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Cheryl Reeve Meltdown Goes Viral, WNBA Coach Rips Off Jacket In Anger

cheryl reeve meltdown

WNBA coach Cheryl Reeve has become a YouTube sensation but not due to fantastical stylings on the basketball court.

Cheryl Reeve’s meltdown (described as “epic” in much of the press) has gone viral after her angry, jacket-throwing reaction to a call made during a game between the Minnesota Lynx and Indiana fever. Reeve’s guard Lindsay Whalen and Fever guard Briann January were involved in a disputed play on the court, and, when a ref rules in the favor of the Fever, Reeve loses it.

In the clip, the announcer can be heard observing the play between Whalen and January that preceded Cheryl Reeve’s meltdown. Almost immediately, the coach begins throwing a fit, tossing her jacket at another woman before a larger man appears to have to hold her back like a frat boy at a raging kegger fight.

Cheryl Reeve’s meltdown achieved YouTube infamy, racking up nearly 3,000 views since its October 17 upload despite being a secret link. (The video of Cheryl Reeve’s meltdown is below.)

Predictably, the clip has drawn attention to the incident, and Reeve was forced to comment on the tantrum. While stopping short of elaborating on why she was angry, the WNBA coach explains:

“We’ve got a lot of league people here. It’s the WNBA Finals. So we have to be really, really careful in the things that we say. Clearly, I wasn’t happy in that moment. I’m not happy about how the game was officiated, period, but that’s all I’m going to say about it.”

You can watch Cheryl Reeve’s meltdown below.

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8 Responses to “Cheryl Reeve Meltdown Goes Viral, WNBA Coach Rips Off Jacket In Anger”

  1. Rick Angstadt

    Obviously, Cheryl got T'd up for something she said to the officials. When she took her jacket off & threw it she should have gotten a 2nd T and been removed from the game. Instead, she intimidated the officials for the rest of the game.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh please men jump up & down & scream& cuss, but you let a woman take her jacket off & show anger & suddenly she should be removed from the game? If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black nothing is.

  3. Nelline Barrow

    Oh, hell yea! That's devotion to her team. What did they want her to do? Shrug that play off. At least she has an enthusiasm for her girls that dares rival most men coaches. She set the bar: Love the game or leave it.

  4. Jennifer Sullivan

    If a male coach did the same they wouldn't even be reporting him getting mad. Double standard.

  5. Dave King

    First, that was not even close to meltdowns male coaches have every night–viral? Are you kidding? (and I am a right wing knuckle dragging cave man). Viral gets thrown around way to often. She took off her coat. Second, the announcer was bull of beans. The hand might be part of the ball but the defender had a 4 second arm bar on the girl driving the lane. It was a OBVIOUS 2 shot foul and the officials swallowed their whistles. If your team can be defended with that much force you will never score. Coach had every right to be upset. I kept waiting for more—Meltdown my big fat……………………..

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