Teacher Threatens Students With Deportation Caught On Tape, Parents Protest|Featured Image by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

Teacher Threatening Students With Deportation Caught On Tape, While Donald Trump Asks For Bullying To Stop

A Los Angeles middle school teacher was caught on camera threatening Latino students with deportation. What was the threat, how was he caught, what became of this bully teacher and what do the parents have to say about this horrific incident? Also, what does President-elect Donald Trump have to say about this sort of bullying?

The shocking incident occurred the day after Trump was elected at Bret Harte Middle School, where a gym teacher began “taunting” Latino students that the newly elected Donald Trump would deport their parents.

The South LA substitute teacher threatened an 11-year-old girl and told her that if she was born in the United States, her parents will be deported and she will be abandoned and put into foster care. Once the teacher began taunting the Latinos, a clever student borrowed a friend’s cellphone and began recording the taunting teacher.

“If you were born here, then your parents got to go. Then they will leave you behind, and you will be in foster care.”

Later, in physical education class, the student asked the teacher how Donald Trump was going to find her family. The teacher curtly told the young student that they had all of her contact information so that Trump could easily find her.

“I have your phone numbers, your address, your mama’s address, your daddy’s address. It’s all in the system, sweetie.”

The Grio reported that the mother of the child, Jennifer Reynaga, was shocked over the incident. While she explained that she would not be surprised if other children were the bullies, she was shocked that a teacher was bullying Latino children, possibly implying that a teacher should be impartial to race.

“I would think the kids would do it, but I never thought a teacher would do it.”

The substitute teacher has since been fired, yet the school district will not comment on the matter. There is no word on if the school is going to do anything to amend any other possible Latino bullying or adverse culture at the school.

While this Trump supporter lost his job telling the Latino students that Trump was going to deport their parents, The Donald had a bit of a different take on this matter. Last night on 60 Minutes, Donald Trump spoke to host Lesley Stahl explaining that he does intend on removing illegal immigrants with criminal records from the United States. The AFP reported that the president-elect is estimating that there is 2 to 3 million gang members and drug dealers. He wants them deported or incarcerated.

“What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers.”

What about the other illegal immigrants, like those parents of the middle-schoolers that the ousted teacher accused of being illegals? Has Donald Trump changed his campaign promises? It does not appear that illegals, who do not have criminal records will be going anywhere. Trump told the CBS show his intention to keep them in the country and even called these illegal immigrants “terrific people.”

“After the border is secured and after everything gets normalized, we’re going to make a determination on the people that you’re talking about who are terrific people.”

When Stahl pointed out all of the Latinos and Muslims that have been bullied since his election last week, Trump was firm in his response that the bulling has to stop.

“And I say, ‘Stop it.’ If it — if it helps, I will say this, and I will say right to the cameras: ‘Stop it.'”

And reiterating that he want the racial violence and bullying to stop, Trump also stated that he intends on bringing the country together.

“I would say don’t do it, that’s terrible, because I’m going to bring this country together.”

What do you think of the teacher taunting students and telling them their parents will be deported? Do you think what Donald Trump has said enough to stop racial bullying? Does this change your opinion of the president-elect?

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