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Carrie Ann Inaba Falls Off Chair On DWTS, Co-Stars Explain Why

carrie ann inaba dancing with the stars fall

Did you see Carrie Ann Inaba fall off her chair on last night’s Dancing With The Stars dance-off?

In case you missed Carrie Ann Inaba’s embarrassing chair mishap, the internet has the 411. Apparently, Inaba was very excited during a performance and had difficulty staying in her seat.

But while Inaba clapped and cheered, she didn’t give a standing ovation. Instead, she slipped from the seat in front of millions of viewers. Awkward!

Carrie Ann was moved by Gilles Marini’s performance, all the way to the floor, in fact. The 44-year-old from Hawaii proclaimed after the dance moves, “let the baby-making begin!” And then, flump.

It would appear that the force of Carrie Ann Inaba’s reaction caused her chair to tumble backwards, as seen in the clip below, and the next we see is Inaba’s hair dangling from the step as she lay on her back after the fall.

But Carrie Ann was a good sport about it — Inaba doesn’t stomp off stage or even stop smiling and laughing. The DWTS judge instead giggles at her misfortune and embarrassing moment as Marini rushes to her side to help her right herself.

After Inaba’s embarrassing spill, co-host Tom Bergeron quips:

“When you said ‘Let the baby-making begin,’ I didn’t think you’d get in position!”

DWTS contestant Peta Murgatroyd blames Marini for Carrie Ann Inaba’s intimate moment with the floor, saying:

“She didn’t fall because of the chair … She fell because of Gilles’ sexiness!”

Have you ever had an embarrassing fall like Carrie Ann Inaba’s in front of a large crowd?

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4 Responses to “Carrie Ann Inaba Falls Off Chair On DWTS, Co-Stars Explain Why”

  1. Anonymous

    Carrie Ann and Bruno are usually quite boisterous on the judging panel, so I’m not so surprised this happened, but everyone certainly did well playing it up for a lot of attention to the event. Tom had a great quick quip about her “getting into position” too. I’m glad the show was available to watch at all on my DVR though, because my kids constantly delete my timers to record their shows. When my DISH coworker would come over, there wasn’t anything to watch. Now the PrimeTime Anytime feature on my Hopper is set to automatically record all of the evening shows and I don’t have to set any timers. That’s convenient for me because it guarantees I won’t miss DWTS.

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