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One Direction Insult Van Halen, Somehow

One Direction Insults Van Halen

One Direction insulted Van Halen, according to a tweet from the bassist of the hard rock band, Wolfgang Van Halen.

21-year-old Wolfgang, son of legendary rocker Eddie Van Halen, took to his Twitter account to let fans know the meticulously coiffed boy band had bad-mouthed his own group. Because nothing screams rock ‘n roll like complaining on Twitter.

Writing on the social media site, the bassist revealed how One Direction insulted Van Halen in a hotel in Birmingham, England:

“Fun fact: Was just insulted by that s**tty boy band #OneDirection in the lobby of our hotel this morning! Greetings Birmingham!”

Wolfgang spared us further details of One Direction’s alleged zingers – a shame, considering how hard it is to imagine the squeaky-clean, ultra-dull boy band in mud-slinging mode.

As if to ram the point home, Wolfgang jumped back on Twitter shortly after his original tweet to insist:

“No joke. That ACTUALLY happened. That group of kids in #OneDirection were dickheads to @IIEROCKII @GWDrums and i.”

He then followed that up with a comeback that, er, could have used some work, if I’m totally honest:

“They must call themselves that because all of their hair points #OneDirection.”

Groan. You can read Wolfgang’s full rant as it appeared on Twitter below. Do you think One Direction really did insult Van Halen, readers? Let us know in the comments.

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114 Responses to “One Direction Insult Van Halen, Somehow”

  1. Anonymous

    Fck that Wolfgang Drama, Who the Fck r they anyway? LOL
    Love One Direction, and they are NOT mean to ANYONE.
    I fucking meet them and ofcourse Niall is the sweetest XX.

  2. Serena Kirby

    oh no, maybe he's on drugs already. Was hoping he'd follow in Valerie's footsteps as far as that was concerned and just get the musical talent part from his dad. Gotta take the good with the bad, I guess. Get help, Wolf. Sounds like you need it.

  3. Mary Williams

    I love the fact that W. Van Halen is complaining. He did not make Van Halen great. His father and bandmates made Van Halen great. Wolfie happens to be in a great band.

  4. Brittini Duhaime

    Clearly he is lying of exaggerating. Maybe he's insulted because they didn't recognize who they were? Good luck winning this battle as One Direction has a bigger fan base, and most of van Halens fan base are parents of directioners who will stick up for their kids before a band they use to like in Highschool.

  5. Anonymous

    yes, I am SURE that millions and millions of prepubescent girls are really upset about this. Probably let all the easy bake oven cookies overcook….

  6. Anonymous

    One direction? who is that? what happened, that Bieber kid hit puberty and all these little girls think he is old now?

  7. Benžy Watts

    They only people who can talk down on Wolfgang's music out of van halen are Michael Anthony and the Red Rocker and THEY have more respect than that. Wolfgang didn't mislead himself on iCarly. He also plays an actual instrument.

  8. Kat Gardner

    I'm a fan of both VH and 1D. But where does it say what 1D said about/to VH? Innocent until proven guilty.

  9. Stephanie Samara LeBlanc

    I doubt One Direction has a bigger fan base, just a younger one. And not all parents are like that either. And If they didnt know who van halen is shame on them but whatever their loss. Even if they DIDNT recognize them there was no need to be rude to them.

  10. Brittini Duhaime

    No one told what happened… therefore Van Halen could be lying…. They probably are.

  11. Russ Bader

    So what did they say exactly?? I read that and it said nothing.

  12. Serena Kirby

    That's what I don't get. They're a bunch of young kids, and they're little and small besides. I can't imagine them being shitty to be gi-normous rock and roll guys.

  13. Trenton Eccleston

    I sincerely hope One Direction is run over by a truck for walking on the crosswalk at Abbey Road. They're a disgrace to music and their claims of being talented are nothing more than an insult to the human race.

  14. Zia Paul

    Why? Because you are a One Direction fan. Whether or not this is true, your original statement is false. Parents and children have disagreements about music all of the time.

  15. Billy Ross

    It'd be like Wolfgang to bitch on twitter, if some pretty boy band came at old VH, it probably would have involved a drunk strung out Michael Anthony throwing the nearest hotel lamp at their faces, although One Direction certainly is in NO place to be insulting VH, VH has been pretty much insulting themselves in the past few years, especially with that new album they put out.

  16. Iggy Markosian

    Sorry I had to laugh at you.. You really think a boy band has a greater fan base than a band that has spanned decades?

    You are delusional.

  17. Anonymous

    You know, One Direction is no one to talk. They didn't make their bones in music, they were put together by simon cowell. Wolfee is no one to talk either, as he inheirited his position in Van Halen and didn't earn it either, so just take it wolf, you are not hot shit like your dad!

  18. Antonio Honiahaka Rodriguez

    Go home and think about what you just said little girl.

  19. Scott Crites

    This article seems rather bias. Van Halen pioneered the music industry and have influenced many musicians over the years. I would agree that the statements made by Wolfgang were immature, but shouldn't we pay our respects to what he is, and what his family has accomplished? His ego seems a little too big, and who know if/what one direction did or said. I think we should hold off on passing judgement until we have heard both sides of the story.
    Placentas only taste good after you stomp the newborns skull at least twice.

