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Romney’s Red Cross Campaign Event In Ohio May Hurt Rather Than Help, Agency Can’t Use Donated Goods

romney red cross ohio

Mitt Romney has inexplicably decided to help out the Red Cross in Ohio, an area comparatively unaffected by the ravages of Hurricane Sandy, collecting goods for the relief agency despite long-standing directives from the Red Cross that such “help” can actually divert their resources during an ongoing catastrophe.

Romney’s Red Cross efforts took place far from Sandy’s reach in the swing state of Ohio where the former Massachusetts governor converted campaign events to storm relief efforts, saying of the initiative:

“We have a lot of goods here that these people will need. We have heavy hearts, as you know, with all the suffering going on. There are a lot of people who were hurting this morning, who were hurting last night. We’re going to box them [donations] up, then send them into New Jersey.”

However, a quick browse of the Red Cross FAQ page for guidance to assist during disasters explicitly states that such “help” often bogs the agency down — a bit of information that became widely known during disaster relief in Haiti.

Had Romney read the Red Cross FAQ prior to the efforts, he would have learned that the agency pleads for people not to inundate them with sortable goods, particularly during a tragedy:

“The American Red Cross does not accept or solicit small, individual donations of items for emergency relief purposes. Small items such as collections of food, used clothing, and shoes often must be cleaned, sorted, and repackaged which impedes the valuable resources of money, time, and personnel that are needed for other aspects of our relief operation.

The Red Cross continues, explaining that the only real way to aid disaster victims is through monetary donations:

“The best way to help a disaster victim is through a financial donation to the American Red Cross. Financial contributions allow the Red Cross to purchase exactly what is needed for the disaster relief operation. Monetary donations also enable the Red Cross to purchase relief supplies close to the disaster site which avoids delays and transportation costs in getting basic necessities to disaster victims. Because the affected community has generally experienced significant economic loss, purchasing relief supplies in or close to the disaster site also helps to stimulate the weakened local economy.”

American Red Cross

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, in the state where Romney used to be governor, advises in their first words on their disaster relief page:

“Donated goods and volunteers that are not specifically needed in a disaster area can hurt more than help. Well-intentioned but ill-conceived shipments of goods and volunteers to an area impacted by a disaster can actually cause a ‘secondary’ disaster, in spite of the fact that donors really only want to help.”

During the events in Ohio, Mitt Romney also reportedly refused to answer questions about how he would handle managing agencies like FEMA in the event of a disaster like Sandy during a Romney presidency.

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142 Responses to “Romney’s Red Cross Campaign Event In Ohio May Hurt Rather Than Help, Agency Can’t Use Donated Goods”

  1. Derrick Hafner

    You can tell he's never done any humanitarian efforts before and the mormons are actually known for doing a lot of it but not even lying mitt does it. What a disgrace to the human race.

  2. Kathleen Schneider Wayward

    gee. wonder why he chose Ohio! a state that is completely unaffected by the storm. Red cross takes money Mitt, that would better take care the needs of the storm victims, since "as you know" they are suffering…. but that doesn't score political by just asking people to donate money. I wonder where all the stuff he's collecting will actually end up? Probably in a dumpster.

  3. John Starkweather

    Well, for starters, it fits with their narrative. His constituency is all about telling those in need precisely what they need, with a grunt and scoff, "It's not about what you want!" they'll tell you right out, and leftover clothes make a fine deduction, while cleaning the garage at once. Second, it is apparent he doesn't care how stupid he is, he never has, just needs to keep his name up there. He is a room laughing right now about the GD socialist Red Cross, while him and his buddies place bets on futures markets affected by the storm.

  4. Rie Noe Vaughn

    Because he has never donated to them nor needed their help.

  5. Matthew Lee

    Yeah. Lets dog the guy for helping. If you'd read elsewhere you'd see he's also delivering the items in buses. Why can't we at least come together to help each other in times like this. Quit being so mean

  6. Susana Wright

    Ohio is affected by the storm, Lake Erie has flooded areas and the storm has caused all kinds of damage there. Get your facts straight before you engage your mouth.

  7. David Walterscheid

    Buses going right to the landfill. Mitt W. Romney is systematically defeating himself in the election. Even Christie pretty much told him to stay home. But, when the chairmen of GM and Chrysler come together and call the man an out and out liar, that is bad. Even Fox News doesn't know what to do except to return to their 24/7 coverage of breaking Benghazi news. You know, hours and hours of discussing "terrorist acts" vs. "Acts of terrorism." Riveting, I tell you. Riveting.

  8. Jo Hargis

    Yeah, what a CO-IN-KEE-DINK that he just happened to pick Ohio, the most important swing state right now, to hold his faux relief drive! What a dbag.

  9. Johnny Townsend

    And the Mormon Church also wants to see his tax returns to make sure he's tithing his fair share..

