‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Episode 4 Spoilers: Negan Takes Over Alexandria [Video]

The Walking Dead Season 7 has had an explosive opening with a couple of calm episodes, which pales in comparison to the extreme action fans of the AMC show saw in the first few episodes of Season 6. But in Episode 4 of The Walking Dead, titled “Service,” fans will finally get to see Rick and Negan facing each other once again like they did in the explosive Season 7 opener.

Fans of The Walking Dead have seen two full episodes that did not have Rick and the core group in it. Instead, there have been a couple of episodes that introduced fans to the Kingdom and to Negan’s base, including how they are treating Daryl.

This is the part of the article where we need to give you one last warning that there are spoilers ahead for Episode 3 and 4 for Season 6 of The Walking Dead. Please only read further with this spoiler warning in mind.

It has become apparent at this point that Negan is determined to break Daryl on The Walking Dead. What fans saw on the last episode is only the beginning of the kind of sociopath that Negan is. He explained to Daryl that all of his people follow him and also identify themselves as him.

We also got some gaps filled in with the story of Dwight and his wife, or we should say his ex-wife. After they stole the medicine, Dwight and his wife came back following the death of her sister on Season 6 of The Walking Dead. They apologized and she offered to marry Negan in exchange for Dwight’s life, which Negan accepted. Eventually, Dwight had fully submitted to Negan and accepted their state of affairs, becoming one his top agents in the Saviors.

What was even more gratifying for fans of The Walking Dead was when Daryl finally had a simple choice to make near the end of the last episode, and he chose to remain himself, as Daryl.

On Episode 4 of Season 6 of The Walking Dead, according to TV Guide, Negan is about to pay Rick and the core a follow-up visit in Alexandria. But he isn’t just there to make sure that Rick is doing what he told him to do. He is there to make sure that Rick had not changed his mind about the state of affairs that they had last left each other off with.

It has become apparent that Rick and his group on The Walking Dead have been licking their wounds and not doing much to work for Negan. Instead, they have been simply living in grief following the gruesome deaths of Abraham and Glenn. There is also the uncertainty about Daryl at this point, which they have no idea whether he is still alive or not.

But there are some finer points to Episode 4 of The Walking Dead where even Eugene is trying to help give Negan and his Saviors what they may want, even if that is just in the form of a portable audio system that they may or may not be able to use.

But when Negan finally shows up at the gates of Alexandria on The Walking Dead, the sobering reaction by the core is somewhat alarming. Rick has to face Negan square in the eyes once again and prove to him that he has still submitted to his will and is willing to work for the man, even if that means giving him all of their food and possibly other supplies.

Fans of The Walking Dead can catch Episode 4, “Service,” next Sunday on AMC. For those who have still not been caught up with the episodes, you can log in to AMC’s website and stream the past three episodes of The Walking Dead.

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