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‘Murdoch Mysteries’ Season 10 Starts This Month On Acorn TV [Spoilers]

Detective Murdoch is back this month with Murdoch Mysteries, Season 10, now known as the best Canadian murder mystery series for 2016. And Acorn TV brings each episode to you first, sharing a new episode each week on the streaming service, starting with two episodes on January 2nd. But series star Yannick Bisson has that this season, Detective Murdoch and company will deliver new sophisticated mysteries each week, as his relationship with his wife, Dr. Julia Ogden evolves, and they finally plan to move out of the hotel.

Murdoch Mysteries has made it to its 10th season, and it still brings fresh mysteries, along with actual historical events from turn of the century Toronto, says the Inquisitr. Fans of the series have watched the evolution of science and inventions in criminology used by Detective Murdoch at their inception to fight crime, and stay a step ahead of criminals. Based on a series of books, Murdoch Mysteries also used actual events and notable people from Canadian history, good and bad, to mold the story, and move the narrative along, sucking in the viewer.

Murdoch Mysteries is one of the most popular series on Acorn TV, and its 10th season has been highly anticipated, says TV Series Finale. Season ten finds Detective William Murdoch finally proceeding with his plans for a home life, purchasing the property to build a modern dream home for himself and his wife, medical examiner Dr. Julia Ogden, who is still recovering from the events of season nine’s finale.


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Julia Ogden is still trying to shake the fact that she had to kill someone, a former patient, to survive, and as a doctor, that goes against everything she was taught.

“Unbeknownst to the detective, Ogden is suffering silently from guilt for killing her tormentor, the psychotic Eva Pearce.”

And Murdoch Mysteries has always been known for an interesting array of guest stars, and that begins with the first episode, where Samantha Bond, formerly of Downton Abbey, which she played Rosamunde, sister of Lord Grantham, plays Lady Suzanne Atherly, a friend of Julia’s. The first episode involves an event that is something like the modern series The Bachelor.

Series star Yannick Bisson and the rest of the cast are thrilled to have made it to season ten of the popular series, says The Ottawa Citizen.

“It’s a huge milestone for any show anywhere, especially here in Canada. We’re really proud and it just seems to never stop being good.”

And it took some time for Bisson to realize that the series wasn’t just a big deal in Canada, where he lives. Recently, he was on vacation with his family in Rome, and it became very clear that Murdoch is well known beyond North America.

“We came up into the dining room area and this waiter was standing in front of me and he was completely shocked and he said, ‘It is Murdoch!’ Then there was another time I received a fan letter completely in Japanese. I thought, ‘Wow, that’s from far,’ and I had no idea that the show was airing in Japan. I also got a fan speaking to me on Twitter recently from Iran. I was really floored by that. They watch us in Iran.”

Helene Joy, who plays Murdoch’s wife, Dr. Julia Ogden, had a similar experience when she traveled to Brazil, and met a fan at a Steampunk convention.

“She credits Julia and myself as her inspiration for everything she’s done in her whole life.”

Fans of Murdoch Mysteries can be the first to view season ten’s first two episodes now on Acorn TV, with a new episode every Monday with a total of eighteen episodes in this season.

Are you a fan of Murdoch Mysteries? Who is your favorite character?

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