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Danny DeVito In ‘Midlife Crisis’ After Split With Rhea Pearlman, Reportedly Buying A Sports Car

Danny DeVito In 'Midlife Crisis' After Split With Rhea, Reportedly Buying A Sports Car

Danny DeVito is doing great after his split with his wife of 30 years, Rhea Pearlman.

To reportedly let everyone know just how great he’s doing, DeVito is going out to buy a convertible sports car, Radar Online has noted. The diminutive actor was seen trying out Porsches and Ferraris in a bid to quell what Radar Online has referred to as a mid-life crisis at age 67.

A friend of Danny DeVito said now that he’s free from his wife, the actor is trying to emulate another noted Hollywood player, Jack Nicholson.

“Danny has been embracing the single life,” a source said. “He is revisiting his youth and feels like a young man again and can do whatever he wants.”

The source added: “He’s done his duty as a parent, raising his three kids, and now that they’re adults, he’s looking to cut loose.

“The first steps of this transformation are trading his current ride for a flash car; he’s always wanted a Porsche or a Ferrari and he’s been trying them out for size.”

Danny DeVito’s wild ways were reportedly behind his split. He reportedly cheated on Rhea Pearlman with an extra from the movie Hoffa and had gained a reputation as a womanizer with a wandering eye.

As Radar Online had reported:

“He may not appear to be a ladies’ man, but Danny certainly gets a lot of female attention … Danny can be quite the flirt and because of his powerful status in Hollywood, he’s not ashamed to abuse his position and chat-up young, aspiring woman looking to make it in the industry.”

When Rhea Pearlman had enough of Danny DeVito’s running around, she decided to end their marriage. As it now appears from the Radar Online reports, Danny doesn’t mind being free from her.

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113 Responses to “Danny DeVito In ‘Midlife Crisis’ After Split With Rhea Pearlman, Reportedly Buying A Sports Car”

  1. Debra S. Smith

    From the tone of this article, it's a wonder she didn't leave him a long time ago! Talk about an egocentric, insensitive twerp!

  2. Anonymous

    The article made it sound like Danny is this great guy who was held prisoner by Rhea Perlman, made it sound like "he" raised the kids. Mid-life crisis ast 67? Let's get real. I don't care how much money he has, how many fancy cars he has, how he may flash his money around, I would have to put a paper bag over my head to be with him. He is a creep to treat his wife of 30 years this way. I hope Rhea is doing okay. She did the right think by ending her marriage to this creep.

  3. Anonymous

    marlborocat (signed in using yahoo).

    The article made it sound like Danny is this great guy who was held prisoner by Rhea Perlman, made it sound like "he" raised the kids. Mid-life crisis ast 67? Let's get real. I don't care how much money he has, how many fancy cars he has, how he may flash his money around, I would have to put a paper bag over my head to be with him. He is a creep to treat his wife of 30 years this way. I hope Rhea is doing okay. She did the right thing by ending her marriage to this creep.

  4. Kelley Burns Shell

    He will regret it one day when he is all alone. He makes it sound like marriage is only worth the effort when raising your kids….when kids are grown it's time to get rid of the wife and trade up! Jerk!

  5. Sioux Farmer

    I could use a lifestyle lift, but I just don't have the lifesytle money…..cest la vie….

  6. Linda Zavacky

    Sounds more like early onset alzheimer to me; oh wait he hasn't forgotten what that appendage is for! Does he really think he is the one in control? These "young things" are using him. Good for Rhea! Sounds like he needed to be kicked to the curb long ago.

  7. Preemie babies

    why are they glorifying this man who cheated on his wife, left a marriage and is using his status to seduce young women? Young girls and fast cars will be cold comfort when he realizes that without money he would be alone. I sincerely hope his wife enjoys the peace of knowing he will never cheat on her again.

  8. John Gibson

    If I were a women this movie role would have to be a remake of Gone with the Wind if I had to sleep with this troll to further my career. We are talking Scarlett here, not Melanie.

  9. Barbara Davis

    You are sooo right! What arrogance this man has. If he has been cheating on his wife and she finally had enough, good for her! And you are right about the paper bag….I am sure he found plenty of desperate, aspiring actress who would sleep with him in the hope of gaining access to roles.

  10. Anonymous

    Imagine that fat little dick prick pounding away on some sex movie start… wow, porn may be Dannys new calling.

  11. Anthony Vee

    you GOTTA be joking jj-he was HER anchor.Rhea raised the kids,and MAYBE he assisted when he wasn't out with the "pretty wanna be's".Good for you,Lady!He doesn't deserve you.

  12. Anonymous

    danny! when you pull your head outta your But…hope she takes you back.

  13. Christopher Natoli

    when he's old? he's 67.. what else does he have to look forward to?

  14. Anonymous

    you are ugly yourself. Get over that short stuff, bet you he can give it to you better than any tall googan can. Danny is the MAN!

