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Iowa Teacher Allegedly Admits To Having Oral Sex With Students

iwoa teacher sex with students arrest

Iowa teacher Ashley Anderson is accused of engaging in sexual acts with four male students at Aplington-Parkersburg High School. The math teacher has reportedly admitted to having oral sex with two students, sex with another, and sending nude photos of herself to a fourth. Four felony charges of sexual misconduct were levied against the educator.

The 24-year-old teacher allegedly initiated a sexual relationship with students between the ages of 16 and 18, the Indianapolis Star reports. When reportedly admitting that she sent nude photos of herself to a fourth student, Anderson also stated she kissed the boy.

Ashley resigned from her position at Aplington-Parkersburg High School. She was released from Butler County Jail after posting a $5,000 bond, according to the Huffington Post. In addition to her primary position at the Iowa high school, she was also a faculty adviser for the Students Against Drunk Driving group, the prom committee adviser, and the assistant girls’ track coach.

An excerpt from the criminal complaint against the Iowa teacher reads:

“The relationship began with kissing, and soon after progressed to Anderson performing oral sex … on two separate occasions.”

The educator allegedly had sex at a student’s home in May and texted the teenager naked photos of herself. The fourth student, a 17-year-old boy, allegedly engaged in a kiss with the teacher on a country road after track practice earlier this spring.

The criminal complaint against Ashley Anderson also states that one of the students the teacher admitted to giving oral sex to was a junior who was on the prom committee. The other boy who reportedly received oral sex from the teacher was a sophomore in her math classes.

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193 Responses to “Iowa Teacher Allegedly Admits To Having Oral Sex With Students”

  1. Anonymous

    God Damn, these kids have it so good these days. Where were these hot crazy horny young female teachers when I was in high school?

  2. Steven Mays

    When are these kids going to learn how to keep their mouths shut, take the " A ", and enjoy the BJ's? And where the heck were these teachers when I was in school?

  3. James J Dacey Jr

    All the guys making stupid comments about being in school when she was or the boys should have just kept their mouths shut, you are all idiots, would if that was your daughter with a male teacher? I know now you will ask if I'm gay, NO I just want to see real equality in America, why if this was a man everyone wants to crucify him and he gets 10-20 in prison, if it is a woman she is awarded 1-2 years or most times probation, they should both be severley punished. Men need to start acting like men and realizing what idiots you sound like. Just like most men don't want to see gay men together (Brokeback Mountain) or work with them, but when it comes to seeing two women (Wild Things) it's ok, the real joke is the lose of Real Men in America, your a bunch of idiots like in the movie Idiocracy, go watch Jackass or UFC fighting you bunch of F@#*ing idiots, oh and get an education too while your at it.

  4. T Patrick Jones

    I and every other guy in our 8th grade class was HOT FOR OUR TEACHER! This was the late 60's, she was SOOO SEXY. I'm sorry for the "DOUBLE STANDARD", but if I had a son and he got to have some "Private Lessons" from his Hot to trot" teacher… I'd pat him on the back and hi five him. 'Cause its usually older girls and women who teach many of us young lads about sex anyway. But when it's a male to a young girl, you want to crucify him AND cut his nutsack offf!

  5. Hatim Ibrahim

    Oh God Why? What kind of kid squeals on a free bj by his own teacher?

  6. Steven Davis

    If it were someone's daughter, they would feel the way you do, but it's not. Quit trying to make it more then it is. It's a female teacher, servicing male students, thats pretty much every boys dream. You are an idiot for asking what if this and what if that. What if a dragon shat on your face? Then what? Quit being a little biotch and comment on only what the facts are or STFU.

  7. Jeremy Coss

    I wouldn't have turned it down if I was a student, as an adult I look at this and think that if it was a guy servicing a female student then this would be the worst thing in the world. Both are disgusting, and it's sad we have this double standard.

