Paintball Guns Fired By Fans At Soccer Players

The Dynamo Moscow club was trying to practice this weekend but their fans made it a little hard for them to concentrate. A group of fans were firing paintball guns at the players and coaches during their training session.

According to the Daily Mail, a group of fans dressed in camouflage fired a hail of paintball bullets onto the field last Friday.

Gennady Solovyov said:

‘They are idiots … ‘I have no other words to describe those who could do such things. I promise I’ll do my best to try to find and punish those responsible for these actions.”

Dynamo midfielder Alan Gatagov added:

“I was hit in the back of the head when they shot at us. Lots of players were also hit. I just can’t find the right words. What are we supposed to do now? Should each of us hire a personal bodyguard?’

The Dynamo Moscow team is worried that this is just the first of many paintball attacks. In addition to firing paintball guns at the players, the rowdy fans also scattered leaflets around the field warning the players that another attack would come if they didn’t improve their performance.

One of the messages read:

“If the club and the coaches can’t motivate you, then believe us, we will do it. And our methods will be a little more serious.”

Metro reports that the Moscow Dynamo team has faced angry fans all year. The team has lost eight of their first 11 Russian Premier League matches and are currently 13th in the standings.