WWE News: Huge Spoiler For Roman Reigns’ United States Title Defense Tonight On ‘Raw’

There has been a lot of speculation heading into the WWE Royal Rumble and even into tonight’s edition of Raw regarding Roman Reigns holding onto the United States Championship for much longer. The rumors are predicting that Reigns will become the WWE Universal Champion at the WWE Royal Rumble PPV after defeating Kevin Owens, so the odds of him retaining the U.S. title continue to drop as the PPV draws closer.

The past few weeks, Chris Jericho has tried and failed to capture the title from Reigns. Meanwhile, the feud between Owens and Reigns has continued to build to the WWE Royal Rumble. Finally, the majority of these elements will collide tonight on Raw.The odds will be heavily stacked against Roman as both Jericho and Owens will challenge him for the United States title in a Triple Threat match in the main event of the show.

It has been rumored over the past several weeks that WWE officials were planning for Reigns to become the company’s “double champion.” Now, the belief is that if Roman is set to win the WWE Universal title from Kevin Owens at the WWE Royal Rumble, he’s going to need to drop the U.S. title before the PPV. Tonight’s Triple Threat match on Raw could be the perfect opportunity for Roman Reigns to drop the championship.

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WWE’s creative plans for Wrestlemania 33 are a hot topic within the WWE Universe heading into the WWE Royal Rumble because the results of those matches are going to be pivotal in setting up the Wrestlemania card. On both Raw and SmackDown, whoever is holding championship gold is very likely to retain that title until the grandest stage of them all. So, WWE fans have a lot of questions about Roman’s U.S. title reign.

It’s possible that Chris Jericho could become the United States Champion on Raw tonight. For one, the title is the only singles title Y2J hasn’t won in his career, and it could potentially be an important prop in the feud between Jericho and Owens that is happening sooner rather than later. Kevin Owens may win the U.S. title, which would make losing the WWE Universal title at the WWE Royal Rumble a lot easier to swallow.

Despite all the possibilities of what could happen tonight on Raw around the Triple Threat match for the U.S. Championship between Jericho, Owens, and Reigns, it’s being reported that the WWE Universe should not get their hopes up for a big moment tonight. Apparently, WWE has no plans to take the United States title off Roman Reigns tonight or at the WWE Royal Rumble. Unfortunately, that only raises more questions.

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It’s being said that WWE still has a “big surprise” planned for Roman Reigns at the WWE Royal Rumble, so they’re not going to do anything major until the PPV. After all, WWE is attempting to build the PPV into one of the biggest in WWE history. Any big moments are likely going to be saved for the event rather than given away on WWE television. Of course, WWE could pull a swerve, but it’s very unlikely it’ll be tonight on Raw.

Roman Reigns walking out of The Alamodome in San Antonio at the end of the month with the U.S. title and the WWE Universal Championship seems to be the most plan as far as WWE officials are concerned. If that is the case when everything is said and done, the creative plans for Reigns over the next couple of months are going to be extremely important to the Wrestlemania 33 card.

Even before Raw tonight, it’s very likely that Roman Reigns could be in his third straight main event on the grandest stage of them all in a few months. The WWE Universe may not like that result, but getting through tonight to see if Roman Reigns retains the United States Championship over Jericho and Owens is the next step. WWE may have something up their sleeve, which is what’s special about Wrestlemania season.

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