Presidential Election Day 2016 results coverage live stream for Trump vs Clinton

Presidential Election Day 2016 Results: Live Stream TV Coverage, Latest Trump Vs. Clinton Polls And Odds

On Tuesday, Presidential Election Day 2016 results coverage will be gripping the United States as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump battle for control of the White House. It’s considered a close battle, depending on the polls one consults, and it may be one of the most divisive elections in some time. With millions of Americans heading out to vote at local polling places on November 8, will it be Clinton or Trump taking over as the next President of the United States? With presidential election live stream results coverage via online television services, voters will find out who the official winner is, along with the respective Senate winners in each of the states.

As of Monday evening, The Wall Street Journal was reporting that Hillary Clinton holds a narrow lead over Donald Trump in some of the final polls before the election. The website noted that polls released between Friday and Monday from around the nation indicated Mrs. Clinton had a low-to-mid single-digit lead over her Republican opponent. The Wall Street Journal and NBC News Poll from November 3 through November 5 was showing Mrs. Clinton had just a four-point lead among likely voters, which was down from her previous lead of 11 points in mid-October.

There were several other polls cited including Washington Post/ABC News tracking poll, NBC News/Survey Monkey scientific poll and a CBS News/New York Times poll. When all polls were looked at by Real Clear Politics, they arrived at an average of a 3.2-point lead for Mrs. Clinton over Donald Trump. It’s certainly a narrow lead, but most analysts are predicting a Hillary Clinton victory is the most probable outcome of the upcoming election. However, that could all change with a surprise win or two by Mr. Trump in any swing states.

Hillary Clinton maintains narrow lead over Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton reportedly holds a slim lead over Donald Trump in the latest polls ahead of the election. [Image by Scott Eisen/Getty Images]

The two candidates were said to be spending their final day of campaigning with a “combined nine stops in battleground states,” according to ABC News. Trump’s campaign included stops in Florida, North Carolina, Scranton (Pennsylvania), and Manchester, New Hampshire on Monday. Mrs. Clinton’s campaign started things off Monday with a stop in Pittsburgh.

Clinton made her final plea to any undecided voters in attendance at her University of Pittsburgh event.

“For those who are still making up your minds or thinking maybe it’s not worth voting at all, let me just say the choice in this election could not be clearer. It really is between division or unity. Between strong and steady leadership or a loose cannon.”

Mrs. Clinton was expected to head to Michigan for her afternoon event and then have an evening event featuring her husband Bill Clinton and their daughter Chelsea as well as President Barack Obama and the first lady Michelle Obama. This event considered her “closing argument” will also feature musical performers Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi. So far, Clinton has been attempting to use the star power of various celebrities, as seen by her recent event in Cleveland, Ohio featuring hip-hop couple Jay-Z and Beyonce.

With Clinton holding a slim lead over him, Mr. Trump has continued his allegations that this election is “rigged” against him, as he mentioned at his Sarasota, Florida event on Monday.

“Well, you know what you can do is go out and vote tomorrow. That’s the only way. That’s where you beat the rigging, folks. This is it, this is it. Good luck. Get out there. I did my thing, I mean, I worked yesterday.”

Just yesterday, an article here at the Inquisitr discussed the latest Trump vs. Clinton betting odds ahead of the election. It was reported that Hillary Clinton had recent odds of -300 as the favorite to win via Oddshark, while Donald Trump was a +210 underdog. The online sportsbook 5Dimes had Mrs. Clinton listed with odds of -580 to win, while Mr. Trump was listed as a +440 underdog as of Monday evening.

Donald Trump campaigns in Sarasota, Florida
Donald Trump campaigns in Sarasota, Florida before Election Day. [Image by Edward Linsmier/Getty Images]

Interestingly, the site listed a variety of other candidates including current Vice President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton’s former Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders with odds of +100,000 each. Other candidates listed with odds as winner were the current vice presidential candidates, Paul Ryan, John Kasich, Evan McMullin, Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, and Green Party nominee Jill Stein.

All that said, there will be plenty of people keeping a close eye on the state-by-state Presidential Election Day 2016 results coverage starting Tuesday. Depending on the news station or network one prefers, there will be plenty of options to consider. However, some viewers may consider signing up for a one-week free trial of the SlingTV service. It includes a bundle of different channels including CNN, BBC America, Newsy, and Bloomberg Television on the most basic package called “Sling Orange.”

Individual news websites or social media pages may also include live stream feeds of their individual Presidential Election Day results coverage. Viewers should keep an eye on the Facebook or Twitter pages for their preferred news networks for live stream online results as they are announced from each state throughout Tuesday.

[Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]