  15. Patti Sharp Morgan

    It breaks my heart that after 30 some years these two have parted……ie; true mid late life crisis….what a waste……

  16. Sindy Finn Putney

    I think once he has it out of his system and realises the grass is always greener it may well be too late.
    There are so many men like him out there. He is not the first and no doubt wont be the last. I hope they both eventually find good companions in there old age.

  17. Cecile Sealander

    Typical male egotistical macho type, simular to Swartzneggar, in fact they stared together in a comical movie, but this.
    is reallity and it sure isn't funny, it is disgraceful to say the least, the shame they leave to their children.

  18. Sharon Ryder Leman

    Does anyone remember their characters on "Taxi"? When the two were dating and getting serious her mother pulled him aside and told him she would hire "one of those people, I think they call them hitmen, to get rid of him". Classic tv, sad to see them part after so many years.

  19. Sam Carpenter

    Danny is very hurt by these comments. He is a sensitive man who has embarked on a mission to recapture his youth. While his marriage is over, many marriages end without public recriminations. He regards your comments as anti-Italian and has reported your names and emails to the Anti Italian Defamation League. He believes a man has to be a man. He will respond personally to these comments in 30 minutes. Please be patient.

  20. Laurie Mclaughlin

    These comments were so ugly. We don't know what happened in their relationship. Would you want anyone to comment on you life without REALLY knowing it?

  21. Adelaide Eldridge

    Another man dumps his wife of 30 years! He fit into the statistic of men who do such an unconscionable thing! At least Rhea is financially well-off to deal with this. The turd, no conscience. How can men do this. At least she doesn't have to do it with that ugly man anymore.

  22. Kymberli Stone

    Danny DeVIto is already showing what a scum bag he really is by flashing his plans for the new car and whatever else he is doing all over the news. If he had any class at all he would keep it out of the papers as much as possible out of respect for his wife of 30 years – which is a majpor milestone for any couple in hollywood.

  23. David Dudley

    Mid-life crisis? My Dad died at 69 and he was an old man. I grew a ponytail at 30…that's a mid-life crises. He's a drunk.

  24. Anonymous

    this fat guy used to make tv commercials for honda. that's all I remember about him. how do you get an erection at 67 with a potbelly? I guess viagra works miracles.

  25. Izabela Gladkowska

    probably she kept telling him he is fat, ugly and has small …. well … everything instead of assuring him he is the most attractive man on Earth and he got fed up with this. 😉 At least he does not have to listen to her anymore.

  26. Richard Miller

    He is acting just like a little boy. And this article is so disrespectful to Reah. I wish happiness and peace for her. She is probably relieved.

  27. Pamela Sue Morris-Allen

    Hey……you don't have to convince me Danny would be a ladies' man…..Remember when he played 'Louie' on the comedy series TAXI? (ha-ha)…..Such a shame…….Always thought they made such a great couple……MID-LIFE crisis my TooToos…..67 is now considered mid-life…..Good….now I don't feel so old at 57……I'm still in my prime…..Just gotta convince EMPLOYERS of that, so you know…..there's no AGE discrimination…….99% of the time…….if you're 40 and not a Dr., Engineer or Nurse…..Employers don't really seem to want ya…..ANYWAYS hope you enjoy it Danny…..don't call Rhea though when you're lying flat on your back and can't talk or even move because all that screw**g gave you's a heart attack or strokey-wokey.

  28. Pamela Sue Morris-Allen

    fanceybronze ….. he's ALREADY Old!…..Poop…..I'm 57 and he's 67 and going through a Mid-Life……I thought mid-life was 50?????? Like an earlier post said…..No one lives to be 134 years old!

  29. Pamela Sue Morris-Allen

    Kymberli Stone ….. Buying the car is no biggie…..and Danny wanting to move on is no biggie. I always liked Danny as a comedian and actor but I truly had no idea this story was going to wind up with DANNY being a ladies' man….. It truly never occurred to me they would actually be splitting over either one of them runnning around and cheating…..but if I were to have picked one of them….if would've been Danny who would've screwed up things…..I guess I'm a little shocked…..You Just Never Know Anymore!

  30. Tynisia Love

    How sadly the mighty will fall. Devito will meet Rhea on his way down. I will not watch anything with him in it. How can people do this to their spouses of 25 – 35 years? It is insane in my book! Mid life crisis my butt. Its a hoe is a ho is hoe. And Rhea take his little munchkin azz to the cleaners you got him where he is too! After 30 years of BS clean his clock! Have a friend she's been married 36 years in march. And she is having him come home on weekends picking a fight so he can leave to be with hoe! Sick part is he is an old azz like Devito. Men need to realize at a certain age no one will be there to do the wiping of the butt when they can no longer do it. They will be on their way to party and have someone doing it. And they will die alone. Because at this point we all know its about the benjamins and where they can get using their old azzes.

