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Subway Restaurant Employee Stops Robbery With Soup

Subway Robbery Stopped With Soup

Braidwood, IL – A Subway restaurant employee recently stopped a robbery from taking place after dousing the would-be thief with soup, according to UPI.

An armed robber dressed in a Halloween mask stopped inside an Illinois Subway restaurant with the purpose of robbing the establishment on Friday. The suspect allegedly forced one of the employees back inside the restaurant as she was attempting to leave and demanded that she empty the register.

“He pushed her down to the floor and kept yelling to open the register,” Braidwood Police Chief Rich Girot. “A male employee threw a pot of soup at the suspect and they scuffled until [the robber] ran out to a black compact car.”

The six foot, 250 pound suspect was ultimately prevented from completing his nefarious mission by a pot of tasty soup. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the suspect is still on the loose. While the ghost mask he was wearing possibility shielded his face from the majority of the soup, chances are it wasn’t enough to prevent the hot liquid from finding its way onto his face.

Fortunately, none of the Subway employees were harmed during the attempted robbery. However, one woman was reportedly so shaken up by the incident that she was taken to an area hospital for evaluation.

Authorities are asking that anyone who has information about the suspect or his whereabouts to contact the Braidwood Police department. Officers are investigating the security footage in an effort to identify the suspect.

With Halloween right around the corner, criminals currently have a wide variety of disguises to choose from. According to Fox 12, a man wearing a mask underneath the hood of his jacket robbed the Central Willamette Community Credit Union in Salem, Oregon last Thursday. Authorities believe this robbery could be connected to another incident that occurred on September 10.

A word of advice to would-be criminals: Subway restaurant employees may dump a pot of soup on your head should you attempt to rob their place of employment. You have been warned.

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3 Responses to “Subway Restaurant Employee Stops Robbery With Soup”

  1. Shane Michael Coffey

    Do you think the Subway person said "No soup for your!" like the soup Nazi.

  2. Bree Story

    My daughter works at Subway and right now there is a contest going on for the store that sells the most soup in the month of October all the employess win $200 bucks….I wonder if A, their state is part of the contest and B, if that pot of soup goes towards their upsale of the soup? LOL glad the employee's are ok…

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