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Watch Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Live Streaming Online And See Eaglets Hatch [Video]

Harriet the eagle has returned to the Southwest Florida nest and all eyes are on Dick Pritchett’s live streaming cam to see when eaglets will hatch. First streamed in 2012, the Southwest Florida eagle cam has become a big hit with people watching the eagles Ozzie and Harriet incubate, hatch, and care for their eaglets. Unfortunately, Ozzie succumbed to injuries in 2015, and Harriet has paired with a new mate. According to a report by Reuters, Ozzie passed away in Sept 2015, due to cardiac arrest. Harriet’s new mate is currently referred to as M-15.

Update! As of Dec. 27, 2016, we are on eaglet watch! Check out the live streaming cam above and watch as the eaglets hatch!

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Have you checked in lately to watch activity at the nest? (Photo Capture by Danielle Causby Guill‎) #swfleaglecam #eaglecam #instaeagle #birdsofinstagram #thetweetsuites #your_best_birds #nature_of_your_world #Allmightybirds #anythingfeathered #feather_features #birdextreme #fiftyshades_of_nature #ic_nature #allnatureshots #nature_sultans #nuts_about_birds #bns_birds #ig_great_shots_fla #animalelite #birdselite #bestnatureshot #igbirds #kings_birds @feather_perfection #loves_birds @Nature_brilliance #only_raptors #roamflorida #bestbirdshots #igscwildlife #nature2000

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In addition to the live streaming video of the Southwest Florida eagle cam, other users continue to document the love story between Harriet and M-15 as well as the new eggs. YouTube user Wskrsnwings has been following Harriet for many seasons and has an extensive playlist featuring Harriet and M. You can see those videos that show the two eagles mating below. On Nov. 22, 2016, the first signs of an egg were spotted in Harriet’s nest.

Social media was abuzz with excitement and photos and videos were shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram. Nov. 22 was a happy day for many with the sight of the first egg and the expectation that new eaglets would soon be on the scene. It didn’t take long, however, for that excitement to give way to apprehension as Harriet was seen burying the egg. You may watch the video of the first egg’s appearance below. YouTube user LadyHawk also has an extensive video playlist featuring Season 5. You may see that playlist below.

By Nov. 25, a second egg was seen in the nest. The Pritchetts reviewed videos from the live streaming cams in order to determine which egg was which and when the eggs were laid. You may see a photo comparison of the two eggs as shared on Twitter by the Pritchetts. The first egg was laid on Nov. 22, 2016, at approximately 5:03 p.m. ET. The second egg was laid on Nov. 25, 2016, at approximately 6:13 p.m. ET.

According to a report by Pritchett, it is suspected that egg #1 may have been compromised as the cam quickly captured Harriet burying the egg. While things seem to be progressing normally with egg #2, incubation efforts seem to have been disturbed regarding the first egg. It is unclear what and if anything happened to egg #1 and if egg #2 is viable. Fans are flocking to the Southwest Florida live streaming eagle cam watching and waiting while hoping the eagles know best and all will be well. You can read a full report about the eggs and eagles as posted on the Southwest Florida eagle cam Facebook page on Nov. 28. As of Nov. 30, only two eggs have been laid. It’s unknown whether Harriet will lay more eggs, thereby increasing the size of her clutch.

Many people enjoy watching the Southwest Florida eagle cam. It is an educational tool that can be used for children and adults of all ages. Modern technology has given the public an insight into nature that was hard to witness in times past. The ability to set up a cam that focuses on an eagle’s nest and enables viewers to witness one of life’s miracles from mating and hatching until the eaglets set flight and leave the nest is a technological feat. More than 100,000 fans like the official Southwest Florida eagle cam Facebook page.

The cam is set up in North Myers, Florida, in a Slash Pine tree. The first cam was established in September 2012, and the cam has grown in popularity since then. It’s important to note that though the cam wasn’t established before 2012, eagles were still nesting in the same tree, mating and building families.

Are you going to watch the Southwest Florida eagle cam live streaming online?

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