  10. Lois Taitague

    Fortunately, the Red Cross isn't the only game in town. He'll need to donate all that stuff to a food bank or a soup kitchen.

  11. David Walterscheid

    Oh, please. Just another shameless photo OP for a guy who knows he has lost the election. Same holds true with Paul Ryan washing clean pots and pans. These guys a pathetic losers pretty much confirmed today by their man Chris Christe Cream.

  12. David Walterscheid

    It is typical Romney. Folks tell him what they need but he supplies them with what he thinks they need. Thats why all of this photo op garbage he collected is going to the landfill.

  13. Joshua Jent

    Everyone of you who are ragging on mitt for going to red cross of ohio "learn to effin read" lmao it clearly states above that they are collecting them and boxing them up in ohio to SEND to new jersey….. Hahahaha

  14. Kathleen Schneider Wayward

    I agree, with all his wealth and resources, he knows how much GOOD he really could do, but this multi millionaire with unlimited resources and influence has a canned food drive? Nothing but a political stunt, especially since his idea of a fundraiser costs $50,000 a plate. This stunt also prove that he truly has NO disaster relief experience. How could he, whenever Massachusetts needed him, he was out galavanting the country side preparing for his run for the president. Instead of being born on 3rd base and taking credit for a triple, he was born on home plate and taking credit for homerun, without ever hitting the ball and leaving the plate.

  15. David Walterscheid

    Also, remember that when he finished his term as governer, he had his staff erase all of their hard drives. It has also been reported he did the same with the Olympics in SLC which, incidentally, he took a government bail out for.

  16. Al Elkins

    I guess if the red cross dosent want it he could always give it to the 21 million Americans out of work or the 41 million on food stamps might appreciate it.

  17. Bronwyn Merritt

    They don't want busloads of crap. They are very clear about that.

  18. Amanda Romano

    I work for the Red Cross- we are accepting monetary donations and blood. Standard for any emergency. If you would like to help text REDCROSS to 90999 for a quick and easy $10 donation. Thank you all, we truly appreciate your support.

  19. Ethan Dao Clairville

    so… name the facts before you call someone an idiot… citations, idiot.

  20. Johnny Townsend

    Please give us a summary of these noble deeds you speak of. We'd all love to check it out and sing his praises. Mitt Romney is a conniving, self centered plutocrat with a sense of entitlement that is without redemption. He has hurt more peopl's lives by trashing companies, running up their debt then raiding the pension funds and shipping the jobs overseas. He's a first class son of a bitch that will say anything to become President. Many lifelong Republicans will not vote for this tool. It's you that is the idiot.

  21. Sara Buchanan

    Had you done your own research and not just parrot msnbc & daily kos, you would know that they are working with local charities and South Jersey RC, donating: flashlights, batteries, diapers, toothbrushes, mini-deodorants, fleece blankets, cereal, toilet paper and canned goods, as well as urging supporters to donate money to the Red Cross. They have been boxing and delivering the items with their own buses and trucks.

    Also, it doesn't say they do not accept those items, it says to work with local groups. The Romney's are working with local groups.

    Are you trying to say that the people without power and whose homes are flooded do not need or want those items?

    Sad, sad day when people like you attack others for donating to help those struck by disaster.

    During Katrina, Walmart donated and delivered water, food, clothing and supplies, saving lives, days before Red Cross or FEMA help reached the people.

  22. Sara Buchanan

    You don't know what you're talking about. Not only was Ohio affected, enjoy the links above, but Romney is working with the South Jersey RC, and other local charities, delivering flashlights, batteries, diapers, toothbrushes, mini-deodorants, fleece blankets, cereal, toilet paper and canned goods. The Romney's are very charitable and how ugly of you to be so nasty towards them, and their supporters for donating items to help people devastated by the storm.

  23. Sara Buchanan

    The campaign asked for nonperishable donations despite the fact that the Red Cross does not typically accept or solicit individual donations or collections of items because of the extra labor involved with sorting, cleaning, repackaging and transporting such items.

    Chris Maloney, a spokesman for the Romney campaign, said the campaign was aware of that, but had reached out and found out that the South Jersey of the American Red Cross was accepting donations. He said that Romney’s victory centers across the state were also accepting donations.

    “Whatever the Red Cross is willing to accept we’ll be shipping to them,” he said. “At this point, they’re not willing to put a limit on what they’re willing to accept.”

  24. Kim Eaton Vincken

    ur the idiot this is about the disaster and him being in a swing state. He had signs put up saying Romney victory…..everyone was told no campaining during this time…oh yea and he had film running for his biogaraphy…making a movie, the ppl asked why this was running and the stupid producer said oh someone must of hit accidently…..while he was obviously filming…u r the idiot!!!!!!!

  25. Kim Eaton Vincken

    Susana Wright really? How many ppl died there and u don't think he should be in the states that need the hel I think it the Red cross here can cover Lake Eries floods u r a dink and u need to engage ur mouth somewhere that makes sense…smh Oh and yea I am packin my bags now because they r calling for volunteers up there…..idiot and I am a nurse have not recieved a call huh!!

