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‘Paul Ryan Girl’ Video Goes Viral: Move Over ‘Obama Girl,’ Meredith Walker Is Taking Center Stage

The Paul Ryan Girl spoofs Olivia Newton John’s 1981 hit song “Let’s Get Physical” in a hilarious pre-election video. Meredith Walker donned vintage workout gear and sang “Let’s Get Fiscal” in the online hit. The success of the Obama Girl in 2007 likely prompted the idea for the viral video of Walker pretending to be on the phone with the vice presidential hopeful.

The YouTube video keeps racking up the hits and has already spawned the #PaulRyanGirl hashtag on Twitter. The lively performance references both Paul’s fiscal expertise and P90X fitness routine prowess.

Lyrics from the Meredith Walker spoof include:

“You’re saying all the things that I know are right, making good calculations. I love it that your plans save Medicare, your budget has a sexy flare. There’s nothing left to talk about except the economy. Let’s get fiscal, fiscal. Let’s get into solvency, let’s hear reality. Let’s get fiscal, fiscal. Save Social Security, time to make Obama walk.”

The Paul Ryan Girl had this to say during an interview about the political spoof:

“I really appreciated what Ryan has to say when he talked about the college students moving back into their parent’s homes and looking at their old Obama posters. It’s a spoof on a lot of the political videos that have been put out there recently, it’s just good clean fun.”

A rode hard and put away wet version of the Obama Girl makes a brief cameo appearance in the humorous campaign flick. The woman portraying the former presidential supporter is not Amber Lee Ettinger, the actual Obama Girl actress, the Daily Mail notes. The haggard-looking woman comes onscreen carrying her resume and telling the dancing Republican fan that she just can’t take four more years and rips off her shirt to reveal a top that says, “I wanna have Paul Ryan’s baby.”