'Clash of Clans' is currently rolling out a series of in-game events this January 2017.

‘Clash Of Clans’ Update: 2X Star Bonus, Golems, Jump Spells, And What Else To Expect This January

Supercell is putting the pedal to the metal with Clash of Clans’ January 2017 events. Immediately after the December 2016 patches, the developer has begun rolled out a series of in-game events that featured discounts on training, units, and additional bonuses for its players. If leaks from a popular Clash of Clans data miner are any indication, however, it seems like more events could be coming to the game, with some being pretty great and others being a tad underwhelming.

Clash of Clans is currently in the middle of its January 2017 2X Star Bonus event. Announced on the game’s official Twitter account, the event enables players to acquire two times the amount of Treasury loot whenever they win multiplayer matches. An iDigital Times report stated that while Supercell has not officially announced the complete duration of the event, last week’s timeline suggests that the Star Bonus offer would be active until sometime on Friday.

The Star Bonus event has received polarizing reviews from members of the Clash of Clans community so far. In the comments section on the official Twitter announcement alone, numerous players called out Supercell for rolling out an event that appears to neglect low-ranking players again. Apart from this, the fact that Star Bonuses were already being given away for free even before the event has further decreased the impact of the ongoing promotion. This does not mean that the Clash of Clans 2X Star Bonus event has been universally panned by players, however, as veterans and other CoC fans have noted, the promotion has so far made looting a lot more satisfying and fun.

After the Clash of Clans 2X Star Bonus event, Supercell is set to roll out a Golem-themed event in the game. While details of the upcoming promotion have not been released, fans are speculating that the event would be similar to the Dragon promotion that was rolled out last week. The previous week’s Dragon event featured lower training costs as well as some Gem and XP incentives for utilizing the powerful flying unit during multiplayer matches. Thus, for the upcoming Golem promotion, there is a good chance that the training cost for the unit might be discounted and its utilization in battle might be rewarded with Gem and XP boosts as well.

The duration of the upcoming Clash of Clans Golem event has not been officially revealed by Supercell, but noted CoC data miner Chief spAnser of Reddit has stated that the promotion might be limited to the coming weekend only. According to the Redditor, the results of his most recent data mining efforts have revealed that the Golem discount event would be rolled out by Supercell from January 14 to 15. The full specifics of the event, however, remain unknown at this point.

Supercell has largely focused the majority of its updates and improvements in 'Clash of Clans' on high-ranking players.
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Although the Golem event would only last a couple of days, there appear to be more promotions lined up for Clash of Clans players this January. Data mining efforts have discovered that immediately after the conclusion of the Golem-themed in-game event, Supercell would be rolling out a Jump Spell discount promotion, which would be in effect from January 17 to 19. So far, initial reactions from the CoC Reddit community about the Jump Spell event have been lukewarm at best, with numerous players stating that the Jump feature is rarely utilized by players for the most part, since the spell is, at its core, extremely base-dependent.

One thing that has received a more positive reaction from Clash of Clans fans are the events following the Jump Spell promotion. Although the actual names of the events remain unspecified in spAnser’s data mining initiatives, the Redditor has stated that the promotion would re-enable a number of Holiday Bundles that were offered to players back in December. Considering that the December 2017 bundles were received very warmly by Clash of Clans players, their return to the popular mobile strategy game is something that numerous fans are looking forward to.

Clash of Clans has been around for a very long time. Being Supercell’s biggest hit so far, the game still commands a very formidable user base, with tens of millions of players still actively involved with the game to this day. While there is discontent among CoC’s lower rungs, the developer’s strategy of investing in tried and tested players is something that has worked largely to its advantage in the past. Considering that numerous fans are still eagerly awaiting the rollout of the game’s events this January, it seems like Clash of Clans is still as strong and stable as ever.

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