  26. Kim Eaton Vincken

    Really u need to read ur facts from the Red Cross they said they will not be sending anything he had boxed up here…it has to be sorted repacked and it boggs down the system they will use it here…Joshua Lent

  27. Kim Eaton Vincken

    Mathew show us where it says that!! He did not go anywhere clearly if he as ther Christie would have clearing acknowledge him!!! We can come together but don't put up something that that is a lie!!

  28. David Walterscheid

    Sara from Italy–Romney is collecting items the Red Cross is telling him they don't want. They need cash. Once again, Romney is ignoring what people want and he is telling them what they need. If Romney has any balls at all, we would be encouraging his best bud Donald Trump to take that $5 million worth of Obama extortion money and donate it to the Red Cross. The Romneys have no charitable bones in their bodies. The good news is you can contact the Romney campaign and I'm sure they can find a way to enable an Italian citizen to vote.

  29. Kim Eaton Vincken

    u guys r blind the Red Cross said this will bog them down they will need to sort and box everthing and it will not go to the East coast …Mitt did not do it for Ohio this was a Political move for him…why were there signs say Romney victory there and filming his movie a biography it was clearly stated no campaining during this disaster…. someone asked why is that running the dumb ass producer said oh someone must of accidently turned it on. He was standing right there obviously filming He was not there for 911 or any other disaster. He doesn't care where this stuff goes he just wants votes…U live in Italy!! This is about America and our election. U don't need to put ur 2 cents in to try and confuse ppl…come here then u have a voice about what happens here. Mitt is an idiot he proves it over and over not to mention A liar!!!

  30. Kim Eaton Vincken

    Andy Ackerman Yes it is but his signs here in Ohio while he was collecting is jus tnot accetable…when everyone was told plz no campaining during the disaster and he was in a swing state it was a political move. He could careless. If he did he shouldhave put onhis boots and went to the disaster area like our President will be doing today. Gov.Christie does not want him there and he endorsed him!

  31. Kim Eaton Vincken

    not to mention if he was on a bus going to the diaster areas believe me that would hav been on Fox news….huh I watch both msnbc and Fox wonder why it was not on the news….because u pulled that out of ur ass!

  32. Kim Eaton Vincken

    James Sucese give us the fact give me a link to go to that is not him speaking but fact finder that tells us all what a good guy he is with his billions….he should help ppl and not brag about it!! I see ppl everyday that could use some! He needs to go out on the street and help make that His Mormon Mission….where u do it cause u care!!!

  33. Kathleen Schneider Wayward

    if they are charitable than it's like 'one for you, one two three for me'. Sara, muliti millionares with unlimited money and resources do not hold canned food drives. period, it's nuts. and he in only doing this for politics. If he wasnt running for prez right now, he would sitting home by a fireplace watching this all on the news and checking on his bank accounts. I am not being nasty, Romney can do bad all by himself. Calling a snake a snake is not judging it.

  34. David Walterscheid

    Calling a snake a snake is not judging it. I like that. Well said. Might have to borrow that.

  35. Joshua Jent

    Kim eaton at least he tried to help and was that a weak failed attempt to make fun of my name? Lol ya lets make it a personal attack against me because you know your beloved obama has a week left before hes fired…. We dont have to agree on politics but dont make it personal

  36. Patty Wittlinger

    Last night they were saying he is planning on doing it in all the states he was supposed to campaign in…none of which were affected as bad as where Obama is walking the storm sites. It's obviously him campaigning where as Obama suspended his campaign tour, however, Clinton can go around for Obama. Susana he wasn't even near Erie or any area affected there. If you can't see it as a campaign ploy then you need to open your eyes & use your brain.

  37. Patty Wittlinger

    Obviously Romney supporters don't know how to read, LOL. They are only accepting money donations and blood…IF YOU WOULD READ PAST WHAT ROMNEY SAID AND READ WHAT THE RED CROSS SAID maybe you would learn something instead of just believing everything he says….and I wouldn't be so insulting if you weren't WRONG but being rude about it & telling others they were wrong when they were right.

  38. Chris Warden

    Josh, you are absolutely right. Just because you don't agree will someone there is no need to say the person is ignorant stupid etc. Everyone has the right to their own opinion and no one has the right to personaly attack them for it.

  39. Sara Buchanan

    Romney is working WITH the South Jersey Red Cross who DOES want the donations. The only blind people are people like you. They had badges that said Victory because they had been printed for the original campaign rally. D'uh. Did they have to reprint hundreds of badges because they storm came? His supporters were there to see him, it previously was supposed to be a campaign rally. He spoke for about three minutes, on a table. Who gives a flip if his video was playing? Does that stop people from donating? NO. The election is one week away. He is running for President. Of COURSE there is a touch of politics involved. Don't be ridiculous! He doesn't care about people affected by this tragedy? Bullshit. What a partisan, nasty thing to say. I live in Italy, but I am an American. I vote, and have every right to speak to American issues. And I am stating facts. Sorry if you find facts confusing. He was in Ohio, and yes, they had a lot of damage in Ohio. What the hell are you talking about? I pulled what out of my ass?