  8. Gayle Gerard

    I'm guessing that your right hand was your prom date, so why are you complaining?

  9. Gayle Gerard

    That's why I keep saying it…men don't mature beyond the age of fourteen, which is why I have no patience for sick little minds like you.

  10. Vin Knowles

    Hatim Ibrahim . . . excellent, well thought out, and appropriate question. I second this question!

  11. Vin Knowles

    They made sweet love to her mouth. She lured them with promises of a greater understanding of binomial equations… the Pythagorean Theorem… cosines… histograms… correlation coefficients… Agglomerative Methods… Removable Discontinuity Holes… They never had a chance!

  12. Neal H Clark

    What would have been said if these boys/"young men" had been serviced by one of the females in their peer group?

  13. Anonymous

    Comment #16. With stories like this, I stand by my personal policy of not associating with any student outside the classroom, and neither, before, nor after school hours.

  14. Vin Knowles

    She lured them with promises of a greater understanding of binomial equations… the Pythagorean Theorem… cosines… histograms… correlation coefficients… Agglomerative Methods… Removable Discontinuity Holes… They never had a chance!

  15. Buford Doyle

    OK, let's leave the self rightous moraizing out of this as well as the current legal statutes and ask one simple question. Just one because I think it says more about our society than any other on this topic. WHY, WHY, WHY would any straight high school guy turn in a teacher, an attractive one at that, for either wanting to have sex with him or actually having sex with him? Have we feminized males to the point that "Scoring" is a nasty, heinous act to be ashamed of? Like I said leave the legal and self rightous banter out of this and just look at the big picture. Are we headedo a society where the males look at sex as dirty, base, and uncivilized? Do we want males who are not driven by testosterone based competition? Are we soon to treat all males who want to have sex as sex addicts and to control us we must recieve supervised injections that are refered to in legalese as "Chemical castration? If the answer to any of the questions I have posed is yes then I suggest we, as a country. throw in the towel because as a society we do not deserve to continue. When our society is to the point where being male, or female (not the mixed up individuals) and the urges that go along with that gender are something to be ashamed of and eliminated we are done. This is where the spineless PC's are determined to take us. Don't let them.

  16. Mark Leafty

    Gayle Gerard women never grow up do they? Theyre too ignorant to admit that just as many girls had crushes on male teachers in high school.

  17. Mark Leafty

    Gayle Gerard every single one of your posts are just pathetic ignorant attempts at male-bashing. Im sorry that your so lonely and bitter from constant male rejection that you feel the need to go online and bash an entire gender….

  18. Fred Rock

    Gayle Gerard must be a teacher who never gets hit on by young boys, its only reason I can see for her being so angry.

  19. Jonathan Ago

    I'm 31 and I can tell you, many of my teachers of that time were trying to recruit new faces to their industry cause the old hags of that era were leaving in mass numbers. So, as the older teachers go, the newern ones get younger and less experienced. I don't know why anyone who runs these schools would put a 21-30 year old to teach kids that are in puberty. Have them start in elementary school then graduate them to the older grades. Reason why these stories weren't soo out there is simple, The Internet, and the fleet of new teachers in th work force.

  20. Anonymous

    Why can't these weak little twerps keep their mouths shut. I had a teacher like that in High School, and we never told on her. She finally did get caught by the police with two high school guys in a back seat, though, years after I graduated.

  21. Amy Gamy

    I used to be a high school teacher. Kids hit on you all the time, really hectically. Some can be extremely forward. I never crossed the line, but it sure did not come easily. Sometimes I would have to leave the room to breath!

  22. Jason James Rubadeau

    What is with these P*SSY kids? Take the love, be Glad, 'cause she sure as hell 'ain't ugly, and keep your damn mouth SHUT. All I got from my (65 year old female) was a lecture on talking in class; and she was only 24! It's not like this was some old lady. Bottom line, these kids are from the "Bush" Generation-they were brought up to tell on everyone, to be suspicious, etc..Hell, where were these teachers when I was in school..which was not that long ago!

