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Republican Voter Arrested For Trying To Vote Twice

Republican Voter Arrested For Trying To Vote Twice

A Southern Nevada woman was arrested Friday for allegedly attempting to vote twice at two different polling locations this week.

Roxanne Rubin, 56, was taken into custody by investigators after arriving for work at the Riviera hotel. The Clark County Registrar has revealed that Rubin is a registered Republican who lives in Henderson.

Rubin allegedly attempted to cast two separate votes on Monday. Officials say she voted at the Anthem Community Center in Henderson before trying to vote a second time later that day at an early voting site on nearby Eastern Avenue.

Rubin’s alleged voter fraud was foiled when she arrived at the second location, only to be confronted by a poll worker who conducted a routine database check and found she had already voted. Rubin denied this and argued that the database used by the poll worker was incorrect.

Workers at the Eastern Avenue voting site refused to let Rubin vote and contacted the county registrar’s office, who then passed the complaint to the Nevada secretary of state, Ross Miller. Speaking late Friday, Miller said:

“There are two important points worth noting in this case. First, is that as we’ve said and demonstrated in the past, we take all elections complaints very seriously and investigate them thoroughly. Second, this demonstrates the integrity of the system. Someone thought that by going to two different locations they’d be able to cast two ballots. The system immediately caught that, the Task Force responded, and an arrest was made.

“It’s also worth noting that the Task Force has at least one other case of voting or attempting to vote twice in an election presently under investigation. We will pursue all such cases and complaints aggressively.”

Following her arrest, Rubin was booked on one felony count of voting twice in the same election.

Rubin’s home state of Nevada is a critical battleground state in the forthcoming election; the latest Nevada polls give President Obama a narrow advantage. However, presidential rival Mitt Romney has drastically reduced what was once a convincing seven-point lead for Obama in the Silver State.

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49 Responses to “Republican Voter Arrested For Trying To Vote Twice”

  1. Lewis Carter

    Who cares??? The electoral vote is who picks the president dumbasses ! I'm not dem or rep but people regardless of party will do dumb thing and that doesn't reflect the character of Romney or president Obama ! People let stop with the stupidity and vote for what believe not the media whether dem or rep!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    The headline says voter fraud, the story says "allegedly". Any proof that she actually did this? A photo? A signature? Just a machine says SOMEONE voted under her name. I think the voter fraud happened earlier and this is federal law enforcement trying to suppress the vote for Barry. After reading this if a voter is told that they have already voted then what are they going to do? Get arrested by the FBI or get the hell out of there without voting.

  3. Nancy Miller

    Wow talk about one sided , it was proven that thousands of blacks voted 2 to 100 times for Obama and Acorn allowed it. I did not see one Obama supporter that abused the voting system arrested. WHY! I do not agree with voter fraud but why arrest one white woman when hundreds of blacks if not thousands done voter fraud in 2008 and none of them were arrested. So you make an example out of a white woman. TALK ABOUT RACIST ONE SIDED LAWS. The law is on the side of Obama supporters is what has been proven here.

  4. Nancy Miller

    They need to go back and arrest all the Obama voters that commited voter fraud in 2008. Remember they were being paid by Acorn for every vote they cast in 2008. Why were the jails not filled with all the Acorn workers and voters. I do not support voter fraud for any party. I do believe that all voter fraud should be punished but in the case of Obama, his supporters get away with it.

  5. Aram Vartian

    Current voter laws stopped this fraudulent vote just fine. Nevada has no voter ID law, and clearly did not need it to protect the system.

  6. Wesley Norton

    Well miss patriot would you have a link to an actual article that backs up your wild assertions? Or indeed any proof whatsoever that any of those things actually happened? Because I seem to remember that ACORN, the right wing boogey man, were actually the ones who reported the frauds. Not for nothing but not even the most deranged right wing nut blogger has attempted to say that there were hundreds of discrepancies. Pathetic oldies like you make me wish that there really were death panels. (Unless of course those a real too)

  7. Hinde Garrison

    An arrest warrant means a judge thought there was enough evidence to arrest her. All headlines say "allegedly" to give the 'as yet convicted' the 'benefit' of the doubt. Really, John Gault (aka Ayn Rand poser) are you at all familiar with the workings of the American criminal justice system?