  40. Sara Buchanan

    Kim and Patty – you are both wrong.

    "The campaign asked for nonperishable donations despite the fact that the Red Cross does not typically accept or solicit individual donations or collections of items because of the extra labor involved with sorting, cleaning, repackaging and transporting such items.

    Chris Maloney, a spokesman for the Romney campaign, said the campaign was aware of that, but had reached out and found out that the South Jersey of the American Red Cross was accepting donations. He said that Romney’s victory centers across the state were also accepting donations.

    “Whatever the Red Cross is willing to accept we’ll be shipping to them,” he said. “At this point, they’re not willing to put a limit on what they’re willing to accept.”

    They are also working with their Victory Centers, gathering donations. Red Cross says if you want to donate items, to work with local agencies. THEY ARE.

    Where did the Red Cross say they will not accept or use Romney's donations?

    Again, it is really disgusting that you people are attacking people doing a nice thing. Romney made a personal donation, his supporters are donating much needed batteries, water, flashlights, diapers, etc. as well as financial donations, and your blind partisan hatred is ATTACKING them for it. AND they are working with local orgs that need the items.


  41. Sara Buchanan

    No, David, he is not. He is working with South Jersey Red Cross, who wants the donations. They are also collecting donations at their Victory Centers. Romney made a personal donation. He has been urging supporters to donate money to Red Cross. The Romney's give millions in charity annually. You have no idea what you are talking about. I am an American citizen, and vote. Again, you don't know what you are talking about. Another pathetic partisan hack hating on people doing a nice thing. Red Cross National wants money because they use it how they see fit. Some people prefer to donate food and water and batteries. Some times, that's what they can afford. There are many people who have yet to receive any help, as was just reported on the news. They need water, and food, etc. The people in South Jersey I'm sure will be quite pleased with the Romney donations. Only sick individuals can take acts of charity and attack them.

  42. David Walterscheid

    Guess thats why Peter King just gave a news conference saying that people receiving assistance will be spending money on massage parlors and Gucci Bags. Do you have Klan meetings in Italy?

  43. Sara Buchanan

    Patty Wittlinger – It's campaign season, with one week to election. The even twas originally a Campaign rally. Of course it involves fricking politics. He had thousands of supporters who were already planning on attending the rallies, and were disappointed when the events were originally cancelled. The venues had been reserved, bands scheduled to play, and people planning on attending. They decided to change the events to rallies for donations, and to allow Romney and supporters to have their *event*. They took down most of the signs, etc. but people were there to SEE ROMNEY, and brought food and money donations. What of it? Did it hurt anyone? No. They raised a bunch of money, and worked with South Jersey RC to get them donations. Good gawd, you people are truly pathetic. New York Mayor Bloomberg told Obama to stay away from NY. There is a reason Obama and Romney aren't going into the devastated areas. LOGISTICS, and it causes more of a mess. Romney kept his scheduled events, but turned them into charity events. That was a good thing.

  44. Sara Buchanan

    Kathleen Schneider Wayward "if they are charitable than it's like 'one for you, one two three for me'. Sara, muliti millionares with unlimited money and resources do not hold canned food drives. period, it's nuts."

    Oh, so only rich people can contribute to charities? His supporters are not allowed to contribute? That is ridiculous. He did give a $ donation. The only thing nuts is people like you attacking people donating to charity.

  45. Sara Buchanan

    "not to mention if he was on a bus going to the diaster areas"

    Bloomberg told Obama to stay out of New York. You don't head into devastated areas when you have Secret service and police and convoys following you. They have trucks that are taking the donations to South Jersey RC.

  46. Sara Buchanan

    How is that a Birther shirt? Obama, You're Fired….
    Staged? You mean an even that has been scheduled on the books, was, at the last minute turned into a storm donation event, is *staged*? Oh lord….

    "Way to bring the country together in a time of crisis Mitt."

    You've got to be kidding??????? In a post attacking Romney for gathering donations for hurricane victims, after you have attacked him and his supporters for donating, YOU have the gall to say "way to bring the country together in the time of a crisis"?

    You can't make this crap up.

  47. Kathleen Schneider Wayward

    what is sick Sara is 'staging' a fundraiser/food drive to try and score political points during a national disaster. Romney is a fraud. period. It was staged for a photo op. kinda like Paul Ryan showing up at a soup kitchen, just to wash the already clean dishes just for photo op? how do you justify that one? you have some serious Romney-Rose colored glasses. You are judging what's happening here in US from Italy?? how many channels you get from there? Let the Americans who live here make the observations.