  20. Ted Striverson

    Nothing Screams Rock n Roll like a twitter war with a Boy Band!

  21. Kristina Polacek Lang

    So what did One Direction say to them? That's what I want to know! ha ha

  22. Savannah Guffey

    I'm a One Direction fan, and I agree with you ,Brittini, Liam Payne is to nice to even hurt a fly. Why would he insult another person, and Van Helen at that? And the other boys wouldn't do anything like that either. And I don't know how big the fan base is for 1D, but it seems like its bigger than Justin Bieber. Yea not a fan of him sorry.

  23. Danny Bigelow

    Wolf's the reason why Van Halen reunited, but he was in England supporting Creed/Alter Bridge's Mark Tremonti on a solo tour (he's underrated). One Direction's a truly manufactured pop group if there ever was one. Wolf's still learning the ropes and did the tour with Tremonti as a favor, because their bassist bailed out. Keep in mind, Wolf's never going to have to worry about money, has respect from established musicians who've seen and heard him play, and say he's great, and not just because he's Ed's son. A little politeness goes a long way, and in about 10 years, Wolf will prob. be on the list of bass greats, and One Direction will be doing reality shows. Maybe one out of them will be another Justin Timberlake. Maybe.

  24. Blake Thundershark Blevins

    Not the real Van Halen, Eddie would've just beat the crap out of them, not go crying on Twitter. And is the hair joke really the best you've got? Lame. And to be clear I don't advocate the existence of One Direction… at all.

  25. Jeff Becker

    Who is Wolfgang Van Halen? Oh, he is the no talent son of the talented actress Valerie Bertinelli and guitar God Eddie Van Halen. He is touring Europe with his own band and only due to the fact of who his parents are people are aware he's there. One Direction are huge right now, but in a few short years they will be playing tiny concert halls trying to recapture their success to no avail. My suggestion to these kids, be nice to one another because someday you may be performing on your local PBS station trying to raise money.

  26. Jonathan Bach

    Brittni, Van Halen laid the foundation for acts such as One Direction. Van Halen has endured more struggles and more awards/fame over their 35-year career than One Direction will ever imagine. Once those boys hit puberty, their careers are over and they will be begging to join Van Halen…. as a roadie…

  27. Jonathan Bach

    Brittni, Van Halen laid the foundation for acts such as One Direction. Van Halen has endured more struggles and more awards/fame over their 35-year career than One Direction will ever imagine. Once those boys hit puberty, their careers are over and they will be begging to join Van Halen…. as a roadie…

  28. Stephanie Samara LeBlanc

    Savannah as a One direction fan you are obviously biased! and Saying its bigger than Justin Bieber still doesn't mean that much. So does Van Halen and a million other groups that have laid down the fondation that one direction is. And you dont personally Know Liam Payne, or the others so you dont know if he would insult another or not. All you know is what the media makes them look like. People look one way to the camera but really are something totally different.

  29. Anonymous

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  30. Proma Saha

    "Group of kids" lol.. How ironic considering the fact that Wolfgang is the one picking a fight through Twitter. Who's a kid now, bro?

  31. Joe Heiden

    Crush much on little boys kid? Stements won't get you laid at Jr. Prom. Don't embarrass yourself prentending you know what talent is. You wish you could be as talented as WVH! "Boy Bands"… here today, gone tomorrow. They have no originality.

  32. Patricia Vicente

    If He's Going to be All Tough Than Why doesn't He Tell Us What One Direction Said? Or Is he A pussy to Do that.And He Should've Adressed A tweet To them And tell them That.

  33. Anonymous

    If He's Going to be All Tough Than Why doesn't He Tell Us What One Direction Said? Or Is he A pussy to Do that.And He Should've Adressed A tweet To them And tell them That.

  34. Heather Post

    His son needs to get a life. Good grief. Not everyone bows down and worhips at your father's feet, which his son appears to do. Man, I wish I had enough time to gripe about everyone who complains about me.

  35. Olivia Harris

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  36. Chris Hon

    Funny thing is this gives off a publicity stunt "vibe"…
    Makes sense since the only other time I heard this guy's name mentioned was because of what a funny name he had…


  37. Anonymous

    wow one band that stopped being musically relevant before the other was born and one band that wont be musically relevant in about a year. kind of pathetic actually, especially from wolfie, since he wouldn't have a job if daddy wasn't the guitarist. hopefully they will both go away soon.

