Katt Williams Briefly Detained By Los Angeles Police Department

Todd Rigney

Katt Williams was briefly detained by the Los Angeles Police Department in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, according to the folks at TMZ. The comedian reportedly had a weapon in his possession while visiting a Hollywood club, which prompted a visit by authorities. However, the whole ordeal may have been nothing more than a misunderstanding.

The website explains that officers arrived at the Supper Club around one in the morning after police received a call about someone brandishing a firearm in the establishment. Once authorities arrived at the club, someone identified Katt Williams as the guy with the gun.

However, a quick search revealed that the comedian didn’t have a weapon on his person. Unfortunately for Williams, police did find an unregistered weapon in his car. As a result, he and two members of his entourage were taken into custody. Williams, who claimed the whole thing was just a misunderstanding, was later released without any charges being filed.

Sadly, this isn’t Katt Williams’ first brush with the law. In June of 2011, the comedian was arrested after getting into a standoff with a tractor driver in California. According to KTLA, Williams was staying at a home in Palmdale when three women became irritated over some work being done near the house. Before long, the ladies began throwing rocks at the man on the tractor who called his wife for help. When she arrived on the scene to rescue her husband, Williams used his SUV to block their escape. He was charged with intimating a witness for his contribution to the crime.

In August, the comedian was reportedly kicked out of his own comedy show after getting “belligerent” with those in attendance. Although his second show was canceled as a result, Williams returned to the comedy club later that night, resulting in a quick call to the police.

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