Manuel Rodriguez shot dead

Manuel Rodriguez: Texas Father Shot Dead In Front Of Wife, Kids During Robbery Attempt

When the Rodriguez family went out shopping on Sunday evening, a tragedy was probably the last thing on their minds. However, the short family shopping trip ended up in disaster after 28-year-old Houston resident Manuel Rodriguez was shot dead by a robber in the midst of a robbery attempt. According to ABC 13 Eyewitness News, the incident happened at around 8:30 p.m, local time on Sunday evening. The report adds that Rodriguez was shot dead by the robber in front of his wife and kids.

Rodriguez was reportedly unloading groceries from his car when the armed robber approached him and started shooting at him. According to Manuel’s wife Isamar Rodriguez who was inside the car at the time, the armed robber was waiting for them outside their home and had demanded items from Rodriguez before he fired several shots at him. Manuel, who was also armed at the time did manage to get hold of his gun and shoot the robber as well. According to authorities, both the men later died of their injuries. Initial reports said that the robber was shot in the neck and chest. Rodriguez reportedly had at least one gunshot wound to his chest.

A report by KHOU however, reported a slightly different version of the entire incident. The report said that after the family had reached the spot, the robber demanded money from Rodriguez following which a brief scuffle broke out between the two. A few seconds into the scuffle, both of them pulled out their guns and shot each other. Police officials later confirmed that both men suffered multiple gunshot wounds. A neighbor, later identified as Fatima Sulgul watched the entire incident unfold through a window. According to Fatima, she rushed towards the window after she heard a commotion and heard Manuel’s wife screaming. The screaming was followed by the noise of multiple gunshots. Fatima said she was able to identify the family since they were living next door.

“His name, neighbor. Manuel, Manuel. He’s dead,” Fatima told police officers.

Another witness reportedly called 911 following which emergency responders reached the spot and rushed both the injured men to a local hospital. However, doctors were unable to revive either of them. Police officials later revealed that both the men were in their 20s. They have not yet revealed the identity of the robber. Manuel’s wife and three children who were inside the car, just a few feet away from where the shootout happened were unhurt in the incident.

In an interview with ABC 13 News, Manuel’s wife Isamar said her husband died protecting her and their three children.

“There was a man just waiting for us, and then he just started shooting at my husband, and then he tried to shoot at my babies too. He tried to open the door,” Isamar said.

Isamar Rodriguez also sent out a message to people who are considering taking up the gun.

“They need to think before they do this stuff because he had a family. Then he took him away from us. That’s cruel.”

Isamar called Manuel Rodriguez their hero and hoped he is still watching over his family from above.

“Maybe in heaven he is watching us,” she said.

Rodriguez and Isamar were married for nine years. The couple has three children – the youngest just one-year-old. The older children were aged two and eight. Manuel reportedly worked as a painter in the area and the family was know to keep a low profile in the neighborhood where they lived. Following the incident, Rodriguez’s wife and children are reported to have left the neighborhood and now live with their extended family.

Meanwhile, officers from Harris County Institute of Forensic Services, as well as local law enforcement agencies, are investigating the incident.

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