Donald Trump does not care about votes anymore

Popular Talk Show Host Says That Donald Trump Is ‘Finally Admitting That It Was All B.S.’

For many months before election day, one of the biggest pitches to his followers was Donald Trump complaining about the polls being “rigged.” For most of the general election campaign, opponent Hillary Clinton had a lead and was projected to win and become the next President. However, shockingly, the strong rural voter turnout was the biggest contributor of embarrassing many media streams predicting a Clinton win.

Lately, there have been a number of people calling Trump out on nearly flipping his aggressive campaign rhetoric, that got him elected, upside-down.

MSNBC reporters found a gold mine during a recent Trump speech, where his oftentimes-unfiltered off-the-cuff monologue revealed that he does not need the people’s vote anymore.

“Hey I don’t need your vote anymore, but I’m telling you, I’m very good. I don’t need your vote. Can you imagine that? [In] four years, I’ll need your vote.”

Statements such as this are leaving many media and lay supporters puzzled that he would make such an emphasis, especially since he is beginning to rescind a number of his strong stances.

The L.A. Times affirms.

“His focus on legal immigration was particularly striking and in line with the views of Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, his pick for attorney general and one of Trump’s earliest supporters in Washington. Sessions has been a critic of the visa system, arguing that work visas, in particular, allow foreign workers to displace Americans. He has also sponsored a bill that would end the visa lottery that grants tens of thousands of green cards a year.

“Trump did not discuss plans to deport millions of immigrants as he has frequently done on the trail. But the omissions were far from a declaration of a new agenda and left open the possibility that Trump may be recognizing the difficulty of achieving all of his ambitions immediately and trying to delay some of his most divisive proposals.”

Lately, Trump has been rescinding his massive banner of the system being rigged, even to the point of saying that it does not matter since he won. The Daily Show host Trevor Noah has been quick to satirically commentate on Trump’s flubs, especially this one. This is what Noah had to say on Trump stating, “you’ve been hearing me say that it’s a rigged system, but now I don’t say it anymore because I won. Now I don’t care.”

“What we see here is a character called ‘Truth Trump.’ You notice if you watch him closely, ‘The Donald’ voices some political opinion, and ‘Truth Trump’ slips out and tells you the real deal.

“You see, it throws everyone off, because politicians aren’t supposed to be honest about their lying. You don’t even get mad, you just get confused… Trump has finally admitted that it was all [B.S.]. He’s admitting blatantly.”

Noah also addressed the declaration of Trump locking Hillary Clinton up, saying that it was the “one specific policy that he had.” Moreover, he mocked how Trump – before the election – welcomed the listeners booing Clinton, but now he is simply stating that it “played well before the election. Now, I don’t care.” Noah replied that this is akin to everyone taking the election process seriously, and Trump just taking it as a game.

Even Trump’s strongest supporters can admit that he has rescinded on positions that lured people to support him. Since he knows that they will still be with him no matter what, as he once explained that this would be the case even if he shot someone, he can backtrack on anything without any flack from his followers. Hopefully, with his Cabinet picks, there is a unit built to have a high approval rate during his presidency.

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