  48. Sara Buchanan

    David Walterscheid –
    "Guess thats why Peter King just gave a news conference saying that people receiving assistance will be spending money on massage parlors and Gucci Bags. Do you have Klan meetings in Italy?"

    Steve King? WTF does that have to do with what I am talking about here?

    Oh, neat, the racecard. It's official, you're an idiot.

  49. Kathleen Schneider Wayward

    only proves you can't really know what goes on in a country unless you are living there. Romney's lies have been proven repeatedly, on every news channel,every major news paper, etc. You should probably stick to Italian politics since you have no first hand experience of what is really going on here.

  50. Sara Buchanan

    Obviously I am far more informed than you. And thanks, but I will continue to do as I please. Free speech, and being and American, and all that.

  51. David Walterscheid

    Sara, stop with the race card. You are a Republican because you are a racist. I will try to remember republicains are not racists next time I hear Fox News call Obama a communist/socialist/facists/marxist/muslim/puppy killer. And the donations Romney collected? Supplied by his campaign. A campaign aide came forward and said the campaign bought $5000 worth or Chicken Noodle soup for the photo op.

  52. David Walterscheid

    How come Sara Buchanan is not listed in the Kirkland, Washington voter registration list?

  53. Jacque Redford

    actually, it was set up in advance with Red Cross in South Jersey. Their statement: "The American Red Cross appreciates the support from the Romney campaign and is working with the campaign to process this donation of supplies," Too bad the author didn't research this well – the info is easily found. Nice attempt at negative spin, though.

  54. Sara Buchanan

    You're an idiot because you are an idiot.

    So, Romney campaign bought $5000 worth of supplies, and they are evil?
    Yea, all the donations they collected.

    Keep up the hate, dude. Next time there is a disaster, and you are left without, I hope good people like these step up to help you, and your fellow haters, out, regardless of your nasty nature.

  55. Kathleen Schneider Wayward

    Obviously! LOL enjoy your 'socialist' healthcare and 'socialist policies" since if you were living in America the people you support here would deny you those things.

  56. David Walterscheid

    Glad to know you have a link for everything but if you wish to have a voice in my country's election you should at least register to vote.

  57. Sara Buchanan

    Registered, and already voted. Glad to know you ignore facts, and just spew nonsense…

  58. David Walterscheid

    And, don't call me dude. I don't wear my hat backwards like Paul Ryan for his phony photo op.

  59. David Walterscheid

    And, if I am ever in need, I will go to Kroger to buy my own can of Chicken Noodle soup. But, thank you for your concern.

  60. Sara Buchanan

    *eyeroll* god, do you people have a manual that you get your replies from? same bs over and over from you libs. The only healthcare services I have used here are doctor visits and I pay 150E each time for appointments. I pay for lab work, and medicines. So far, I have not received this *mysterious* free healthcare you seem to think we have here. Nothing is free, hon. And having experienced both systems, I have written about the pros and cons of each. There are far too many obstacles in America to achieve the type of system here, and many European healthcare services are going more private, since the socialized systems are going broke.

    you really are so boring, and typical. you've been proven wrong, and now you have to resort to this crap. changing the topic, and deflecting.

  61. Kathleen Schneider Wayward

    well, good for you, you are the only one who is right, of all these hardworking Americans, who have a front row seat to the goings on in this country. I would always believe someone on the other side of the world before I would believe what's happening right outside our doors…. Sounds like you like Italy, sure hope you stay there. Enough ignorant republicans here already trying to fuck things up/

  62. Kathleen Schneider Wayward

    hey David, I just read online that Italians are some of the most arrogant and rude people in Europe. well, it must be true since I found it online, right?

  63. David Walterscheid

    I shall ever remember Romney's charitable acts as he continues to ship jobs out of my country to China.

  64. Patty Wittlinger

    Obama is going to NJ Sara, seriously get your facts straight.

  65. Patty Wittlinger

    Did you actually read the link you provided…the first one…not the ones from Romney?6. Ask if what you’d like to donate is needed, culturally appropriate and if relief organizations can manage the collection effectively. Some well-intentioned yet inappropriate product, food or used clothing donations can actually divert the attention of disaster relief organizations and local governments away from the task at hand by requiring them spend time sorting and storing unneeded items. Don't quote what Romney said read what you posted from the Red Cross…& yes now the NJ one is saying they will take the stuff but they don't know where they will send it because they probably don't have time to sort through all of it….and I wouldn't begrudge him trying to help but making people wait over 40 minutes until he got there so they could film him taking the donations is a photo op plain & simple.

