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Biden’s Cheese Castle Visit In Wisconsin May Not Win Votes, But Veep Scored Some Cheddar

Joe Biden’s Cheese Castle visit in Wisconsin resulted, if not in votes, at least in some nice, aged cheddar for the veep to munch on on the campaign trail.

Biden’s Cheese Castle visit happened on the campaign trail in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Friday, when the VP dropped in on the iconic store, surprising and even irritating some shoppers who had just planned on getting cheese that day.

Biden’s Cheese Castle stop was a boon to some who are fans of the Obama/Biden team and say the unexpected sighting of Joe in the wild was a big thrill. Wispolitics spoke to one excited voter who happened to be on-site for Biden’s Cheese Castle appearance:

“Marcia Borgardt of Oshkosh was in the store with a few friends on their way to Chicago.

“‘I love him, and I love Obama,’ she said, showing off the photo she had taken with Biden on her phone. ‘This was so exciting. It made my week.'”

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