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Miley Cyrus Makes ‘Men’ Debut: Singer Kisses Jones, Teases Kutcher [Video]

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Hanna Montana is back on TV. Miley Cyrus made her debut on Two and a Half Men last night as a sexy and talkative old friend of Walden (Ashton Kutcher).

But Walden wasn’t the object of Cyrus’ affection. Miley’s character, Missy, puts Walden in some awkward situations during the show (she wants to sunbathe topless outside, she crawls into his bed wearing a skimpy nightgown , and, for most of the episode, Kutcher is fighting with the fact that his former friend, who he hasn’t seen since she was 8-years-0ld, is now a sexy and promiscuous teenager.

Kutcher is flattered, but uncomfortable, with Miley’s supposed advances, but later finds out that she is not interested him at all. Nope, Missy is more interested in setting up Walden with her mother. (See video below.)

But Missy did find some love on Two and Half Men. Missy goes for the youngest Men member, Jake, played by Angus T. Jones. Unfortunately, at the end of the episode, Missy decides that she’s not ready to commit to a relationship to Jake and says goodbye.

Still, it may not be the end of Miley’s stint on Men. The show left it open for the singer to return to the set, and Miley said that she would be interested in doing another episode.

Miley said:

“I hope that at some point I can come back here and do this, just ’cause it’s been a really good time. So I think it’s a really fun episode, and it sets up, if I ever want to come back here … I think it’s really fun to play a character who is so opposite of the other girls who’ve been on the show.”

Here are a few clips of Miley Cyrus on Men.

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34 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Makes ‘Men’ Debut: Singer Kisses Jones, Teases Kutcher [Video]”

  1. Ross Clement

    you Americans are too tied u in what's not real A bimbo with big tittys.

  2. Ross Clement

    You Americans are so interested in a bimbo with big jugs Wow isn't she so great her crap dosnt stint.
    Get real your great country going to the crapper and this bimbo is more important I give in you are all suckers.

  3. Anonymous

    I thought Miley was adorable in her role on Two and a Half Men. Cute as a button:-)

  4. Kathy Talken

    Did not see the episode, but how does a girl trying to sunbathe topless for the sake of wanting to set up a friend with her mother seem like a real story line. Am I out of touch or is this what girls who are raised by single mothers are doing these days? and they say it's the Republicans who are having the war on women.

  5. Esperanza Ruiz

    Miley is not even old enough to have an opinion of men. And she sounded like such a bimbo on 2-1/2 Men. The show is going down the crap. Needs to be cancelled.

  6. Mike Pulliam

    Hate the do! she looks like a smaller Brigitte Nielsen…or a prison dyke…take your pick.

  7. Esperanza Ruiz

    Miley, that Pixie needs to go. Let you hair grow back. And sweetie you are not a blonde, and you sound more like a dumb blonde on Two And A Half Men. Not a good look for you. You look more like, well I think you know where I'm going with this.

  8. Ross Clement

    you know she farted today and it smelt like perfume ….you clown get a life TV isnt real you know stupid

  9. Anonymous

    You basically just said you hate big ol' titties… Sounds like youd rather watch two dudes make out to me…

  10. Ross Clement

    Not really but I guess thats the 1st thing that comes to your little mind so I guess thats whats on your mind ALL the time Come on admit it and come out of the closet

  11. Anonymous

    Ok ok, I'll admit it… I LOVE big jugs. And i DO think about them ALL the time

  12. Anonymous

    Also, you are being very generous by saying miley cyrus has "big jugs"… Id call them B cups at best….

  13. Anonymous

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