Amy and Dillon King appear on Marriage Boot Camp

‘Picked Me Up By My Throat’: Duggar Cousin Amy King Explains Shocking ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Clip

While the Duggar family has been busy announcing new courtships, marriages, and pregnancies on their TLC series Counting On, Duggar cousin Amy King has been attempting to establish a solid reality television career of her own. In her latest attempt for stardom, Amy and husband Dillon King signed on to appear in the We tv series Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. In the show’s teaser, the Duggar cousin can be heard saying “[he] picked me up by my throat, all the way up to the ceiling.” This left many Duggar fans concerned about Amy’s safety and the fate of her marriage. However, Amy recently broke her silence about the issue and responded directly to the alleged domestic abuse situation.

In the teaser for the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, Duggar cousin Amy King can be heard describing a terrifying incident to her fellow cast members. She discusses an incident when she was picked up by the throat.

“[He] picked me up by my throat, all the way up to the ceiling.”

The teaser seems to imply that the incident took place between Amy and her husband Dillon King which left many Duggar fans concerned for Amy’s well-being. Some fans even took to the official Duggar family Facebook page to ask Amy to leave Dillon.

However, the rumors only seemed to ignite after Amy King took to Instagram to note that “love isn’t a fairytale,” telling fans that you have to work really hard to understand your spouse. She says that the decision to join the Marriage Boot Camp was one that the couple made jointly based on the fact that they wanted to learn how to love each other better. She says there were “very hard moments” on the show and that the most beneficial part was the drills about her past.

I just wanted to take a minute and to share from my heart. I loved this quote because it's so true. Love isn't a fairytale. Your happily ever after will not come true if you don't put in the hard work to really understand your spouse. Dill and I love each other, but we just wanted to learn how to love each other better. Anyone can post fun couples photos on Instagram all day long, but the truth is every couple has disagreements, rough days. It's easy to want to justify yourself and not see eye to eye with your partner. A relationship without communication creates distance, insecurity and eventually divorce. Dillon and I decided to sign up for Marriage Boot Camp to work out the kinks in our relationship and to have a deeper connection. We took the program very seriously and it definitely tested our marriage. I'll be honest there were scenes that I'm not proud of. There were some very hard moments where my character wasn't all that pretty, but I think it was necessary for me to be vulnerable during the drills about my past in order to forgive. It's not easy putting your entire life under a microscope out there for the world to see but I'm thankful for this platform that God has given me . Hopefully our marriage/ our story will help another couple who watches the show.

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It is unclear what “past issues” Amy King will discuss on the show, but the cryptic post left fans with mixed feelings. Some felt inspired by Amy and Dillon King’s marriage journey, but others questioned if the clip from the Marriage Boot Camp teaser could be proof of deeper problems. Despite remaining silent about the issue for days following the release, Amy finally responded to the claims, noting that the incident she was describing in the teaser did not involve her husband.

Amy notes that the clip was regarding another person and “does not involve Dillon in any way.” In an exclusive People Magazine issue regarding her stint on Marriage Boot Camp, Amy noted that “Dillon would never hurt me.” Though Amy says the incident did not involve Dillon, she did note that her time on the show was “really intense.”

“There were a couple of times that were really intense and there were tears. I experienced every emotion I could while I was there.”

Freezing our you know what's off for this picture!! ????

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This is likely not the last we will see of Amy King on television or social media. The Kings have signed on with CEG Talent agency in a bid to keep their reality careers afloat. The agency specializes in garnering social media and speaking deals for reality television stars. Meanwhile, the Duggar family’s TLC series Counting On has been renewed for another season. The next season is slated to follow Jinger Duggar’s wedding preparations, Jessa Seewald’s pregnancy, and Joy Anna Duggar’s new courtship. Amy King and husband Dillon have yet to appear on the new Duggar series.

What do you think about Duggar cousin Amy King’s response to the domestic abuse allegations?

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