Matt Jordan Threatens Kenya Moore And Punches A Man On 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta'

Matt Jordan Threatens Kenya Moore And Punches A Man On ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’

No wonder Kenya Moore is trying to distance herself for Matt Jordan. On the newest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, fans got to see Kenya’s bodybuilding ex-boyfriend get extra scary. This isn’t the first time Kenya has been around a physical altercation, but watching Matt get angry makes everyone wonder why the RHOA star would even consider reconciling with her on-again, off again boyfriend.

Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan are currently broken up, and Kenya says she’ll never take him back now. Back when the shocking footage was filmed for RHOA, Kenya and Matt were just on a break. It was after Matt angrily kicked in Kenya’s garage door window, according to People.

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After that temporary split, Matt tried to apologize to Kenya repeatedly, but she said she was done dealing with his jealous and explosive behavior. Kenya fans thought the couple was done for good, but Matt never did give up; when he was given another chance to confront Kenya, he took it.

That chance came when Peter Thomas invited Matt Jordan to celebrate the opening of his new club in North Carolina. Kenya Moore was scheduled to host the party, so Matt could be sure to catch her there if he showed up. Apparently, Peter wanted Matt there so badly that he even booked him a flight out.

Initially, Kenya was cool with Matt attending the party, telling the camera, “Matt needs his guy time, and the last thing I want to do is alienate him from his friends.”

Then, it seemed like the 45-year-old former beauty queen really thought about what having Matt on hand would mean and had a change of heart.

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“I realized, ‘You know what, Matt — you have not worked a minute on yourself,'” Kenya said. “You are not in the head space to be around me, let alone in a public setting where we arguing could probably ruin Peter’s opening night.”

That was when Kenya Moore asked Peter Thoms to uninvite her ex-boyfriend and cancel his plane ticket so he wouldn’t just show up. That didn’t stop Matt, though, and the personal trainer bypassed the airport, driving hours to show up for the event instead.

While this gesture might normally be considered romantic, Matt Jordan wasn’t necessarily driving to North Carolina to get his woman back. If he was, sending a string of scary text messages before arriving certainly wasn’t the way to butter Kenya up for the encounter.

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“I promise I’m going to make it my business that you never want to talk to me again,” Matt texted to Kenya. “Do anything to manipulate any situation from this point on and I promise you on every fiber of my being, you’ll regret every move you’ll make. Call the police, I promise you’ll regret it. Flirt with another guy, I promise you’ll regret it. Come to me humble and open your arms.”

Well, that sounds a little bit psychotic, and it’s totally understandable why Kenya Moore got scared. She read the texts to Peter Thomas’ ex-wife Cynthia Bailey prior to the Club One party but ultimately decided to show up to host the gig anyway and hope Matt didn’t show his face.

Kenya Moore almost made it inside Club One but as soon as she pulled up, Matt Jordan walked up to her car and demanded to talk to her. Kenya freaked out and told the driver that Matt was dangerous and not to let him in the car. The driver had his window down so he could communicate with Kenya’s angry ex-boyfriend, but as he tried to roll the window up, Matt reached out and hit him right in the face.

“He came over to the car, he looked in, and he hit him!” Kenya said.

“He’s crazy. He’s unstable. I’m sick of this stupid s**t.”

Matt Jordan ended up fleeing the scene after putting his hands on Kenya Moore’s driver. Peter Thomas caught wind of what was going on outside and came to Kenya’s rescue. Peter called Matt later to let him know that the guys were cool before, but after hitting Kenya’s driver and causing so much drama, he just “took it to a whole other level.”

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