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Governor John Kasich Confident Mitt Romney Will Win Ohio

John Kasich says Mitt Romney will win Ohio

Ohio’s Republican Governor John Kasich said on Sunday that he believes Mitt Romney will win his crucial battleground state in the election.

“Right now, I believe we’re currently ahead. Internals show us currently ahead,” he said, referring to the private polling candidates routinely conduct, reports NBC. “Honestly, I believe that Romney is going to carry Ohio.”

Auto industry politics are front and center as both candidates race toward the Election Day finish line, with Ohio polls nationwide showing a close race without a unanimous agreement on who has the edge, reports CNN. Still Kasich suggested that Romney will emerge the clear winner in Ohio, and that his success in that state will repeat on the national scale, winning the GOP candidate the presidency.

“The independent voters are trending heavily towards Mitt Romney and with those numbers, like that, it pretty well assures me we’re going to know,” Kasich said. “I’m not sure the election is going to be as close as what everybody is talking about today. And I’m not saying that to do spin. I’m telling that because that’s what I really do believe.”

Kasich credits the presidential debates as the turning point in the election:

“You look at his history and it tells you who the guy is,” Kasich said. “He’s pragmatic, no question about it, but he’s also tough and he’s firm and he understands job creation … I’ve never seen a debate have this much impact. The first debate gave people a chance to see him.”

Furthermore, the debates helped undecided voters relate to Romney:

“I believe that he was able to connect with people and they thought, ‘you know, maybe he does get me. And that was an important part of why there’s so much momentum in the state of Ohio right now,” he said.

Do you agree with Kasich? Will Mitt Romney win Ohio?

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14 Responses to “Governor John Kasich Confident Mitt Romney Will Win Ohio”

  1. Daniel Huerta

    Yes I believe him. An incumbent under 50 will lose and Obama had been under 50 in almost all polls. Govrnr has the internals he knows where his state is trending. He is a very measured politician and doesn't speak if he doesn't have the facts. It's over.

  2. Jaque Line

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  3. Paul Richard Strange Senior

    I agree with Kasich based on the way these last 2 weeks are going. By that, I mean that most Republicans admit to being less than 100% sure that we will get a new President, but they have a sense of humor and are nice. Democrats claim that there is an absolute dogmatic certainty that there guy is winning, but they are defensive, mean, vicious, and acting ugly! Red flag to me.

  4. Joe Whitenton

    Daniel / Paul – Nice comments. I've read many articles over the last several months associated with the results of Presidential elections over the last 60 years. In all cases, the number of votes (percentage) awarded to the incumbent never exceeds his rating of approval. Obama's approval rating floats from 44 to 48%.
    Funniest line I've heard in the last few weeks – "If Obama is re-elected, think of the mess he will inherit".

  5. Anonymous

    Maybe the Governor "knows" because the election is already rigged against Obama. They still have electronic voting machines in Ohio. I am just saying….

  6. Alex Berisha

    Wrong! Obama is the liar but of course you libtards are so freakin brainwashed by his charisma that you are spaced out of reality. Obama is the ultimate do nothing president and deserves to have Romney beat his ass out. You liberals are so freakin guilty and dumb.

  7. Virginia Blades

    At the age of 68 and a grandmother of four, it's impossible for me to be brainwashed. I know a liar when I hear one….Romney is still a pathological liar. Your insults really don't bother me so save your breath. You're a very hateful person. So sad.

  8. Larry Smith

    obamas down fall will be no jobs, benghazzi, economy stalled and getting caught in lies.This man is a pathologocal liar and can not be trusted. Hes bowed down to foreign kings, given billions to terrorist and wrecked an economy while blaming bush 4 yrs later! truth is romney ryan 2012!

  9. Sam Hudson

    Virginia Blades I'm sorry that YOU are a GRANDMOTHER, Virginia. YOU are giving your grandchildren the wrong information about our government. Obama is a MARXIST through and through. Behind closed doors, Obama knows what he really is. YOU apparently do NOT read nor write very well. Otherwise, you would have paid attention to Benghazi and how Obummer LEFT those FOUR AMERICANS DIE THERE. Have you heard about YOUR MEDICARE, Virginia?> Have you noticed the NEWS articles by Doctors and Medical EXPERTS STATING THAT OBUMMERCARE will BANKRUPT this Country. Why did OBUMMER steal some $75o BiLLION from Medicare? Why did OBUMMER NOT EVEN MENTION that to OUR SENIORS?? Did YOU realize that OBUMMERCARE has HIDDEN (12) taxes that we will all be paying? The Medicare PATIENTS now have FEWER DOCTORS to see THANKS TO OBUMMER STEALING THIER MONEY. SOME HOSPITALS will have to CLOSE THEIR DOORS THANKS to the THEFT OF MEDICARE MONEY by OBUMMER. What about Fast and Furiuos, Grandma, Virginia?? That is CORRUPTION at the top level by a LIFELONG FRIEND of OBUMMER and a TRAITOR to this Country?? Eric and HIS BUDDY OBUMMER had PLANS to PLACE a BAN ON GUNS in this Country. TELEMUNDO told OBUMMER that ERIC HOLDER should have been FIRED and PUT IN PRISON. Why do YOU do YOU SUPPORT this CRIMINAL IN OFFICE?? At the beginning oif 2013, Each taxpayer will see their TAXES go UP $4500. Corporation are NOW PLANNING for the NEW TAX HIKES that OBUMMER has IN PLACE. Why would YOU SUPPORT THIS CRIMINAL VIRGINIA?? They always say that OLDER people have some sort of WISDOM. I don't think that APPLIES to you, VIRGINIA

  10. Daniel Huerta

    Boy was I wrong. It takes a man to admit it. Have at it Ds. Good luck and God bless you n give you wisdom. You're going to need it.

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