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‘Pawn Stars’ Update: Chumlee As Kylo Ren And Donald Trump Jr. And Other Stars Visit Shop While Filming Season 14 Continues

Pawn Stars Season 14 is already a month into production. As Inquisitr previously reported, the gang is mostly back, with one star only returning in occasional cameos. What have these History Channel stars been up to and who has been visiting the World Famous Gold And Silver Shop in Las Vegas?

Season 14 of Pawn Stars is going to include Rick and Corey Harrison and fan favorite, Chumlee. Yes, Chumlee is back! The only change is that Richard “The Old Man” Harrison is only going to be on the show in occasional cameos. Fans of the History Channel show are bound to forgive him, as the eldest Harrison is in the prime of his golden years.

Donald Trump Jr., the now President-elect’s son, stopped at the shop before the election. He happened to be out campaigning for his father in Las Vegas and had to visit. He posted a video on his Facebook page of himself walking up to Pawn Stars patriarch Rick Harrison, who was standing behind the counter. Trump introduces himself as simply “Don” and offers to sell his campaign jacket to a smiling Harrison. Will this be on Season 14? We have to wait to find out!

In a surprise move, Rick Harrison also went out and campaigned with Trump. This is a bit of a shock, as Inquisitr previously reported that Harrison said that he lost money and business when he stumped for Marco Rubio nearly a year ago. Yet, despite this, Rick decided to “throw away” his career again and campaign with Donald’s son for the Republican candidates for President.

“I suddenly became famous and I was the one willing to throw my career away to endorse a Republican. When you endorse a Republican, everyone sort of frowns on you. I don’t know why, but hey.”

Prior to Trump’s vist to the pawn shop, Pawn Stars spinoff star, Danny Koker from Counting Cars was on television stumping for Trump and representing small business owners. Citing the Republican’s candidate’s platform for small businesses, Koker, the owner of several businesses, felt that Trump would remove the regulations and obstacles that he felt held him back and prevented him from ultimate business success.

“I believe that a businessman can truly help other businessmen in that respect. And it’s the small businesses in my opinion that helps to stimulate and grow the economy.”

Both men will now have their man in office. We will see if Trump is able to deliver all that he has promised to these small business owners.

Flava Flav has also been at the shop. The Public Enemy superstar and Chum look like they are having a blast. Could he also be on Season 14 of Pawn Stars?

Skaterboarder Mike McGill posted an intriguing Instagram post. Photographed side by side with Pawn Stars favorite Chumlee, the inventor of the “McTwist” hinted that he has recently filmed something with Chumlee. Could he possibly be on an episode of Season 14 of Pawn Stars?

“Great meeting @chumlee702 while filing a little something. details soon.”

Great meeting @chumlee702 while filming a little something something,details soon????

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Anyone who regularly watches Pawn Stars knows who authenticator Steve Grad is. He has been filming some episodes for the show as he had tweeted a picture of himself, reunited with Chumlee.

Now for some fun. For Halloween 2016, Chumlee dressed like Kylo Ren. Looks like an absolutely adorable Princess Leia is accompanying him! Yikes! Doesn’t Chum know that Princess Leia is actually Kylo Ren’s mom?

Halloween #2016

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Now to other matters, looks like Pinky, Chumlee’s new dog, is really fitting in her new home!

Are you looking forward to Season 13 of Pawn Stars? What do you think of Chumlee as Kylo Ren? Would you like to see Donald Trump Jr. on Pawn Stars?

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