  38. Kevin Holmes

    Are you kidding me right now. One Direction has a bigger fan base than Van Halen? David Lee Roth may be an ass but he has more talent than all the boys in that band put together. Have some respect for real talented musicians. He is the only singer in the band as the stupid boy band you listen to has to have all 5 sing in turns. Also, another fact is that this so called boy band will end up like the rest and be used up in a few years and maybe 20 yrs down the road have a reunion tour in which you will be one of those parents that will waste money to see them. Van Halen has been playing since the 70s and going strong. They have had their ups and downs but they still kick ass. I think this is the funniest shit I have read in my life or the stupidest. Can't decide which way…

  39. Ann Klingelhafer

    So what about those of us who are fans of both? Do we fight ourselves? XD

  40. Brittini Duhaime

    Savannah Guffey Exactly! No one commented on this except for the drummer. What is he, like 16?… Clearly we dont know what happened, but I'm left to assume its a rumour.

  41. Brittini Duhaime

    Amen to that Kirsten. #WeHaveThePower and frankly we have the youth.

  42. Stephanie Samara LeBlanc

    Oldies are the best. most music nowadays suck. They may be old but they are still way better than 1d. By the way qouting hunger games and using hashtags just proves that your probably a Pubescent tween.

  43. Brittini Duhaime

    How old is Wolfgang anyway? Like 16? One Direction are 18-20.

  44. Brittini Duhaime

    Therefore, for all of you who call them "Tweens" and "Prepubescent" they are adults.

  45. Brittini Duhaime

    And I have nothing against Van Halen, there talented, but One Direction is too. Why are all these old music lovers so against anything new because of auto tune, but when 1D comes along with actual talent, they still aren't talented? I can atleast admit Van Halen is talented.

  46. Anonymous

    It's hard to believe that One direction insulted Van Helen!
    It's rude to do such a thing (insult people) and I agree! One direction shouldn't have done it! but I still stand along the 'Directioner' side!

  47. Stephanie Samara LeBlanc

    Brittini Duhaime you really dont have the power seeing you all are little tweens in comparison to adults that like the oldies. They have the power and the money and what do you have? a dumb crush on a boyband wannabes. And youth is ignorance older people are wiser. And again the use of hashtags just shows that you are incapable of speech that does not involve twitter but does contain intelligence.

  48. Patrick Leopardi

    This is wrong just to stir up controversy. The band they insulted was Mark Tremonti's new side project called Tremonti. It had nothing to do with Van Halen. Wolfgang is filling in for them for a month will Eddie recovers from diverticulitis.

  49. Joe Heiden

    You're f-in ignorant. Michael Anthony isn't even in the ban anymore plus is is the last person that would e involved in this. Dumbass…

  50. Joe Heiden

    Fine ill complain about you and your stupid f-in post. You ignorant a-hole who knows absolutely nothing about a good kids who "looks up to his father". You shame yourself and your father.

  51. Billy Ross

    thats why I said OLD Van Halen, Wolfgang will never be what Mike Anthony was, VH has sold out and washed up, thy need to get their shit back together.

  52. Erik Nash

    way more talent than these little kiddies will ever have(even playing with toy instruments and daddy's old record player.)

  53. Anastasia Kelsey

    HEY! honestly I never heard of Van Helen but I wont judge a book by its cover… maybe Van Halen was insulted by the fact that 1D didn't know them… or maybe 1D DID insult the winning a war wont prove anything all you have is circumstantial evidence its one word against another! so stop fighting… PLEASE!

  54. Anastasia Kelsey

    HEY! honestly I'm a directioner and have never heared of Van Halen but ill look it up listen 2 their music and then give my OPINION… honestly until its offically proved or 1 admitts something all we have is circumstancial evidence and it proves NOTHING! 1 could be lying and besides war wont prove or help anything at all! and Stephanie Samara LeBlanc not all "new" music sucks cuz if you open your mind and actually focus or the sound not the singer everythings not bad… at first I didn't like 1D… matter of fact I hated them I waz pissed 1 nite and felt like takin out my anger on cussing out their vids but I found them and eventually (2 months) I didn't hate them and now I luv them… and in the course of writing this comment retyping several parts to make me not as bias I listened 2 Jump and they really aren't that bad and the song reminds me of when I sat around the TV and watched the original 21 Jump Street.

  55. Victoria Kelsey

    I'm with anastasia. I was a major BTR fan before a 1D fan I was mad that just as BTR was hitting it big the band that oppened for them on their world tour was getting bigger than them. Now I <3 1D!

  56. Abbey Morgan

    Really? You call this news? I don't care what they said, and why that guys upset! I could honestly care less about this crap.

  57. Anonymous

    Stephanie Samara LeBlanc
    "youth is ignorance older people are wiser"… really? cuz i thought wise people spelled words correctly and actually used grammar, fucking idiot. Crawl before you TRY to ball :]

  58. Jerry Reed

    Van Halen was kicking the worlds ass in the mid 70's and up through the present. If it wasn't for Eddie Van Halen, modern electric guitar and finger picking style, the hair band movement of the late 80's would never have happened. Many guitarist's credit Van Halen. Oh yeah, I wrote a paper on him for eng comp 2.

  59. Avery Brewer

    Looks like I'm the only thirteen year old with good taste here. 1D sucks.

  60. Jake Minich

    Even though Eddie Van Halen is the greatest guitarist who ever lived….but you know, nowadays nothing can compare to a group of guys with bad hair on autotune.Direction"Power"

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