  66. Joshua Jent

    Nice reply patty, but before you go bashing romneys character for not reading the red cross guidelines, is that even remotely close to misleading and lying to the entire american public, disgracing our armed forces, and failing horribly as commander in chief by letting 4 americans get raped, tortured and killed in benghazi after repeated requests for more security for the anniversary of 911? In comparison,your judging romneys character when you need to be looking at the character of the soon to be ex-president….. Have a nice day :)

  67. Celtic Moon

    And the victims are going to do what with the canned goods? Hmm, build a campfire with wet wood to heat it up??? Foolish idiot, if he truly wanted to help he would have donated money, and gotten his Teabagger morons to do the same so the Red Cross could furnish what is necessary and needed. His "busses" will probably sit somewhere until after the crises when they can get to putting manpower to work sorting. They really don't have time for that right now, after all, they are actually trying to HELP the victims, not playing politics.

  68. Celtic Moon

    blah, blah, blah. Bet ya voted for Bush too. One of our most upstanding Presidents – NOT

  69. Joshua Jent

    Oh celtic moon, the stinch of desperation oozes from your keyboard. Blah blah blah? Thats your response to the president allowing 4 americans to die, then failing at trying to cover it up? Oh and when in doubt, just spew some insults; that will show your true intelligence….just imagine if it were your loved ones the president left out there to fend for themselves..its unacceptable

  70. Cindy Wellington

    "The American Red Cross appreciates the support from the Romney campaign and is working with the campaign to process this donation of supplies."

    How did you get that it was pre-arranged out of that?

    To me that reads as PR for Romney started collecting stuff we they don't need without asking, but the Red Cross doesn't want to step on political toes, so they're diverting their resources to figure out what to do with the stuff he collected.

  71. Cindy Wellington

    Sara, though you keep claiming it does, nowhere on your link to disaster tips does the Red Cross say to work with local groups to donate items. What it does say is to make sure before attempting to donate items that those items are actually needed. It also says donating items can be more harmful than good, since it requires a diversion of resources to process the donations.

    Romney's spokesperson claims that he prearranged it with the South Jersey Red Cross, but no spokesperson from the Red Cross has confirmed that and it's against their general policy.

    The Red Cross's statement was, "The American Red Cross appreciates the support from the Romney campaign and is working with the campaign to process this donation of supplies. We are grateful that both the Obama and Romney campaigns have also encouraged the public to send financial donations to the Red Cross. We encourage individuals who want to help to consider making a financial donation or making an appointment to give blood."

    They mention nothing of a prearrangement. They do not ask for goods, which leads me to believe there wasn't one and they don't really want donated goods. If they wanted them, they would ask.

    The claim of working with South Jersey Red Cross seems to me like spin from Romney's spokesperson.

    The Red Cross rep is smart enough not to shoot themselves in the political foot by saying they appreciate the donation and are working with the campaign to process the donations, but I don't think it was truly wanted or that it truly helps.

  72. Kim Eaton Vincken

    ok…is that all u got my brother is in the Army so u get the facts….I am well educated study more than u will ever know or need to know ur just an asswhole thats all yea that shows my itelleigence oh u hurt me….boo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey my brother and my nephew have and r still fighting for this country and I would not change my mind…I know it's a conspiracy that is why it happened right before the election!!! I suppose u believe 911 was a conspiracy too and Binladen is still alive…smh!!! Belive that bull and I'll know ur out there Oh yea ur a Republican run with whatever u can! I'm done here I will not argue with an idiot!!! I no u never in ur life have insulted anybody….what r u Irish…lol!

  73. Kim Eaton Vincken

    I don't care enough to make fun of ur name!! Whatever what did I misspell it really…..u r sadly mistaken so plz tell what is it that I could make fun of ur name about inform…did u see my name…lol!

  74. Kim Eaton Vincken

    the ppl that were there said there was food already there in these were the ppl that had to wait 40 mins to donate food…they had to go down a line shake his hand then drop foos in a box while his campagn goofs took pic and he was out of there in one hour…yea he really cares!!!! yea about himself!!

  75. Kim Eaton Vincken

    Sorry Jusha Jent I have dyslexia and all letters can be turned around and also I may not see them I am blind in one eye and can't see well with out classes…sorry!!!! Now u can make fun of me and if u dont believe me what I have is call PED and I don't where glasses in my pic!

  76. Jacque Redford

    they HAD To wait 40 minutes? Horrors! Especially when compared to the trivial problems those in Sandy's path are facing. BTW if you watch the video you'll see the food wasn't dropped into a box … and it was longer than an hour. The campaign had already purchased lots of boxes of disposable diapers and bottled water. But keep on hating …

  77. Kim Eaton Vincken

    Sara Buchanan di it hurt what I said??? Keep ur nose and mouth in Italy Plz no one cares what u think ur resourses r wrong and i watch Fox an msnbc…sorry but Romney is a liar and if u checked and didn't spew fox u would no…I am done with u too!! Ignorant!!!