  23. Jason James Rubadeau

    Gayle Gerard – and the person GIVING the oral sex was a spare me..

  24. Chris Fowler

    I think she missed her calling………should have been a catholic nun……forgive me and 100000000000 hail merries……..i'm hot for teacher~roth

  25. Mark Be

    I was never big on going to school but I'd have gone EVERY day to her class. I don't know about you guys but back in "my day" when I walked 5 mies uphill to and from, we'd all be peacockin' around. Today you end up in therepy for being violated.

  26. Reece Why

    And they went and told , sissy bastards could have just kept it secret until graduation.

  27. Ima Hick

    My math teachers were like in their 50s and 60s and wore horned rimmed glasses and buns in their hair. I don't even think the promise of straight "A''s" for the whole year could have gotten them much teenaged pole. The issue here is not how "immature" the boys are, but how "immature" the 24 year old alleged woman is. She buys sex from boys with grades, and, from the photo, I would say old men would buy sex from her with money. So "maturity" is a relative concept.

  28. Anonymous

    Why couldn't they keep quiet? If your teacher's hot as hell, and they do you, be proud. I never told on my teacher. Why would I do that to him when I was the one who wanted to do him in the first place? And if I could turn back time, I'd do it again.

  29. J.r. Edwards

    It's funny to read some of these comments, but the fact is her behavior was really unprofessional.

  30. Brian Duck Holmes

    Steve, u said everything i've been saying for i can't remember how long! there's always been that one teacher….there's one in every school where u WISH u could receive this preferential treatment….and the passing grade!
    this is more common these days…..i wish i could get back to class!

  31. David Brewer

    She has to hit on super horny teens. As an adult I take one look at her picture and think there is no way I would let her put my c*&k in her ugly face! When I was 17, I would have said hell yes!

  32. Anonymous

    Uh-hum, according to our 42nd President Bill Clinton, oral sex is NOT an act of sex. Get with the laws of our Presidents media. You believed him when he was in office that it was not sex. Now why all of sudden with other people it is sex?

  33. Karen Dufault Gillott

    Between 16- 24 there are raging hormones its not like they were not around the same age and besides we all know 16 year olds are not boys and make their own choice. Did any of the so called boys fight to get away from her, I think not! I also think that giving anyone a blow job on duty is of poor taste but obviously consentual.

  34. John Juergens

    Of course had this been a girl and a male teacher, you would be screaming to throw him in jail.

  35. Kimberley Bullock

    this teacher was my daughter's teacher. OMG! I do NOT live in Iowa anylonger but I just read this and felt sick! She was so popular. Now we know Y! Sick bitch!

  36. Carl Otto

    How does this get on Facebook! Damn im gonna get kicked out of the house now

  37. Anonymous

    It's actually pathetic that every scumbag guy on here has to make jokes about this. People have moral boundaries, we should live in a civilized society, if you are an animal, go hump a hookers leg. She was in the wrong, you aholes making a joke about it need to shut up. I hope your 17 year old daughters have sex with 45 men and you can say how funny it is, scumbags!

  38. Andre Price

    When I was in school in the 80's this didn't happened often. I would have kept my mouth shut and enjoyed my high school years.

  39. Anonymous

    Reading this comments just make me realise what a sick society we have become. We no longer stand up for values and what is right anymore.This teacher was trusted with our children, under age boys and yet we don't see anything morally wrong with what she had done. That is sexual molestation.

    All you men who are saying that you wish it was you I wonder if it was your sons she did those sexual act with if you would be happy.

    When a gunman picks up a gun and run amok in our schools we want to wonder why. We better cry out to God as a nation before it is too late because we will be a generation heading down a road of HELL AND DESTRUCTION. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  40. Christi IgotItall Sparks

    Y'all are hilarious!! Of course this is every guys fantasy. "That's my boy" great movie by the way. Lmao unprofessional, definitely. Molestation, not even almost! There wasn't even a 10yr age difference, Its not 5th graders were talking about and for all u double standard dumbasses, if u haven't noticed guys ARE different from girls. Still lmao!!!

