Kendall Jenner Upgrades Security After Stalker Incident, Kim Kardashian Robbery Attack

Kendall Jenner has reportedly upgraded her security, unwilling to take any risks as far as her safety is concerned, it has been revealed.

The model has been left terrified after hearing about the scary Paris ordeal that left Kendall’s sister, Kim, fearing for her life, as a group of men barged into the socialite’s apartment, tied her up and demanded more than $7 million in personal belongings.

Kendall finds herself traveling around the world every other week as part of her modeling career, and there’s no chance that Jenner will allow an opportunity for a stranger to repeat the Paris incident.

As shown on last week’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kendall Jenner already struggles flying by herself — if she was to stay at a hotel by herself, there’s no way that she wouldn’t think about the potential chance of being gagged and robbed like Kim.

Because of this, the 21-year-old is said to have hired a new team of bodyguards, who have been following Kendall’s every move to ensure that she’s safe at all times.

Kendall Jenner is no stranger to having run-ins with stalkers and crazed fans — all of whom have shown up to her home in Calabasas and forced their way through her entryway. Luckily, the model was never at the house during those times, but at this given point, Kendall realizes that her safety is at risk.

“Kendall Jenner is under more stress than ever now that her alleged stalker has been released from jail. She has upped her security since Kim’s robbery and a new member of Kendall’s security is taking extra steps to insure the model’s safety 24/7,” an insider stressed to Hollywood Life.

A source further mentioned that there’s a much more positive vibe in the Kardashian household now that every family member has higher protection from those who could potentially pose a threat, TMZ shares.”The former police officer who now works full-time protecting Kendall is in charge of gathering identification from all the paparazzi that follow Kendall on a daily basis.”

“The bodyguard takes the information and runs background checks on all the photographers, and anyone that does not qualify as a professional or that has a checkered past is referred to the police. Kendall’s health and safety are her top priority and she is taking no chances on another stalker-like run-in.”

In last week’s episode of KUWTK, Kendall Jenner stressed how she had been suffering from panic attacks after having flown around the world all by herself. The model, who landed her first Vogue US cover over the summer, revealed how she was beginning to suffer from a breakdown and that if she didn’t put her health first, she would end up in a hospital sooner rather than later.

Kendall is very much known to be the one person in the family that has had the hardest time to adjust to fame and publicity. Last year, Jenner mentioned how she only identifies herself as Kendall whenever she’s on a modeling job, fearing that her last name could give people the impression that she’s only gotten as far as she has because of her family — not because of her actual dedication to fashion.

Kendall is fully aware that attaching herself to the Kardashians makes it harder for her to shine in her lane as a full-time professional model. But despite the negative things concerning Kendall’s life, she just recently inked a deal to walk in this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, so things are definitely looking up for the PacSun fashion designer.

On top of that, she has a new security firm backing her from any crazed fans, giving Kendall all the more reason to belief that she won’t have to worry about being held at gunpoint anymore.

What do you make of Kendall Jenner’s decision to grab additional security footage for the sake of her safety? Taking into consideration how many times she flies per month, would it not make sense for her to focus on her safety before her work duties?

[Featured Image by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images]