  8. Hinde Garrison

    ow and when was it proven, Nancy Miller? Spreading a lie – just like a repiglican.

  9. Phil E Drifter

    ACORN was never found guilty of anything, grandma. (citation: "You Will Die: The Burden of Modern Taboos," available from ). now go knit me a sweater.

  10. Anthony Davis

    Um, no, Nancy Miller. It was NOT proven that thousands of "blacks" voted 2 to 100 times for Obama. How typical; your side cheats and then blames it on the "blacks". Meanwhile, tell us, Nancy, what color the woman is in this photo.

  11. Anthony Davis

    they probably had the dumbasses' signature. Think for two minutes. You'll get it.

  12. Phil E Drifter

    She's a racist old fuckin' bag, overdue to die any moment now. Too bad she'll be kept alive because of Obamacare making affordable hospital care for everyone. How dare he care about uninsured Americans.

  13. Phil E Drifter

    Look out, Wesley; she graduated from high school. You know she's dangerous. Dangerously delusional, that is.

  14. Phil E Drifter

    Yeah, and the Electoral Votes of each state are bound to the peoples' votes from each state. So if 54% of the people in State A vote for Obama… that state's electoral votes go to… Obama.

  15. Phil E Drifter

    This is why you have to register to vote, retard. Before I even get close to a polling booth, I have to sign in (presenting my identification) so they can look my name up in the log book, so I can sign it. Then (as long as my signature matches the signature they have on file when I registered to vote IN ONE PARTICULAR PLACE) I get in line and wait my turn to vote.

  16. Phil E Drifter

    She voted from one polling station (that she was registered to vote at) and THEN later in the day TRIED TO VOTE AGAIN at a different polling station, and was IMMEDIATELY CAUGHT because OMG ELECTRICITY, HOW'S THAT WORK… they keep a database updated by the second — This woman is racist scum. (Both her, and that old bag below, Nancy Miller.) As a rule of thumb… the government waits until it collects MORE THAN ENOUGH EVIDENCE to prosecute someone… before they arrest the person. That way they have a slam-dunk case and the person will most likely accept a plea deal.

  17. Steve Bowles

    Nancy, you have no idea what you are talking about. You really think the Bush Administration, who was running the Justice Department during the 2008 election, would have sat by and let something like that happen? Take a breath and think about how many people would have to be in on that scheme for it to work!

  18. Jim Jacobs

    How do yo think LBJ won his first election. The judge in Duval county delivered hundreds of votes from the local cemetary. At least they only got to vote once.

  19. Howard Nichols

    Hey, she got caught because Republicans don't have decades of practice in this stuff, nor do they have allies at the polls.

  20. Shaun Wheeler

    You mean live voters as opposed to the legion of dead zombie democrats? I'm wit' you on 'dat one. Shouldn't take more than twenty minutes to git' 'er done.

  21. Phil E Drifter

    he had kennedy assassinated? People voting for Romney are closet fucking racists, and you are few and far between, oh right and greedy republicans are the cause of deregulation/lack of oversight that has caused 29 meningitis deaths from tainted professional hospital-grade drugs — their blood is on your hands you fucking racists — i can't wait til revolution 2.0 begins…

  22. Anonymous

    leave it to a dumb female to try to vote twice. this is why women shouldn't be allowed to vote at all.

  23. Dave Gilleo

    hmm that is funny because the number of voter fraud cases in the last 4 elections was 6 … sounds like Nancy is a raciest b*tch with a agenda making up numbers and stories as she goes – I bet it is Paul Ryan posting under a false name….

  24. Peter Nelsen

    WOW where in the world did Nancy Miller come up with her numbers? Was proven by whom?? She is saying this woman was arrested simply because she attempted to vote twice for Romney? What planet is this person from?????

  25. Anthony Davis

    It's republicans who are registering dead people and voting multiple times. Clean up your own filth before complaining about someone else.

  26. Howard Nichols

    Yeah, right. That's not what Wikileaks says. Or that guy who posted on facebook that he voted four times.

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