  78. Kim Eaton Vincken

    Sara Buchanan because if u watched the news and knew there is no way our President could fly into New York Bloomburg said all of it is the same and him coming there would make it even harder for ppl to get where they need to be! The subways r closed the roads r flooded why tour everywhere when there is much destuction and it all the same here on the East Coast…Man u r not an american so mind ur business…he is not going to any other state either…my state was affected too…Oh did u know Christie pretty much told him to stay home! Fox again!!! just shut up before I make u feel like an Italian not an American just gotta put ur 2 cents in and that is all it amount to is blah blah boo boo hoo hoo!!!!

  79. Kim Eaton Vincken

    Sara Buchanan The Italian speaks again u r too funny I have stepped up i am a nurse that worked in critical care in our low income area with crime all around when we left from work we had to escorted due to gun fire all day all night….I could have worked anywhere i took less pay to work there so don't u talk to me about stepping up u don't even get it!!!!

  80. Kim Eaton Vincken

    Kathleen Schneider Wayward ha I know my daughter is Married to one and my x works for a companycalled Giammarc & Giammarco…….they refuse to give ppl there raises and make them work long hrs with no overtime they will deduct from ur pay if u clock out when u have been there well ovwe the 8 hrs they r scheduled to work!!! Guess what they r straight off the boat!! Pops the 90 yr old drives around and threatens everyone he is going to fire them…job cite to jobe cit these guys r so afraid to talk back to them….they get money from the city the subcontrac from them. If they called the city and told
    them what they do they would loose their contracts…but no one will that,s the Italian here!!!

  81. Kim Eaton Vincken

    Jacque Redford never ever have I seen a food drive u had to stand in the cold for forty mins in the cold these r usually drive up and drop off then u might wait a while……oh my what do ppl think check ur facts dude or virus guy!

  82. Kim Eaton Vincken

    His buses r not going anywhere nor will they wait for the crisis to be over Ppl r still in crisis from Katrina omg u truley r ignorant!!! Romney fan for ya thinks he is GOD!!!!!

  83. Kim Eaton Vincken

    His donationa from these ppl that showed up that day a few trucks….watch out they r clearing his trucks and I know they r working so hard because they have nothing else to do…..but take care of his canned goods have to get to these. ppl that have no electricity or homes r gonna be so happy when they know it came from Romney and I am sure before they went anywhere someone was putting his name on them…U r ridiculus u sound ignorant omg!!

  84. Kim LaCapria

    Sara Buchanan I wrote this article, and I linked directly to both the Red Cross and MEMA, where you are getting the information I didn't do my own research is unclear. Again, these organizations specifically say not to donate goods. Maybe you should do some research.

  85. Kim Eaton Vincken

    Jacque Redford ok I bit and took a chance….this is old!!! It says in ur area during a diaster relief hmmmmmmOhio does he live here…huh I am a nurse I will call the one in Kettering and find out how much crap they will be throwing away….Elictricity out up there also and flooding. We will see!

  86. Jacque Redford

    get over yourself – it's a Red Cross link … you can SEE the URL. Those folks weren't standing in the cold any longer than most do when attending a campaign event (which this was scheduled as, originally) But, of course, YOU'VE never seen anything like that so it must not exist. Try checking your facts – if you know how to google. How much have you donated or volunteered to help the victims of this storm? Never mind, I'm sure you're too busy complaining about an event you didn't attend to lift a finger for others. BTW, That's called a 'watercolor' not a cartoon, LOL

  87. Kim Eaton Vincken

    Jacque Redford is that all his campaign could afford some boxes of disposable diapers and bottled water…lmfao I would be ashamed to stick up for him again lmfao! Yes I watched the video, stand in line shake his hand and they had to in order to drop it in a BOX!!!!!!!! If he had done it without Romney Victory sgns and without the handshakes and they had to wait for him arrive for 40 min in the freezing cold….wait why did they have to wait if it was a disaster releif food drive r u serious or whatever u could bring to help out?????????? I might have more respect would not change my vote but that would have shown more character!!

  88. Kim Eaton Vincken

    All Campaigning… the President asked that no one hold rallies he did not have to listen and he choose not to because he is GOD and he doesn't have to listen! How do u know why those ppl were there if he was not suppose to hold any rallies out of support for the disaster victims…but he had his flag up saying Romney Victory….Do u have a brick fro a head!!

  89. Kim Eaton Vincken

    Sara Buchanan if he canceled them who and why did he start it back up I heard of no band and there was no party He is an ass…pll here in the USA would not complain about a canceled band or event due to the disaster u r ridiculous!!! Send me a link about this big party!!! It still happened he would have been drug thru the coals…keep on beliieving the lie where ever u got that on a Party not even Romney is that stupid!

  90. Kim Eaton Vincken

    no we r informed here and we r trying to tell u something SHUT the F up u r ignorant and how long have u been gone for here…..u know so much is that a pic at 12yrs old…if u were fro here why would u put 150E? Remember we r stupid how much is that…in American dollars my husbands parents r from Holland I know but all us non educated ppl here need to know…lol

  91. Kim Eaton Vincken

    u can Blame Bush for not getting FEMA started on Katrina has nothing to do with this Our President was on TV yesterday and said no red tape no nothing should hold back help fro the disaster areas and NO not what Romney did we r talking Federal and State help….Oh have u heard he would like this to be handled by each states own private sector ridiculous! If u know what that means!