  41. Elizabeth Arwen Lyman

    I really don't know what makes what she did okay. I have two boys and when they get to high school and if they are taken advantage of by their teacher, I don't give a shit if she's 24, 34, or 84, give me 5 minutes alone with her and there will be nothing left of her. If this were a man doing this to underage girls, everyone would be calling for his head. What she did was wrong, and there should be no pass for this kind of behavior.

  42. Anonymous

    wait…. hold up…. she didn't even break the law. the age of consent in iowa is 16. when your 16 you can have sex with a 90 year old if you want. unless that 4th kid is 15 and they aren't metioning him cuz he's a minor she didn't break the law.

  43. Anonymous

    wait…. hold up…. she didn't even break the law. the age of consent in iowa is 16. when your 16 you can have sex with a 90 year old if you want. unless that 4th kid is 15 and they aren't metioning him cuz he's a minor she didn't break the law.

  44. Ahmed Hough

    Damn! My teachers back in my days did not look as fine as she does! Steven Mays I agree man! LOL! They sholud have just took their BJS and kept thier mouths full when they the teacher ask!

  45. Kevin Jones

    Steven Mays you can not be serious about your comment. So if someone like a male teacher did this with your daughter, if you have one how would you feel. So you think this is OK. Nasty just plain nasty!

  46. Samantha Baron

    gayle has a SCORCHING case of penis envy…unsew yer vagina, let yer hair down, and try enjoying life? maybe gayle, you have falsly believed you would just mold, n change every male in your experiences to that perfect neutered man? only pulling out the testesterone when it suits you? is my truth hurting yet babydoll? try some vagina, and then post back to show how diluded you are about the kitty as well! I imagine you are a lost soul whom only takes pleasure in degrading what you obviously don't understand.

  47. Arik Salvino Saito

    more importantly all those involved hand in man cards, who tells ? seriously who rats the teacher out after getting one?

  48. Anonymous

    Wow, a lot of dumb comments have emerged. If it's okay for a woman to have sex with little boys then allow Men to have sex with little girls. As long as the teacher is attractive and the child got some enjoyment from it then there should be no penalty.

  49. Ramin Love

    i agree with you jeremy and dont listen to these idiots , they're just going with the flow of things and not thinking for themselves. our society does have a double standard. if a man services a woman its considered rape but if a woman blows four students who are underage, people feel sorry for her.

    its really stupid if you think about it. i think more cases of women being raped should be dismissed considering that so many women lie about being raped.

  50. Ramin Love

    Seriously you all have the morals of a dog. This woman molested four children, she disserves to be punished. There is nothing hot about it – this is disgraceful and unprofessional. All of the men who crack jokes about this are simple victims to their lack of perceptions. If it were a man people would be screaming the death penalty rather than bombarding joking comments. there would probably even be a movie made about the incident degrading the man for life. you all are a bunch of sick fucks for condoning this kind of behavior. She was married and should have kept to people her own age, instead she took it a level higher by breaking the law and thinking she could get away with it. this is disgusting, a 17 year old boy in comparison to a 24 year old woman is a drastic difference, she knew better. enjoy prison, disgusting bitch.

  51. Sterling Gray

    The kid was on the prom committee, Sounds more like he, anong others who as Steve below states, "Kept it Quiet", Were on the Porn Committee. Thanks Jimmy Carter.

  52. Barry L. Rogers

    that's what I say!!……………..And they went and told .., Makes all young men look weak!

  53. Thomas Dalton

    Laura DuMaurier I must be a sicko, because I would have been in heaven with this teacher giving me BJ's in high school. I probably would have been so proud I would have told my buddies and would have blown the deal. Then I would have felt like a sicko. [What's your problem, Laura?

