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Man Loses Leg After Being Crushed By Giant Crucifix

Man Sues Church

Newburgh, NY – David Jimenez recently had one of his legs amputated after a large crucifix fell on top of him, according to CBS New York.

The 45-year-old pizza worker frequently stopped to pray at the Church of St. Patrick in hopes that going so would help cure his wife of cancer. He devotion reportedly paid off; his spouse is now cancer free. Unfortunately for Jimenez, the same crucifix he attributes with saving his wife has now claimed one of his legs.

Kevin Kitson, David Jimenez’s attorney, explained that his client was given permission to clean the crucifix, which was in desperate need of some tender, loving care. Holding the 600 pound statue in place was a single screw, one that would ultimately prove worthless in the long run.

“The screw is useless. It supported no anchoring system,” Kitson said. As a result, the crucifix fell down on his client and crushed his leg in the process.

According to the Digital Journal, David Jimenez intends to sue the church for $3 million dollars over his lost limb. He believes it was their negligence in properly supporting the crucifix that led to his injury. Since he’s unable to return work to after having his leg amputated, Jimenez feels the church should cough up some money for his troubles.

Kitson believes the priest who gave his client permission to clean the statue should be held responsible for “telling someone to go forward with an action and causing this accident.”

The Huffington Post reports that the case will head to court sometime in the next few weeks. The church, meanwhile, has generated close to $7,000 in donations for Jimenez and his family. The archdiocese’s insurance company has not offered to settle the case as of this writing.

Do you think the church should pay $3 million to the man who was crushed by a giant crucifix?

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21 Responses to “Man Loses Leg After Being Crushed By Giant Crucifix”

  1. Justina Foster

    He has his wife cured by the cross, it was his price to pay…be thankful you got what you wanted.

  2. Wallace Shao

    woever installed the cross should pay. a single screw barely holds up my internet router lol. a 600lb statue? how did it stay up there so long?

  3. Alice Hopkins

    I fhe wins i bet he wont drop any of his 3 million back in the collection box

  4. Cheggit Out

    If he had done it on his own initiative(cleaning the statue) I'd say they don't have to pay. But once you give permission to someone to go on your property to do something for you and they get hurt, it's your fault. It's called 'liability'. This is why if you have a statue that needs cleaing, you hire someone who is insured to do it.

  5. Brandon Moise

    Prays to God for his wife to be cured of cancer. "Prayers answered by god."

    Religious object falls on leg. THE CHURCH SHOULD PAY FOR THIS.

    Christianity at its finest.

  6. Robin Clemons

    haha I mean, right! 3 million dollars to a man who thinks the crucifix cured his wife of cancer, but the church is responsible for him losing his leg. Gotta love it.

  7. Bhig Bhad Wolf

    So let me get this straight…"God" cured the wife… but "God" had NOTHING to do with the graven image of his son falling and crushing the guy's leg… that was the church's fault?

    I guess it's only "God" when it's not a bad thing.

  8. Rodney Berry

    He may not win, but still if he does, His God/My God is more than Amazing saves his wife, and then gives them money to celebrate! Now that's a God? For proof My God the Lord Jesus Christ/his God does love him and prepares to come and retake earth go fist to the prophecy and the signs page, and then to the about us page, for undeniable truth/proof…

    Our Lord's science has proved His mystery and instead His children of Science deny Him while reaping the benefits of His delivered Knowledge! For evidence that He and He alone brought forth Science go to the about us page, the Adam the first researcher page, and Proof in the news and science page, and the Targum page and the Proof of His healing in painting and verse page on the website at google search of Adam and Eve seed gathering Ministry!

    Also on the Prophecy and the Signs page are the prewritten news events of this day prewritten three years ago and some more, { as evidence the Minister of the site is a Righteous man who has been given the keys/code Rev:10:7/1:17-18 giving him the ability to figure and deduce when events will accure } these signs are now falling each week, such as the Japan quake and tidal wave, and the DC/Virginia Beach Virginia quake our Lord Jesus the Great scientist/physician brought on the same day as the unveiling of the martin luther king statue { with as we speak more quakes are coming to DC/V.Beach } also the record disturbances on the Suns surface all prophecy before their taking place so all of Science and Theology will know the Minister of the site is sent John 13:20 and a Righteous man! Many other signs listed there have come and are coming for this sounding to Science of God's Mystery being now finished by Science Revelation 10:7 for other proofs contact the minister for questions or more answers!

    Also go to the site at Adam and Eve in Action blog at google search, and therein are videos and links and pages of undeniable evidence that our Lord now prepares His earth for His retaking of it Matthew 5:5 and 25:34 Rev:5:10 and 21:3-4…. Respect to all scientists of Adam/God's seed/of Science/Nasa

  9. Ken Hewitt

    That's what he gets for being such an idiot that he thinks praying to a fucking STATUE had anything at all to do with his wife's recovery. It was doctor's skill and pure luck, nothing else. Since "god" does not exist, he could not have had anything to do with it. If this moron hadn't started talking to a statue, this would never have happened. Retards get what they deserve, you ask me.

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