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Shawn Mendes Ends Justin Bieber’s Best Male Streak At MTV EMAs With ‘Mercy’

Justin Bieber finally handed over the MTV EMAs Music Award for Best Male to Shawn Mendes after a six-year winning streak and “Mercy” was the perfect song to highlight Mendes’ crowning moment.

Yet again, a Canadian snagged this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) Music Award for Best Male but it’s not Justin Bieber anymore. This year, new singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes took center stage at the MTV EMAs as he went head-to-head for the Music Award for Best Male with huge male celebrities Calvin Harris, Justin Bieber, Drake, and The Weeknd, Yahoo News reports.

Before tonight, Justin Bieber had been winning the Music Award for Best Male at the MTV EMAs since 2010. Not Bruno Mars, Kanye West, Eminem, nor Ed Sheeran were able to take the crown from Bieber for six long years. But tonight, Shawn Mendes broke the Bieber streak and snagged the award after a heartbreaking performance of “Mercy.”

“Mercy” is a song co-written by Shawn Mendes and released just last August. “Mercy” is Mendes’ second single from his second studio album, Illuminate, and has been ranking in the charts for quite some time now. Tonight, at the MTV EMAs, Shawn Mendes performed a heartfelt “Mercy” on the piano, touching thousands, maybe even millions, of hearts throughout his performance. His performance of “Mercy” was the perfect prologue to his crowning moment, as he received the Music Award for Best Male right after the song. And he’s just 18, Hollywood Life notes. Can you believe that?

It looks like countless of Shawn Mendes’ fans are rejoicing over this tremendous news since as of writing, Shawn Mendes is currently trending on Twitter.

Shawn Mendes’ reply is succinct but genuinely full of gratitude for his fans.

Before Shawn Mendes’ performance of “Mercy” at the MTV EMAs, he talked about how excited and anxious he was about performing on such a huge stage and even joked about how he was going to pee a couple of times just to get all the tension out.

“The huge thing for me is I’ve never done an award like this in Europe so there’s a whole new vibe, a whole new feeling in the air. You come here and it feels different…It’s bringing like this excitement that doesn’t really have a word to it, truthfully. I’ll probably pee like 25 times just to get it all out, even if you feel you don’t have to you still do.”

We also spotted Shawn Mendes at the Red Carpet of the MTV EMAs earlier dropping some rhymes with American pop-rap duo from Omaha, Jack & Jack. The three up-and-coming artists look like they truly are having the time of their lives at the EMAs.

Before the MTV EMAs show tonight, Shawn Mendes performed “Mercy” for the first time on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last September 22. After tonight’s performance, “Mercy” and Shawn Mendes are sure to shoot up the charts not only in Europe but surely, all over the world, as well.

[Featured Image by Ian Gavan/Getty Images for MTV]