  54. Mary King

    I really feel sorry for kids in school today if they are not getting killed than they are getting molested by teachers now if this were grown men having sex with under age girls than it would be an out cry they women would not be getting prasies.

  55. Tracey Adams

    It is always against the law when it person is a student of yours… even if the student in question was 19 or 22.

  56. Retta Thomas

    Does that mean Steven YOUR son will get a that a boy if he's molested by a teacher?..Go for it son because I did have a teacher like that. You daughter will you tell her to keep her mouth shut and take the A…SMH

  57. John David Gauntt

    I just hope that someone kicks the punks ass that squealed on her.

  58. Anonymous

    No this is beyond sick. You send your child to school to learn and its not that. Now imagine if that were a male teacher and your daughter.

  59. Robert Medina

    I missed all that. There were a few teachers I wish I could have———-(you know what I mean) But, that sort of thing was just a fantasy in those daze(days). Dang!

  60. Zack Dänekas

    damn I wish I had teachers like that when I was 17 18 years old lol!

  61. David Blanco

    I had some awesome looking young teachers in my high school days. Dammit where were my BJ's? I would not kiss her though.. Kissing is for girls you love not sluts. What could have been, remember one of my friends was banging a teacher.. She would come to school in a thong and would bend over a lot. should have pressed the issue and gotten my reward! 😉

  62. David Blanco

    Girls are different.. They are too weak. Guys want to bone since the moment they get a hard one for the first time… Sorry its no comparison.

  63. David Waddell

    5k bond if it were a male teacher he'd be lucky to get a bond she's a predamentor!

  64. Lynn Corporal

    Interesting how many men are in favor of pedophilia, because the fact is, if your having sex as an adult with under age children that's exactly what it is.

  65. Ray Kern

    I hear you Man and feel your pain………….I may not of dropped out if my English Teacher would of been a little more friendly………..

  66. Douglas Robb

    Really Gayle, your moralizing and male bashing is annoying and hypocritical-especially since the perpetrator in this case is a women. And you come from Bill Shakespeare's hometown? Methinks thou dost protest too much. Get a life!

  67. Robert Haight

    Of course we ALL had a teacher we wanted to have sex with when we were kids in Junior high. But, just like you and I at the underage, we would brag about it. Now, as far the teacher, ban the bitch from teaching the rest of her life. She is a predator and can not distinguish differences in work and sex with underage boys. What is her prior history of things with kids?

  68. Nick Roberts

    These must be sexually confused boys that wandered from a catholic school, I would have tried to keep the relationship and keep it quiet, so it keeps on going like the energizer bunny!

  69. Nick Roberts

    So Gayle is that why your married to an 80yr old man?

  70. Harvey Lain

    Gayle Gerard I think you're just mad because she wasn't giving oral sex to the girls.

  71. Harvey Lain

    I don't see the problem here. Why was she arrested? I just don't understand. Oh, and Gayle Gerard: Don't worry about it!

  72. Ron Smith

    What are you talking about? I don't see a double standard. It was a woman teacher and male students and she is charged with like four felonies.

  73. Jean Deaux

    I'm so ticked. Where in the world were these teachers when I was in school. I would have cut off an ear for some oral sex.

  74. James Anthony

    You have to have a strong mindset to work in a high school. I taught at a high school and the administrators always thought I was a student as well as the students. Some of the students had a crush on me but I thought nothing of it, its a part of growing up.

  75. Jermell Beane

    Why would you snitch on her for that? She's not terrible looking.

  76. Tracy Sherman

    All of the guys say they wish they had her as a teacher, but I'd be willing to bet if the tables were turned & it was a male teacher doing it do their daughters they'd be singing a different tune.

  77. Bob Jones

    were the students gay – I would fail that class every year and have detention every day – For a Blow job – Shit I cant get that from my wife.

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