Megan Markle's friend may have matched pair

Prince Harry And Megan Markle’s Matchmaker Revealed?

After Prince Harry has spent years as the unmatched royal and has constantly been wrongly linked to a number of beauties, it seems that the romance between he and actress Megan Markle has been verified. The prince, who has shared his desire to settle down eventually, had also noted his frustrations about all of the rumors and inaccurate gossip about who he was supposedly dating or having a fling with on various occasions. Now it appears that there is no objecting and the two are an item. But how did they come to meet?

New claims have been made that the two became acquainted thanks to the fashion designer wife of one of Prince Harry’s school friends. New York designer Misha Nonoo, who is married to Alexande Gilkes, a former Eton College schoolmate of Harry’s, happens to be a close friend of Markle’s. It’s been reported that Nonoo introduced the new couple as far back as July. The designer and actress are said to have holidayed this past summer, which got the conversation going about a meet and greet between Prince Harry and Megan.

Misha’s husband is the co-founder of auction house Paddle8, and also employed Princess Eugenie. The couple were married in Venice back in 2012, and Markle was present at the ceremony,

A source relayed the information about the apparent matchmaker to The Telegraph and stated that it is “very possible” that the designer introduced Markle and Prince Harry, seeing as Misha and her husband have links to both of the princes, and also enjoy a very vibrant social life which often included their presence. The publication shares the words of the source.

“Alexander went to Eton and would speak about his time there casually. Prince William used to be mentioned and Alexander’s brother, Charlie, was friends with Pippa [Middleton], so it makes complete sense the royals were in this circle. Pippa visited New York and Alexander and Misha hosted her, and then Princess Eugenie was hired the same year.”

The source went on to share how the Brits made New York a frequent place to socialize and expand their social circle.

“There were a tight knit group of Britons living in New York and they definitely stayed together and hung out within this specific circle. There were frequent holidays, fancy dress parties and drinks after work. The group was very close knit.”

Only yesterday, Megan Markle was in Toronto where she launched her own five-piece leather clothing collection at a Canadian retailer. Despite now being somewhat in competition with her good friend Nonoo, the actress is sure to wear her friend’s pieces and designs often.

Interestingly enough, now that the news has been made public that Harry and Megan are dating, fans and royal watchers are weighing in and many cannot let go of a potential connection between Harry and Pippa Middleton, the sister-in-law to Prince William. Earlier this year Harry was rumored to have been secretly seeing Pippa despite the obvious evidence that Pippa was quite content with James Matthews. Now people are comparing Megan Markle to Pippa and saying that there is a resemblance between the two beauties.

The Daily Mail notes the apparent resemblance and how social media has been overrun with remarks on the subject.

“She’s an actress, humanitarian, clothes designer and lifestyle blogger topped off with good looks, but there may be an extra reason why Prince Harry was attracted to Meghan Markle. Eagle-eyed royal fans have taken to Twitter to note the similarity between Meghan and the Pippa Middleton, the sibling of his sister-in-law Kate. The pair share the same brown eyes and tumbling brunette locks and with a penchant for preppy tailored clothing, they look like they could easily share a wardrobe.”

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