  31. Nicole M. de Coteau

    Another marriage ends…what a shame! If husbands and wives would simply obey the word of God when it comes to marriage this would be very rare rather than being the norm.Husbands are supposed to love their wives the way Christ loves the church. He laid down His life for what he loved. If you love your spouse that way you would never hurt him or her in any way.

  32. Char Rowe

    how sad for danny that he thinks things will define who he is and not his actions, when things are gone all you really have is your standings in real life, too bad his footing is shakey and he will tumble and fall in to a pit a garbage.

  33. Anonymous

    What young starlet, or any woman.. will be admitting , that she slept with Danny DeVito!

  34. Rosemary Aloisio

    I believe she had strangle hold on his neck. I don't blame him for wanting to LIVE.

  35. Kathleen Breakfield

    you know Danny if you wasn, t a actor and had money many of those women wouldn, t be interested you will find only to late you ha the best thing in life and didn, t respect it. its a shame to be your age and lose a good thing. hope you don, t end up alone and eating cat food. well the kids were the best thng and Rhea will do alright. this man needs to face a reality check and realize with money an fame it , s hard to find someone who loves you for you.

  36. Kymberli Stone

    Yes Pamela anyone can buy a car – but to flash it all ovewr the place, all over the news and flaunt it everywhere he can is just so massively inconsiderate to his wife of 30 years who had his children raised them and dealt with his cheating. It's just not right and shows no class. Wanting to move on is no biggy – well Pamela – have you ever had something like a cheating husband happen to you? It's very painful and the fact that he is SO ready to move on after such a short time tells me he has been cheating for a long long time. Yes he's funny and yes I have enjoyed him as an actor – doesn't change my opinion.

  37. Daniel M. Longo

    Yeah, that guy should really cut loose; I'm confident that women have been awaiting his exit from his marital "duties" with an eagerness unmatched by any other hollywood player. I know if I were a woman, and a hairy beachball rolled up to me in his six figure car, the first thing I'd do is jump. Go get em' tiger.

  38. Lorrine M. Washington

    Napolean complex jerk. I am not glad to see any marriage brepak up bug hey, she didp him a cavorted by even agreeing to be with him in the first place. Has anybody seen there kids? By the way the idiot who made the commentsxabout the Obamas on here probably looks like a troll.

  39. Anonymous

    Wow, talk about a passive-aggressive article! Why not get in to her short-comings as well? Maybe there is a reason why he cheated (and where is the proof?). Typcial female-biased journalism….

  40. Anonymous

    If he didn't mind being free from her he should have initiated the divorce years ago, and any woman who would sleep with a married midget just to "get into the industry", deserves to never make it in the industry.

  41. Billy Connors


  42. Anonymous

    "Danny can be quite the flirt and because of his powerful status in Hollywood, he’s not ashamed to abuse his position and chat-up young, aspiring woman looking to make it in the industry.”.

    LOL funny

    most men would abuse that power.

  43. Myra Dakis

    Midlife Crisis…Who is he kidding unless he lives to be 134 this is not his "midlife". He just does not want the responsibility of helping his wife in her later years.

  44. Mary Utrup

    This entire episode is a MID-LIFE crisis. You do not spend the majority of your adult years married and raising children with someone who has always been your best friend and then one day call it a day! Nothing will surprise me less than.
    when the announcement goes out that Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman are reconciling!

  45. Maddie Bequette

    This is only mid-life if he expects to live to be 134. REALLY?

  46. Victor Steele

    Has anyone considered that Danny Devito in a sports car is like an average sized guy riding in a Cadillac He's going to have leg room to spare.

  47. Debra S. Smith

    That is why I stated "from the tone of this article…." There are always 2 sides to every story…..

  48. Kathleen Haugh

    Reminds me of the country song about being middle age crazy – except he's way past middle age and closer to old age. One more man who grew old but never grew up. Stupid old man trying to act half his age. As the joke goes about the old guy asking what machine he should use in the gym to impress the young women and being told the "ATM machine"! How true…there's only one reason a young woman will be with Danny and that's for his money. Good luck to Rhea – I hope she finds someone who appreciates the classy lady she is.

  49. Anonymous

    All these comments are hilarious. Clearly an intentionally provactive/provocatory article, and people are reacting exactly as imagined.

  50. Susan Valencia

    Well, remember, there are two sides of every story; wonder what his is? That does NOT mean I am on his side; just wonder, that's all.

  51. Adelaide Eldridge

    Izabela Gladkowska ouch Izabella! Older women do not deserve that treatment. The only saving grace in there, is that she is financially well off. She gave him 30 years. Older women have medical issues that men do not face. Leave when she's 35 and still has a more that a fighting chance. Leave her after 30 years and fighting may be all she has. Surely you must sympathize with the well-known fact of older women being dumped.

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