Is Westworld renewed for season 2?

‘Westworld’ Season 2 Renewal Not A Done Deal — When Will HBO Decide To Bring Back Sci-Fi Series?

Westworld still has not been renewed for Season 2 yet and the first season is already more than halfway done. Fans are hoping to see the breakout sci-fi thriller renewed and HBO execs are hopeful, saying that despite a slight drop in ratings since the first three episodes, Westworld can be expected for renewal.

Many fans are questioning whether Westworld will be a big enough success to take over for Game of Thrones when that series ends in just two seasons. Armed with a huge budget that has already reached $100 million, it’s pretty clear that HBO is banking on the sci-fi thriller to be a huge hit. With Season 1 still struggling to pull viewers in as the complicated story unfolds, getting a Season 2 renewal seems to be a sure thing but it hasn’t happened yet.

Considering that Westworld premiered on October 2 and just three weeks later went up against AMC’s biggest hit ever in The Walking Dead, the sci-fi series is doing pretty well. Ratings for the first three episodes were naturally much higher than they have been since TWD started airing with the series premiere pulling in 1.7 million viewers according to Entertainment Monthly.

Westworld is an amazing series with an impressive cast featuring Anthony Hopkins, Thandie Newton, Evan Rachel Wood, and James Marsden to name a few. The brand new HBO series boasts both J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan as producers and is based on the film of the same name written by Michael Crichton. There is no doubt that Westworld will continue to be compelling and very intricately written and produced. The biggest problem with the series is that it just might not be for everyone.

While other Sunday night hits on HBO have been straight forward enough to hook casual viewers and those looking for the deeper meaning, Westworld might not be so addictive to those who just want a surface show with little depth. Most of the allure of Westworld is that the series is thought-provoking on a much deeper level and allows viewers to really explore what humanity truly is and whether these robots can evolve and be human even though they are very obviously made of parts and require maintenance.

HBO’s president of programming has spoken about whether or not Westworld will be renewed for Season 2. According to Cinema Blend, Bloys is still waiting to see how the sci-fi series holds up ratings-wise.”I want to get a very complete picture of the ratings,” Casey Bloys said.

“Which seem to be doing very well, so we’re happy with that. [The executive producers are] going to talk to us about what they envision a second season being. But right now I would say it’s looking really good. We’re very pleased with how it’s doing.”

It has been reported that at least five seasons of Westworld have been planned out by the writers and producers of the HBO series. While the show still hasn’t been renewed for Season 2, it’s starting to look a lot more hopeful. Many fans believe once the Season 2 renewal is announced and much of the Season 1 plot is revealed, the Westworld fan base will start to grow and the series will become another Sunday night HBO megahit like Game of Thrones or True Blood.

Westworld will most likely be renewed for Season 2, which should be a sigh of relief for the fans who have already risen to die-hard status. For those who have watched and rewatched episodes, researched the HBO series online and possibly even watched the original film, it’s pretty clear that this could be a hit of epic proportions as long as we can get others involved and interested in the show. The story is great and the deeper level of thought-provoking content is definitely there. What would you like to see in Season 2 of Westworld?

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