Trump Supporters Freak Out After President-Elect Donald Trump Tweets 'Happy Hanukkah' Message

Trump Supporters Freak Out After President-Elect Donald Trump Tweets ‘Happy Hanukkah’ Message

President-elect Donald Trump finally tweeted out something that shouldn’t have been controversial. Leave it to his group of faithful supporters to completely go nuts after the Donald tweeted out a very simple “Happy Hanukkah” tweet. It looks like more than a few of his followers wanted Trump to completely ignore the Jewish holiday and after he had done the opposite, Trump’s mentions looked like a neo-Nazi convention.

It didn’t take long after Donald Trump tweeted out a simple message that said: “Happy Hanukkah” along with a picture of a lit menorah that many of his Twitter followers started to revolt. One angry Trump fan wrote, “You better be f**king kidding me! I voted for you and you said you were a ‘good christians’ and we dont support satanic jews.”

Another angry Trump voter took the holiday message to mean that Trump was backing Israel and demanded that he stop. They wrote, ” Stop supporting Israel, President Trump, they are pushing . Do not assist them in wiping out our race.”

Of course, not everyone who commented on Donald Trump’s tweet is a neo-Nazi. Instead, some who have condemned the president-elect for his often controversial tweets have been giving Trump a hard time too. Several have called Trump a troll and claim that his Hanukkah tweet was just another way to stir the pot. Others pointed out that he shouldn’t have even acknowledged that the Jewish holiday is being celebrated right now, considering that he appointed Steve Bannon as his White House chief strategist. Bannon is believed to hold white supremacist views and has been a very controversial Trump cabinet pick.

Here are some of the reactions to Donald Trump’s Hanukkah tweet. Keep in mind that many of the responses could not be shared due to profanity.

Considering that Hanukkah began on Christmas Eve this year, Trump’s tweet proclaiming “Happy Hanukkah” came before his “Merry Christmas” tweets. That garnered the president-elect even more ire from the white nationalists who are happy to call him president. More than once it was pointed out that Donald Trump tweeted about Hanukkah before he tweeted about Christmas. One of his followers even asked him if he had moved to Israel while we all weren’t watching.

The back and forth between Trump supporters and those who opposed him on a simple holiday tweet is very telling of the divide going on in the United States today. It got to the point where people had forgotten the initial Hanukkah post that set everyone off and went about arguing about everything else.

What some who went on the attack after Donald Trump’s tweet might not realize is that his own grandchildren are Jewish. Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner spent the holidays in Hawaii with their three children. Ivanka posted her own tweet about the holidays, pointing out that Christmas and Hanukkah overlap this year, making this year even more special.

“This year is one of the rare and special occasions where Hanukkah and Christmas coincide,” Ivanka wrote. “As we light the candles, sending love from our family to yours this holiday season! Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah!”

As with everything else that pertains to the presidency, Donald Trump’s every move will be dissected for at least the next four years. That includes which holidays he decides to pay attention to on Twitter and who that may offend.

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