  92. Tim Berneche

    Dumbfounding how you righties spout off lies with zero basis in fact. I suppose you think Jeep is moving all its operations to China too. Get your head outta yer FOXhole.

  93. Tim Berneche

    Maybe they could donate the food to the St Vincent de Paul soup kitchen in Youngstown hurting in donations thanks to Paul Ryan's forced photo op there.

  94. Kim Eaton Vincken

    Yep GMC and Jeep had to send a memo. to all their employees because they were flustered by what Mitz said to tell them they would not be loosing their jobs!!!!! Jeep in China builds Jeeps for ppl in China….not for ppl in America!!!!

  95. Patricia Hull

    What stands out is even if at 1 point Mitt had good intentions for the storm victims, it turned into a staged event. As staged as Ryan's pots n pans photos. He can't keep it real. Maybe the blame partly goes to his campaign staff, but it all comes off as a poorly conceived bad joke. It shows a lack of leadership and manipulation that is not presidential. Does this country deserve a leader who works hard or someone who works to fool people? That's the bottom line.

  96. Patty Wittlinger

    Josh I like how when I show you a fact from the page about what we are talking about you have to bring up a different subject. The author of this page also commented above if you want to see where she says she researched. By the way, did you blame Bush for 9/11/01? How about all the other terrorist attacks that have happened in the past? Did you blame the President? I know I didn't, even if I didn't like them. You obviously have been watching too much Faux again. You need to read the one paper from Bush's guy that was the EX CIA leader talking about how these things are handled…you are clueless and someone appointed by Bush even said you people screaming about Benghazi are …I have to see if I can find the link again but considering you like a guy who lied over 533 times in 30 days I don't think you would care much about the truth.

  97. Cindy Wellington

    Jacque, the only person I've seen say it was prearranged is a Romney rep. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and searched for any statements from the Red Cross to confirm. I found none. If you found one, please share it.

    "Maybe this will help you understand how it works even tho you seem to want to think the worst of others."

    I don't know if you're deliberately being nasty to divert attention from the lack of facts to back your argument up or it you're just getting upset at me for things someone else said, but I'd appreciate it if you stop making personal jabs.

    The statement about it being prearranged was made by a person paid to make the campaign look good. I just don't take the word of a campaign worker as gold. That's not thinking the worst of others. That's just being realistic. Anyone who thinks campaign staff don't fib to make their candidate look good are very naive.

    If it was actually prearranged, I don't see why the Red Cross would not have simply said so. That they were gracious and wise enough to thank the campaign for their efforts does not say to me that there was an arrangement or need for the particular donations the Romney campaign collected.

    I've read the link you and Sara Buchanan keep sharing. It doesn't encourage or ask for donations of items. It emphasizes making sure you ask before attempting to donate or send items.

    Based on the Red Cross' statement, I don't believe the Romney campaign did ask before collecting donations.

  98. Jeff Vandine

    The Red Cross is a disaster area itself. My father, a World War II Navy Vet always refused categorically to donate ANYTHING to the Red Cross based on their behavior in the war zones — where they charged young sailors making $27.00 a MONTH in pay — $5.00 for a donut and a cup of coffee in the middle of the war zone in the Pacific. Add to that the criticisms coming out of NYC that indicate they are there offering cookies and hot chocolate to people desperate for blankets and warm clothing, and it's easy to see they continue to FAIL. Plus, if you look at the Red Cross' own web site, you will see that they are actually asking people to donate food and clothing at this very time. This hatchet job by another left-wing news outlet is nothing but a rehash of MSNBC's snarkiness. At least Romney is doing something — which is more than Bloomberg was willing to do. Instead he planned to divert badly needed resources from the rescue and recovery efforts to the Marathon — as tone-deaf a maneuver as ever I've heard of. While I recognize that the Marathon is a big money maker for NYC, I have one word to offer — can you say "postponement" anyone? And if we're going to condemn Mr. Romney for not contributing cash personally (maybe you should find out whether or not he DID, first, though) what about Mr. Obama? Or <shudder> Mr. Bloomberg? Finally, I would point out that while Mr. Romney did indeed collect such things as flashlights, clothing and water, he also, throughout the events, solicited cash contributions for the Red Cross. Again, I fail to see why Romney is critiqued for doing SOMETHING, while others face no criticism whatsoever for either doing NOTHING, or worse, doing something STUPID.

  99. Jeff Vandine

    Though if you were that poor woman in Staten Island who told Senator Schumer that she and her family were starving and "going to die," I rather suspect you might appreciate a can or two of beans.

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