wwe news sin cara exiled monday night raw smackdown fight chris jericho

WWE News: ‘Raw’ Superstar Exiled To ‘SmackDown’ After Backstage Fight With Another Superstar

Sin Cara is no stranger to backstage problems, and that is evidenced by some of the altercations and issues he has had in WWE in the past. Most recently, Sin Cara got into a real-life fight with longtime veteran Chris Jericho which resulted in the two needing to be pulled apart. Word had then come out that the company threatened to send Sin Cara home but instead “exiled” him to SmackDown.

Well, that’s a rather interesting punishment, but it doesn’t appear as if he is doing anything for either brand at all right now.

Last weekend, a fight broke out backstage between Jericho and Sin Cara on a tour bus which ended with the two men being separated. Jericho reportedly yelled at Sin Cara that he wouldn’t be working for the brand much longer, according to Wrestling Inc.

Some reports had Jericho getting knocked out, but Y2J wasn’t going to let those go without comment.

Uproxx reported that the fight actually happened on a bus ride to Glasgow, Scotland, where a nitpicky conversation between the two wrestlers simply escalated quickly. Sin Cara was not fond of Jericho telling him to do something and ended up throwing the first punch.

Two years ago, Sheamus and Sin Cara were in a backstage fight which started with the Celtic Warrior apparently saying some derogatory remark. Sheamus reportedly threw the first punch but Sin Cara got the better of him before the fight ended.

During this summer, Sin Cara and Simon Gotch got into a backstage fight which pretty much all happened due to the former. Since then, he has been rather well-behaved and ended up back on the good side of WWE management, but the fight with Jericho changed all that.

wwe news sin cara exiled monday night raw smackdown fight chris jericho
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Sin Cara was kicked off the Monday Night Raw bus immediately and ordered to take anger management classes by WWE. 411 Mania is also reporting that the company was threatening to send him directly home from the U.K. tour but instead sent him to work the rest of the tour on the SmackDown LIVE brand.

Well, that obviously didn’t happen right away as the official website of WWE recapped this week’s Monday Night Raw and Sin Cara was there. On the episode, he teamed with Rich Swann to defeat Cruiserweight Champion The Brian Kendrick and Noam Dar.

Even though Sin Cara was reportedly sent to the SmackDown LIVE brand, he hasn’t been showing up in any match results. Wrestling Inc. had the results from the live event in Cardiff on Nov. 10 and Barcelona on Nov. 11, and there was no sign of him anywhere.

He hasn’t shown up on the results from the Raw events either. A lot of heat has come his way and it isn’t known what will happen with him from this point on.

Sin Cara recently posted this on Twitter which loosely translates to:

“I honestly do not have time to hate people who hate me. Because I’m too busy Loving people who love me!”

Maybe he’s turning over a new leaf and swearing to stay out of trouble after getting a number of chances from WWE. It’s kind of shocking that he has been given so many strikes, but there could be more to the stories with Sheamus, Simon Gotch, and Chris Jericho that has simply never come out.

Chris Jericho and Sin Cara’s backstage fight is just the latest in a long line of troubles with which the Luchadore has been involved. It has been confirmed that Sin Cara was to go through anger management classes and that he was sent over to SmackDown for the rest of the European tour, but it seems as if WWE has simply kept him out of the spotlight entirely for now.

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