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‘The Division’ DLC Releasing Next Week On PC And Xbox One, ‘Survival’ Due Out In December On PlayStation 4

In a brand new mode, agents in The Division will soon be able to compete against each other in a harsh blizzard as they race to the center of the map. The optional mode is the new feature from the upcoming “Survival” DLC that players can pick up as part of the season pass or as an individual purchase. During this week’s state of the game, developers of the title announced when “Survival” is releasing on all platforms.

“Survival” and the 1.5 update will release on PC and Xbox One on November 22. Due to an exclusivity deal with Microsoft, the DLC will not release on PlayStation 4 until one month later in December. However, PS4 players will receive the base 1.5 patch before then, but not on the same day it releases on the other platforms. The 1.5 update is expected a few days later on PS4, according to the stream on Twitch.

The Division
Players will need to find warmth, food, and more in Survival [Image via Ubisoft]

The state of the game also included information on the enemy armor damage changes, weapon talent requirements, and other content specific to 1.5. Enemy armor damage will still apply to fights against other players; however, the effect is no longer going to be a major statistic on gear. Enemy armor damage in PvE will use a separate and different modifier from the enemy armor damage applied in PvP.

Unique weapon talents, specifically Focused, Hurried, and Disciplined, will now appear on all weapons of their specific type rather than being exclusive to a few. Finally, since the new World Tier bracket will introduce higher level enemies, players can expect level 34 gear mods alongside the new 256 gear score.

The Division
A Survival match only lasts a couple of hours [Image via Ubisoft]

The new World Tier bracket will pit players against level 34 enemies, feature six new pieces of gear, and deploy the FrontLine set. These new items are named armor pieces that can only be obtained through the “Survival” DLC, opening Field Proficiency caches, or by farming specific locations in the game according to the developer blog on The Division website. Each piece of named gear corresponds to each of the available gear slots. These high-end armor selections include unique boons like the knee pads, which make the wearer’s grenades explode quicker.

“We’re also introducing a new Gear Set, called FrontLine. That particular Gear Set has been around before, making a brief appearance at E3 earlier this year, but since the skill it’s connected to – Ballistic Shield – had so many issues, it had to be removed from the game. Since Ballistic Shield is back with a vengeance, we’re happy to bring back FrontLine too.”

As the second piece of paid downloadable content, “Survival” was pushed back from its earlier release date to make room for bigger changes to the game. Originally, this piece of downloadable content was scheduled to launch alongside patch 1.4, but that update ultimately focused on improving many different areas of The Division in an effort to stabilize the base game before adding more content. Now, “Survival” is launching with the 1.5 update on its new date combined with a new World Tier bracket.

In addition to the “Survival” DLC, the new World Tier, and the higher gear score, the upcoming update will also make one major improvement to the game that is often requested by players. As the Inquisitr reported, the stash size is more than doubling when 1.5 launches. The stash is where players store gear they are not currently using for alternate characters or future use. Instead of 70 slots of stash space to hold the game’s various set pieces, weapon types, and mods, the patch will increase the stash to an impressive 150 slots. With a new level of gear, a new gear set, and new named armor pieces, players of The Division will soon fill those stashes full of loot.

[Image via Ubisoft]