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‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 304: ‘Killer Within’ Recap

The Walking Dead 304 "Killer Within" AMC

In this week’s The Walking Dead Episode 304, “Killer Within,” our group is faced with a stunning loss. Caution: some slight spoilers ahead.

As many of us guessed, inmates Axel and Oscar are unhappy being relegated to one end of the prison. They try to appeal to Rick and the others to be allowed into their group and almost get sent packing for their troubles.

There’s a mysterious stranger roaming around outside the prison, and they are using dead animals to incite the Walkers shuffling around the perimeter. We started with a happy moment for the group as they took a break from clean up efforts to celebrate Hershel’s recovery. But their moment of peace turned tragic when an open gate leads to one of the core members of the group being bitten.

At Woodbury, Michonne continues to wrestle with her distrust for the Governor. She explores the trucks he took from the National Guard and sees bullet holes and fresh blood. The Governor catches her in the act and tries to explain the evidence away, but she isn’t buying it.

Unfortunately for her, Andrea is wrapped up in the illusion of security the Governor represents. She resists Michonne’s plans to try and leave the settlement. But Michonne just might find an ally in an unlikely place. After the Governor shoots down Merle’s request to leave so he can search for Daryl, there is a glimmer of distrust in Merle’s eyes. Is he really here of his own volition as he thought?

Just when things are at their worst for our group in the prison, it looks like Lori’s baby is about to arrive. Can they deliver her baby safely while a bunch of Walkers are on the loose? More importantly, with no medicine or anesthetic, is Lori going to survive the delivery?

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Killer Within” was full of too many jaw-dropping moments to list. What did you think? Were you surprised to see who our group lost this week?

Photo by Gene Page courtesy of AMC

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12 Responses to “‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 304: ‘Killer Within’ Recap”

  1. Rudy Thauberger

    It was even more wrenching in the comic book, so you may want to avoid that.

  2. Jim McMahon

    Far too many commercials are just ruining what was an outstanding show. Am a devoted fan of the graphic novels and the show, but it's just losing me with these cycles of five or six minutes of show and then three or four minutes of the same lousy commercials.
    Please: at least eliminate the Comic Book Men commercials. I'd rather be eaten alive by zombies than watch that junk, and repeating the commercials every single break just isn't going to change my mind. Stop destroying what was a well done, engaging show. The pivotal scenes last night just lost way too much impact sandwiched between long, long commercial breaks for witches in broom factories, guys with comics, and all the other junk.

  3. Vanessa Berben

    Seriously, if I have to see more of Kevin Smith's feigned enthusiasm I'm going to scream!! That show is so pointless. And I have to agree with you about the breaks – the scenes are so obviously written around commercial breaks it's really annoying!

  4. Vanessa Berben

    I have to admit I started crying pretty early – when T-Dog let Carol go ahead, and then when Lori was saying goodbye – man, cue the waterworks.

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