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‘Star Wars: Episode 7’ Seen As Chance To Redeem The Franchise

Star Wars: Episode 7 Generating Excitement

Star Wars: Episode 7 talk is generating excitement among Star Wars fans after word this week that George Lucas sold Lucasfilm Ltd. to Disney for $4.o5 billion.

Disney announced that it was moving forward with Star Wars: Episode 7, set to be released in 2015, and fans of the series met the news with excitement. Many are seeing the movie as a chance to redeem the franchise that seemed to lose its way in the last three movies.

Elizabeth Perle, a blogger for The Huffington Post, said the announcement about Star Wars: Episode 7 sent her through “17 stages of acceptance.” Excited for the release, Perle noted that not even the thought of the previous lackluster installments could put a damper on her enthusiasm.

She wrote:

“To the first person who responds to my excitement with “Episode I” or “Jar Jar Binks” I say: Sure, fine, but how much fun are we still having debating about it, analyzing it, and learning from both its mistakes and jaw-dropping advancements in special effects?”

The excitement about Star Wars: Episode 7 spilled over to VH1, which published an article about all the ways the movie can redeem the previous three installments. As George Lucas passed on his beloved Star Wars franchise, VH1 saw the opportunity to cast aside the tired trappings of his most recent movies and star over with something fresh.

Writer Halle Kiefer said the thought of getting rid of one of the series’ most hated characters is a major reason to be excited:

“No Jar Jar Binks! The grating, vest-wearing, pseudo-Jamaican-baby-talking sidekick ruined Episode 1 (and certainly didn’t help Episodes 2 and 3), but since Episode 7 takes place after Return of the Jedi, we should be spared his awfulness. Dear God, unless Jar Jar’s immortal…”

Kiefer also predicted that Star Wars: Episode 7 could bring cameos from past stars including Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford.

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5 Responses to “‘Star Wars: Episode 7’ Seen As Chance To Redeem The Franchise”

  1. Alex Fok

    Hi Disney. why don't you combine star wars with space vampire and galactic werewolves with a boy whose parents are killed by the dark forces and he was left with a scare on his butt cheek and they have to destroy the dark lord's even spirit by taking a dangerous adventure through the galaxy far far away to drop his evil soul to his home planet and along the way this boy gathers a group of avenging jedis to join his quest, one of the eldest jedi with long white hair guides the troop with his wisdom and he goes into battle with his lightsaber and he has to wear a exso armour to assist him in battle. Passing through Chewie home land they found an ostracised Wookiee from Kashyyyk because she is bury and has blue colour fur and throw in some animated toys that seek adventure and a land of aquatic spices where this aquatic being was looking for his son kidnapped by the dark forces.. and spirited beings without form decided to take over cars and plans allowing them to talk and transform into jedi fighters and they sail across the galaxy in a pirated space vessel along with a skeleton insignia… with this I think you can cover all your target audience LOL.

  2. Alex Fok

    Hey Halle Kiefer, I agree with you about getting ride of jar jar binks. BUT I would suggest Disney to apologise for Jar Jar Binks to have a starting scene of Jar Jar binks (or his off springs or clone) in a horrific explosion.. and just when he opens his mouth , me so alive the new evil lord cuts his head off with his red bury lightsaber.. and the new evil lord walks over his dead body and says that the last of your kind… YIPPEE!

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