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Stephen A. Smith Appears To Say N-Word Live On ESPN, He Denies It

Stephen A. Smith Appears To Say N-Word On-Air, He Denies It

Stephen A. Smith appeared to use the n-word while on ESPN’s First Take on Thursday morning, as the host slipped on-air while discussing Kobe Bryant’s food injury.

Speaking about Kobe, Stephen A. Smith scoffed at the notion that such a competitor and five-time NBA champion would sit out for the Lakers’ season opener, The Huffington Post noted. It was there that Smith appeared to slip.

Here’s what it sounds like Smith said:

“Opening night. Kobe Bryant is going to miss it because, ‘my foot is sprained?’ Are you crazy, nigga please,” Smith appeared to say.

That is where the disagreement begins. The Big Lead questioned whether Stephen A. Smith said the word itself, throwing it into question in its headline for the post about the incident. BuzzFeed Sports takes the other side, saying that Smith “definitely” used that n-word.

If true, it’s not the first time that Stephen A. Smith has used the n-word while speaking live on ESPN. In December of last year he appeared again to say the word while talking about how LeBron James should emulate Kobe. Apparently it’s just something about Kobe Bryant that makes the outspoken host a little careless with his words.

At the time, Stephen A. Smith went to Twitter to deny saying the n-word. He was just as adamant on Thursday.

“There are numerous reports out there I uttered a word I should not have,” Stephen A. Smith said. “I’m going to repeat this one more time — I did not do so.”

Here is the video of Stephen A. Smith clarifying that he did not use the n-word:

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36 Responses to “Stephen A. Smith Appears To Say N-Word Live On ESPN, He Denies It”

  1. Brian Arnold

    Did this paid journalist just say I speak "fastly"…whether he used the word or not, who cares…he still can't speak English anyways. Fastly = moron.

  2. Anonymous

    This is probably the most watched and or followed shows that espn has, they run it back to back mon-fri so people are watching. I watched it today but didnt see that part, knowing steven a smith he probably said it, and who cares thats the way he is. He has been a journalist for 25 years ish happens i just dont like the apoligy statement and i guarantee tmrw show will be insane, but him and skip always cover issues like this i guaranteed he will not apoligize tmrw!!

  3. Anonymous

    I wish like hell ESPN would fire this self-rightious, egotistical, pompous, opiionated, blowhard. Do you know why his talk show failed, it was becuse "no one watched it" When I turn on any ESPN program and he is on, I auotmaticaly turn it off. At least Skip Bayless is a dumb shit, not only is Smith a dumbshit, but he's irrataiting as hell and very very unwatchable. just my opinion, but am I wrong? I don't think so!

  4. Brian Atkinson

    I teach in a city high school…I hear that word as much as I hear the word "and". He and most NBA players probably use the term regularly so it isn't a big deal. Nevertheless, if I never have to hear him again as a result…

  5. Jason Dunbar

    ok, so I just listened, and he did say, niggah please,…
    Having said that, no big deal at all.

  6. Jared Snow

    Nigger. Voldemort. Mee Krob. Now watch as the world collapses since I didn't censor myself.

  7. Perry King

    That bad as what Torg said, but he won't get fired. Just wrong. I want the Torg back.

  8. Frank Nash

    Is this paid journalist paid and respected as a journalist on a regular basis? A lot more people listen to what he has to say than anything you could conjure up= fail

  9. Jermaine Jones

    Saying if Smith was white, is like pulling the race card yourselves. Its not fair we can't be racist…boo hoo I hate when anybody pulls the race card without evidence. Guess what if's and what if's are for kids, IF I was a millionaire I could get a bowling alley in my house so I didn't have to read these dumb blogs.

  10. Kim LaCapria

    I agree, white people have this strange obsession with it being unfair that they can't say it. I imagine it's harder to be called it than have it be unbecoming to say it, so this has never personally struck me as unfair. It's just privilege talking when people whine about it.

  11. Bernie Surita

    He said it. Obviously. No big deal. But by backtracking and using the excuse "I talk fast" and can be "misconstrued" was dumb. NIGGA PLEASE!

  12. Justin R Maloney

    Really? a moron? this successful individual? all you must be from middle america and racist as shit.

  13. Chandler Windham

    If he said it ( which it sure sounds like ) he should be suspended. If he says it again ( Because its the second incident ) he should be fired. – Anyone wishing to read my blogs on the N-word can do so for free at – If you like what you read please pass it on.

  14. Derek W. Ellis

    Yeah he said it! Well if he didn't say it what did he say? Usually if he is misinterpreted he always explains what he really said.But,all he said was he was speaking to fast,which he wasn't.Man up and move on.But that mouth of his gonna get him in trouble in the future because he talks to much.He can't help it.

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