What Does Camilla Luddington's Pregnancy Mean For 'Grey's Anatomy's' Jo Wilson?

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Camilla Luddington Shares Cutest Pregnancy Announcement: What Does This Mean For Jo Wilson?

On Wednesday, October 26, Grey’s Anatomy actress Camilla Luddington took to Instagram to share the cutest pregnancy announcement ever. She did it all through a pumpkin, congratulating fans who had guessed it days earlier. Now the big question is what this will mean for her character Jo Wilson on the show.

British actress Luddington plays resident Wilson on the medical drama, and is the center of a major storyline. In the Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 finale, Wilson told intern DeLuca that she couldn’t marry boyfriend Alex Karev because she was already married. She had married an abusive man, and was forced to run away and change her identity.

It was all innocent enough until Karev walked into the apartment to see DeLuca on top of an almost naked Wilson in bed. It looked like DeLuca was forcing himself on the drunken resident, but really was just trying to help her into bed to make sure she would be safe. Karev never waited for an answer, beating DeLuca to a pulp and almost losing him his surgery career.

There is now a major storyline around Karev, as he awaits trial to see if he will lose his medical license. Meanwhile, Wilson and DeLuca are forming a budding friendship, which threatens to turn into something more. There are many rumors that Wilson will cheat on Karev with DeLuca.

This could be a way to write Luddington’s pregnancy into Grey’s Anatomy. Wilson could sleep with DeLuca and Karev at the same time, leading to her wondering who the father is. On the other hand, she could sleep with DeLuca and fall pregnant with his child just as Karev is about to listen to her side of the story—and about the abusive husband.

It is possible that Grey’s Anatomy won’t bother writing the pregnancy into the storyline. While the show has written real-life pregnancies into storylines in the past, Shonda Rhimes has also previously decided to cover the pregnancies up.

In Season 5, Meredith donated part of her liver to her estranged dad because Ellen Pompeo needed a pregnancy bump hiding. In Season 6, Lexie Grey stress-ate because actress Chyler Leigh was expecting her baby. Jessica Capshaw has been pregnant three times while filming Grey’s, leading to Arizona’s storylines adapted and filming angles managed to hide her bump.

Luddington isn’t the only Grey’s actress currently pregnant. Caterina Scorsone, who plays Amelia Shepherd, is currently expecting her second baby. There were rumors that the pregnancy would be written in, but Episode 5 last week showed Amelia’s negative pregnancy test. It’s been revealed this week that Amelia will ask Owen to take a step back on the baby-making plans, due to her past experience in losing her son. Scorsone also said that her pregnancy would need hiding during filming.

So far, nobody has said anything about how Luddington’s pregnancy will be handled. There have been no hints that it will be written into the show. The main focus has been on the domestic abuse storyline that was introduced at the end of last season. Grey’s Anatomy writers have previously admitted that they didn’t know much about Wilson’s ex, but that all the details could be formed later. The importance was giving Wilson a reason to continually turn down Karev’s proposals.

Luddington is due in the spring of 2017, as Entertainment Tonight reports. This means there will be a lot of filming and hiding bumps if that is the option the Grey’s writers go with. It is possible that Wilson’s ex could turn up and put Wilson in the hospital, confining Luddington to a bed to hide the pregnancy.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 continues on Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC. Don’t forget to tune in.

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