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Jeb Bush: ‘Obama Acting Like 10-Year-Old’

Jeb Bush compares Obama to a 10-year-old

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush compared President Barack Obama to a 10-year-old child in a recent interview with Newsmax, criticizing the incumbent’s tone in the later stages of the campaign.

“When you act like that, when you blame other people and when you use profane language, and when you act like you’re a 10-year-old, sometimes as in the debates, I don’t think that independent voters and undecided voters are really moved by that,” Bush said. “I hope that President Obama continues to campaign these last 10 days in that surly way, because if he does, I think he loses.”

The profane language remark referred to a quote by Obama that appeared in Rolling Stone. In an interview with the rock and roll magazine, the president referred to Republican candidate for president and Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney as a “bulls****er.”

The Huffington Post reports that Obama has taken a more aggressive tone since a weak performance in the first of three presidential debates. Conservatives have been quick to call out the Obama’s shift, calling it unbecoming of the office of the presidency.

“Sadly, when you act that way, people begin to diminish the importance of the presidency,” Bush said.

The former governor of a critical state in the election each year, Bush has been touted as a possible future GOP leader or presidential candidate. Bush is the brother of Obama’s predecessor George W. Bush, and it the son of former President George H. W. Bush.

Despite his family ties to the last administration and his comparing him to a 10-year-old, Jeb Bush did acknowledge his brother didn’t leave Obama with an easy task, saying the president was “dealt a difficult hand” at the start of his term.

Jeb Bush stated in the interview that he is a fan of Mitt Romney.

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13 Responses to “Jeb Bush: ‘Obama Acting Like 10-Year-Old’”

  1. Brandt Hardin

    If Obama loses this election, you can blame/thank the Right for bamboozling him. How is it ethical that an entire news network questions the President’s citizenship for four years to create doubt in voters while a fringe element of the far right demonizes and degrades him? Most of this is financed by the rich who want to keep their stranglehold on the flow of wealth in our country. Watch the white hands apply the Blackface to our first African-American President at

  2. Sara Long

    Jeb, old boy, it is you who are acting like a ten year old. It is you and your ilk who seem to think they own this nation. It is your puritanical ranting about hinted four letter words that is immature. Bring back the 60s.

  3. Chris Gordon

    Republicans, I'm going to go ahead and save you a lot of time, money and embarrassment right here and now.

    I know you are extremely out of touch with reality, caught up in your selfishness that you can't think clearly and see your latest 'let's candidate a hard-hitting self-righteous a-hole' idea for the blatant absurdity that is clearly is, so I'll do the thinking for you.

    Same thing as Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich, that freak from Texas, and all the rest.

    Jeb Bush 2016. No way in hell. Never going to happen.

    Just take my word for it. I've been right about everything else so far.

  4. Chris Gordon

    Can I tell you what would really diminish the office of the Presidency? Having someone in there named 'Jeb.' Seriously- 'Jeb.'

  5. Jaime Martin

    Why do these people always have that weird look in their eye? Like some brain glazed cult member.

  6. Jaime Martin

    What's with so many of their names? Jeb, Mitt, Saxby, Newt, Rush…
    Barack? Yes. Unusual, but it is a cultural thing. What's with those other people?

  7. Henry Thomas

    Jeb, remember we in the state of Florida remember the lies you promised the spanish community and everyone else! Be sure that you think before acting, Remember that especially if you need the state of Florida for a victory! LMAO!

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