decided to cut the phone conversations out of her filming time, they may have pulled some strings to get his side of the story.

“Kailyn Lowry said she didn’t want to film talking to Javi Marroquin. MTV goes to his friend. Shady. Real shady,” one person wrote to Kailyn after watching last night’s surprise episode of Teen Mom 2, to which Kailyn Lowry replied, “Amen!!!!!!”

“How do you trust the producers when they go and film Javi talk with his friend on camera? Do they do this often? Stir up drama?” another person pointed out, to which Lowry replied, “Welllll, now I don’t,” sharing that she has lost trust in the producers that have been following her for a long time.

It sounds like she isn’t too happy about the way the producers went behind her back to get his side of the story, even though some people may have wanted to hear what he had to say about his divorce. And some people believe that Lowry should be fine with it, as she signed up to film a reality show, which includes her estranged husband.

“I get that she needs her space, but this is something they signed up for. I love them but its life,” one person wrote about Kailyn’s dislike for the producers who went behind her back, while another person added, “Yea agreed and they continue to be apart of it.. we wouldn’t watch it if it didn’t have drama.”

Of course, Lowry’s marriage to Javi has been plagued by many rumors and stories over the past couple of months. Kailyn has been accused of cheating on him and he quickly moved on and found another girlfriend after he returned home. While he wants a relationship, Kailyn Lowry is more than fine being alone. And this is apparent by some of her tweets.

“Just here… chillin’… waiting to be loved..apparently I just suck ass and I’m annoying,” one person tweeted on the social media network, to which Kailyn Lowry replied, “Me too, it’s fine. We don’t need anyone else.”

Lowry hasn’t explained in detail what happened to make her change her mind about her marriage, but she did write a long blog post on her personal website, where she set a few things straight after a slew of rumors had people talking. And she reveals that she doesn’t want to say something bad about Javi because there are children involved.

“Unfortunately, this was a marriage that ended but there are still children involved. I have kept my mouth shut because I didn’t think we needed to involve more people during this sensitive time… And it’s the father of my child so I never want to bash him. I would never want my children to think poorly of the person I was once married to. I can’t control what the other side does, but it was time to get my truth out there… But also stay positive and vague about it,” Kailyn Lowry explained in her own personal blog from her website about her marriage, which is currently legally done.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s tweets about not trusting her MTV producers?

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