anders hemdal suing high school over sex tape suspension

Pennsylvania Teen Suing High School That Suspended Him Over A Sex Tape

Anders Hemdal, 16, is suing Schuylkill Valley High School for $75,000 for suspending him over an unauthorized sex tape. The Pennsylvania boy and his girlfriend were reportedly secretly taped by another student, while the group was on a school field trip to Morocco.

The student behind the video camera allegedly showed the tape of Hemdal and his then-girlfriend having sex, to other teens. The Schuylkill Valley High policy prohibits sexual activity on school property. In Pennsylvania, it is legal for minors within for years of age of one another, to have consensual intercourse, the Philadelphia Inquirer notes.

Hemdal, now a junior, reportedly told the school about the invasion of privacy by the other student who taped the field trip sex without permission. The young man feels he has been unfairly punished for reporting the existence of the tape.

Joshua Prince, the teenager’s attorney, had this to say about the lawsuit filed in federal court last week:

“He’s the victim. He self-reported this. And now you’re going to suspend him? He didn’t cause the criminality to occur.”

He was suspended for four days and allegedly denied the opportunity to appeal the punishment decision, according to the New York Daily News. The teen’s former girlfriend and the erotic videographer, identified as J.H. in lawsuit documents, were also suspended.

Niklas Hemdal, the suing student’s father, is a former school board member and former mayor of Leesport. He feels the incident was far more than a prank and claims the incident required his family to undergo counseling.

Stephanie Hemdal, the teen’s mother, had this to say about the sex video and pending lawsuit:

“It was devastating for all of us. We had many meetings with the girlfriend’s family to talk about what we are going to do and how we would support our children through this. Our primary concern was their emotional health.”

The Pennsylvania high school has yet to issue a public statement on the pending lawsuit